Big Ag Lobbies Want to Make It Illegal to Secretly Film Animal Abuse

By Activist Post

Big Agribusiness is fed up with pesky animal rights activists who expose their abuse of farm animals on film.  According to the Associated Press, agriculture committees in the Iowa state government have approved a bill to outlaw secret filming of animal abuses and punish the accused with a $7500 fine and up to five years in jail.

Strangely, consumers may actually want to know if their meat is being electrocuted, beaten, or ground up alive as some recent videos have exposed:

Consumers may also want to know what the animals eat, if they ever see sunlight, if they are injected with chemicals, or even genetically cloned. Since the FDA does little to shine a light on these and other concerns, activists have been the only source of this information.  Now, they will face jail time for doing so if this measure passes.

Bradley Miller, director of the Humane Farming Association, had this to say to the AP:

“They’re trying to intimidate whistleblowers and put a chill on legitimate anti-cruelty investigations. Clearly the industry feels that it has something to hide or it wouldn’t be going to these extreme and absurd lengths.”

The excuse for the legislation given by the committee was that they were just trying to “prevent people from fraudulently seeking jobs in order to shoot videos that may give an unfair perspective on livestock operations.”  This type of thing needs to be legislated in the Land of the Free with all the problems the country faces?

The Humane Society, which releases several undercover videos per year, called the legislation “draconian.”  Paul Shapiro of the Human Society said “What’s needed is reform of these factory farms that will prevent cruelty to animals. What’s not needed is to make factory farming cruelties more secretive.”  Paul Shapiro was a contributor to the whistleblower video below:

Big agribusiness claims that these activists are radicals who want all livestock farming shut down.  On the contrary, many are just seeking a healthier product and agriculture quality reforms which reflect that.

It is unlikely that grass farmers like Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, who raises pastured livestock, will be targeted by animal rights activists.  Salatin, famous for his appearance in the book Omnivore’s Dilemma and the movie Food Inc, lets his animals live and eat as nature intended them to do.  His animals are happy while living, and far healthier when eaten.

But strangely enough Salatin has been attacked by big government regulators because he won’t conform to raising animals in government-sanctioned concentration camps.  He even wrote a book about it called Everything I Want To Do is Illegal: War Stories From the Local Food Front.

This Iowa measure seems to be yet another example of big corporations using big government to criminalize those who seek to lift the veil on corrupt and abusive behavior — or to make the consumer advocate the bad guy.  Yes, consumers may be concerned about the conditions in which their meat, poultry, and pork has been raised.  Where are they to turn for that information if the people’s government is constantly in corporate cover-up mode?

9 responses to “Big Ag Lobbies Want to Make It Illegal to Secretly Film Animal Abuse

  1. They will BURN in HELL!!!

  2. No, they do not want the American people to know the truth about how that meat gets to their table no more then they want them to know which foods have the GMO’s in them. Yes, there is definitely a special place in hell for the whole lot of them.

    Doc Blake

  3. Is there ever any good news on this front? Thanx for this post. I was unaware of this movement to ban filming cruelty. Yet another way for people to not be able to learn the truth of our cruelty to food animals. Folks, the only way you can stop Big Ag is to hit them in the pocket book. If you haven’t either become vegetarian or vegan, then at least observe Meatless Mondays and try to cut down on meat and dairy generally during the rest of the week. It really isn’t that difficult if you have a good solid reason for doing so. I had a this reason 35 years ago and I never looked back. I think I’m a pretty healthy 80 year- old vegan, but that is not my primary motivation. I am one of the few Catholic Christians who believe that animal cruelty is morally wrong and indefensible. Now if only my church would realize this too.

  4. No news here. I would expect nothing less from the criminal elite scumbags. That women, spouting all the lies about morals and such, looks very evil!

  5. A long time ago I stopped depending on ‘big ag’ to supply my needs. Instead of cutting down on dairy or meat, I got my own milk cow and raise my own steers for the freezer. Zero food miles and I know what its fed (or not fed), and how everything is treated. I make my own dairy products as well–it compliments what I’ve grown in the garden! 🙂

    I am also an ex-confinement manager. I enjoyed my job and would not tolerate what I’ve seen in the videos. There are many people who could care less about the animals, even if they know better. (Think of the naughty/rotten neighbor kid, only he’s an adult now.)

    Sometimes the ‘bottom of the barrel’ gets scraped to get humans in to do the work. It’s hard work, but good money, but not everyone wants to do it. It’s noisy, smelly, long hours and very, very physical.

    I’ve noticed most of the abusers have other issues at home/their personal life and it ‘bleeds’ over into their work–usually when they think no one is looking. Many of those who abuse eventually end up in jail for DUI, domestic violence and/or some other issue(s).

    • grandpappymike

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Grass finished beef is just as good as corn finished, if aged and prepared correctly. If I was to start on all the wonderful things you can get from a gallon of raw milk I would be sounding like Bubba from the Forest Gump movie.

      If you can’t raise your own, which I suspect most can’t, look for a local butcher or market that sells pasture raised meat.

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  7. With all the things going on in this world, the local and federal governments, now run by the “get Big government out of peoples’ lives” sure has a lot of time on their hands to raise this and the several other pointless bills to the fore! Dear Goddess, but if they knew how low their pants are hanging, we can see their “cracks”. If you really want to bust big ag, go local organic if you cannot in fact raise your own; join a local organic farm co-op, etc. Just take it out of their hands altogether, let them stand alone…that’s alot of contaiminated burgers for them to eat all alone. BTW, I just couldn’t watch any more abuse of animals so couldn’t watch the videos. Suzana: You are my octogenarian heroine! WAY TO GO!

  8. I raise my own or do without! I hate the industrial ag and their pimp the USDA…..I despise PETA and HS too…theyre right down there in hell with monsanto!

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