A Geodesic Greenhouse: Year-Round Gardening at 6000 Feet (Video)

By Bibi Farber and Peak Moment TV
Next World TV

In the Grow Dome you can grow food year round, even in harsh climates with challenging growing conditions. The geodesic greenhouse featured here in Colorado at 6,000 feet, is literally a lush hothouse of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Take a grand tour with Buckhorn Gardens manager and permaculturist Breigh Peterson: the greenhouse structure with its interplay of light and water, warmth and air; curving raised beds of vegetables and flowers; fish tanks moderating the temperature; vertical trellises and shelves to use vertical space. Outdoors a huge garden of row crops and a young orchard are complemented by free-roaming chickens and ducks. Enjoy this fantastic example of how to grow food in a small space, throughout the year, pretty much anywhere. It is absolutely possible!

This TV show comes to us from Peak Moment TV – Locally Reliant Living For Challenging Times – and is produced by Janaia Donaldson and Robyn Mallgren.

Buckhorn Gardens

9 responses to “A Geodesic Greenhouse: Year-Round Gardening at 6000 Feet (Video)

  1. I played with geodesic domes in the early 1970s. The technology may have improved since then. There were two books available in prehistoric times: Domebook and Domebook 2. I see that Domebook 2 is available as a down-loadable PDF.
    ” … The people of Let’s Re-Make! have scanned the entire Domebook 2 and made it available for download. Currently we are building a PDF library that will be launched shortly on this blog. Check back soon …” http://popupcity.net/2009/08/free-classic-domebook-2/

  2. this is wonderful!!! i live in northeast az in the high desert and the dome is such a great idea!

  3. Our “leaders” are micromanaging rainwater in order to tax it; food “Safety” bill empowers Monsanto to control food industry (both true). Better stop and think about it–their plan is to have control over our food and water. But what got me to raise the issue over this segment is “planetary temperature” (00:30). We’ve seen and all experienced the brutally cold winters over the last few years. We’re going into a mini-ice age. This global warming crap is all a lie.

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  6. THis is so awesome…we are hoping eventually to move to N. AZ in the high desert plains area(s) around Chino Valley, and this would so be the way to go! Thanks for posting this.

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