Right or Wrong?

By Suzana Megles

They say you are what you eat and of course, the same can probably said about what you read. I know some people who are only interested in reading happy stories. Sadly, they really miss the real world if their reading just centers on this- because we all know that there are many events in life which have serious components. Our e-mails will also tell the picture of who we are. This week, as I was reading my e-mails – many of which involve the animals and the environment, the words “RIGHT” or “WRONG” kept popping up in my mind.

Sadly, I have really and finally become to realize how differently many of us view the world. I also began to realize just how difficult it is to be the President of the US or even for that matter – our Congressional legislators and other elected officials. These glimpses into my e-mails will simply ask for a “RIGHT” or “WRONG” response, and probably some of us will differ in our answers. I can’t help thinking about Wisconsin and the rightness or wrongness of the collective bargaining results there. This is indicative of so many of our “battles.”

If you are interested in animals and the environment, you will find many posts on Care 2 which deal with this and people matters as well. There are also many petitions which can be signed if interested. I sign some everyday, and am only too glad to do so. Some people say that petitions are worthless. Of course, not in my opinion. If nothing else, they make us aware of so many issues needing addressing. Just this morning as I read some posts, the thought came to me – if I share this with others, I hope they will consider the rightness or wrongness of these issues.

#1 60 Minutes Expose: How the Lobbies Rule America

I think most of us have recognized this “fact” for a long, long time, but I think 60 Minutes does a great job of reporting, and hopefully the people who didn’t know about this finally do. John, the reporter on this post wrote: “You really think that you have a say in how your government functions, think again. This 60 Minutes report describes a shocking revolving door system that works beyond our control. It is why you can’t pay your medical bill. And it is happening behind closed doors.” RIGHT or WRONG? Of course, I don’t have to tell you what the lobbyists will say.

#2 ‘Responsible’ Soy: Misleading Consumers

Nancy wrote: “Almost all non-organic meat, eggs and dairy sold in supermarkets comes from animals fed on genetically modified (GM) soy. That’s important for you to know, but it’s not on the label. Even worse, this soy will soon be called ‘responsible.'” Well Nancy, no matter how they label this modified soy, our USDA, who approved genetically modified anything, is wrong to let us out of the loop. Did I or you have a say in this? Clearly, Monsanto and all the GM lobbyists were the only ones heard. My concern is that we are genetically modifying everything. Is this RIGHT or WRONG? (I signed the petition.)

#3 New York wants to lower bow hunting age to 12

Tell Assembly Speaker Silver to Stop Bill to Lower Bow Hunting Age to Twelve! Please take Action. (Only New Yorkers can)

Cher wrote: “The New York State legislature is about to pass a law lowering the bow hunting age to twelve! Yes, unbelievably, twelve! As if we don’t have enough hunting accidents already. As if we don’t already have enough animals wounded from bad shots.” God bless you, Cher. She keeps us posted on such unbelievably -often inhumane happenings re the animals. I think using a bow and arrow even by adults is cruel. And with 12 year-olds – this will be a game – albeit a cruel one to see who can bag a deer. RIGHT or WRONG?

# 4 Don’t UnderMINE the Grand Canyon

Soon the Obama administration will make a decision which will effect the future of Grand Canyon National Park. They are to decide whether to open the door to a new uranium mining petition just outside of this iconic park. Because of the huge number of mining claims staked under a pioneer-era law, the administration had issued a two-year moratorium on roughly 1 million acres of public lands surrounding park borders. Now it is up to the President and the Interior department to decide whether to extend that ban for the next 20 years. So is it RIGHT or WRONG to grant mining stakes around our great treasures like the Grand Canyon?

#5 Freedom Project – Florida’s Failure to save a helpless Dane – CNN iReport

This is a heart breaker for anyone who loves and respects dog. “Tovan,” a Great Dane wondered into a couple’s yard in Florida- barely able to walk or stand. Emaciated, they offered him food, but he was unable to keep it down and threw up. They decided to take him to their vet. The vet said he was underweight, had open, bleeding sores on his legs – propably pressure sores indicating possible confinement or laying on cement all day and night. He was also found to have arthritis, hip dysplasia, a heart murmur, parasites, and maybe even cancer.

Before taking him to the vet, this compassionate couple was told by the Sarasota Animal Services that Tovan could be surrendered to them, but no promises were made for him to get vet care. So that was when they decided on their own to take him to their vet and pay all the vet bills themselves. They would also assume any necessary follow up care at home. Two days later an owner came to claim him. Even though they told the owner they would gladly help care for him if she was unable, she refused this offer of help

Concerned about the Great Dane, they asked Sarasota Animal Service to do an investigation to ensure the safety of the dog before returning him- since he had only been missing 2 days, and obviously his run-down condition was not due to a long period in the elements on his own. This couple was amazed that SAS said no.

Well, they didn’t go away quietly because of genuine concern for the dog. Not much help from the local Humane Society and SPCA who said they could do nothing. They called tthe local news station and though they wanted to help, could not.

Finally, after a long day of calls, e-mails, and a visit to SAS, the latter finally agreed to do an open investigation. Clearly, if all that was reported in this post is true, what happened to Tovan is WRONG and shameful neglect by the owners. As for the SAS, they should have investigated the apparent bad condition of the Great Dane from the get go and their lack of action is shameful too.

#6 From the Defenders of Wildlife: Protect National Forests

On another environmental front, the Obama administration has proposed setting ASIDE vital protections for the forest homes of lynx and other wildlife in our national forests. Is it RIGHT OR WRONG to imperil the diverse ecosystems with the incredible array of fish, wildlife, and plants? Perhaps these forests are the last stronghold for animals such as the lynx, antelope, bison, bighorn sheep, elk, and cutthroat trout. In all, these forests provide habitat for more than 5,000 species of fish and wildlife and more than 10,000 plant species. Anyone who cares about the environment can’t fail to recognize that most of these forests are treasure troves for fish, animal, and plant species.

#7 Mustang Round-ups

In 1971 a beautiful compassionate lady was able to convince the country and the Congress that the Mustangs are our national treasures. The Mustang and Burro Act of 1971 was passed and this Act alloted them certain public lands for their “forever” homes. The Obama Administration is the second administration that I know of which has allowed the BLM to consistently engage in cruel Mustang round-ups. Driven to exhaustion from running in hot weather for miles to espcape the whirring helicopters, some will not live by day’s end. Why is the BLM allowed to transgress the 1971 Mustang and Burro Act? Why are they being removed from public lands bequeathed to them by Congress? I think it is the belief that much of “their” land is now being given to cattle barons. Is this RIGHT or WRONG?

All my answers were labeled WRONG. What about yours?

7 responses to “Right or Wrong?

  1. Automatically generated similar posts -a great feature, Rady. Re my post about Right or Wrong – the list can be endless of course. I should have included two more considerations – Was it right or wrong for the legislators of Missouri to OVERTURN Proposition B which would have improved the horrible conditions of puppy mills in their state? They are saying in reality to their constituents -YOUR VOTE MEANS NOTHING.

    Likewise in Ohio last year the Board of Standards for Farm Animals agreed to phase out veal crates by 2017. Most of us groaned when we heard the “good” news. Calves would be continued to be crated for such a long period? Why? I believe you can build a skyscraper in a year and you can’t dismantle a terribly cruel crate system in the same amount of time? The Board is reneging on this promise even though a half of million Ohioans signed a petition asking for humane standards. Right or wrong?

  2. Gary Alexander

    The anguishing plight of mustangs needs far more attention than it’s getting. A superb video exploration of the issue are viewable at
    another riveting on-topic film called “Stampede to Nowhere” seems to have recently vanished from the web.

    Please help summon notice to this issue.
    Thank You
    Gary Alexander

  3. Re: mustang round ups. I have a rescue donkey and so do friends of mine. I also have friends who have rescue horses. Many of these rescue animals are in dire need of food and vet care. Wild isn’t always the best. Maybe it once was, but not any more. We do not have enough wild lands to support the number of animals residing there. My donkey and my friend’s donkeys are healthy and well cared for. Would you promote feral cats and dogs? I don’t think so. Please don’t knock something without knowing all the facts.

    • Are these rescues from the BLM round-ups? If so they should not have been “rescued.” Are you so sure that you know what you are talking about? I have read many posts on this and it is a failure of the BLM to monitor the system well. Rounding them up and taking them off the lands WHICH WOULD HAVE SUSTAINED them but for the encroachment of the sheep and cattle who are on THEIR land.

  4. If the BLM was doing its job properly they would have been concerned about sustainability and if that meant using contraceptions, then that’s what a responsible caretaker would do.

  5. In my mind, it isn’t right or wrong anymore, it is what is the TRUTH of the matter, the deep truth, the Gandhian truth. That is how I try to see the world. Not being the Mahatma, I can only do my best, and I do not always succeed, but as he said “There is no God greater than Truth”.

    • Can’t argue that but before you can determine truth, you have to consider right or wrong. Re truth- it is often said – there is YOUR truth, there is MY truth and there is GOD’S truth. I think if we are truly searching for God’s truth, it will be revealed by a basically compassionate outcome.

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