Foods to resist radiation

Miso mushroom seaweed soup

By Dori Midnight
Midnight Apothecary

As you’ve probably heard, there may be some radiation moving across the pacific in the next weeks heading towards the west coast from Japan. To keep going, be alive, and not shut down, we need courage, nourishment, and support – make a pot of soup! [Image and recipe at Food & Spice]

1. SEAWEED: eat nori, put wakame, kombu, and hijiki in your soups and stews. The iodine in kelp helps draw out the radiation and protect your thyroid from radioactive uptake.

2. MISO: good medicine full of live cultures, amino acids, minerals, and protein. I’d recommend making a big pot this week, having a bowl everyday and feeding it to all your friends- recipe follows.

3. MUSHROOMS: strengthen your immune system with some shitake mushrooms, sauteed or in soups.

4. Eat vegetables, especially DAIKON radishes and BURDOCK root- stick them in your soup too or make a shredded salad (recipe below). Daikon has been used for drawing out radiation, post nuclear fall out- it’s cooling and detoxifying.

5. BATHS in epsom salt and baking soda (1 lb of salt, with a bit of baking soda 2x week)

6. DRINK lots of WATER

7. IMMUNE support: do the things you know boost your immune system- sleep well, eat garlic and Vitamin C rich foods, and go easy on the sugar.

8. LOVE: send prayers, love, healing thoughts for those who need it most. Instead of freaking out or shutting down, let your anger, fear, and grief flow- it’s what makes us human and feel connected to what’s going  on in the world right now. Crying is a potent way to detox, friends.

9. HERBS: if you want to get herbal, some great allies are nettle tea, cilantro (eat a lot of it or take a tincture- it helps draw heavy metals out ), and milk thistle (helps your liver process toxins). Also Yarrow Environmental Essence from FES is a beautiful formula to support the body in environmental disasters.



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Also see Emergency Additions to Radiation Protocol.

UPDATE: Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND, has posted a more extensive list of radiation resistance foods which includes the above, and provides dosages (for adults).

9 responses to “Foods to resist radiation

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  2. I would add that moving your diet to plant based one and make 70% of the total diet raw is the perfect way to help rid yourself of radiation and also disease problems. Raw produce has its full complement of fiber, enzymes and nutrition and eating this way gives your body the energy to repair itself and cleanse daily.

    Doc Blake

  3. I’ve heard good things about miso soup. I’ll try making your recipe after I get rest of ingredients.


  4. UPDATE: Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND, has posted a more extensive list of radiation resistance foods which includes the above, and provides dosages (for adults).

  5. UPDATE: At the end of this 65-minute interview with Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab whistleblower and geoscientist, Leuren Moret, discussing the Japan earthquake, Dr Moret also recommends a reverse osmosis filter on the water coming into our homes.

    You can read Alfred Webre’s article discussing this interview in which he also provides numerous links to other scientific sources.

  6. i don’t know if people are aware of this but alot of miso, seaweed and kelp products are from japan the neighboring countries. being asian myself, i am avoiding all seafood from the pacific.

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