The criminal tale of Monsanto

By Phil Shannon
Green Left

The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Politics & Power
Marie-Monique Robin
Spinifex Press, 2010.
373 pages, $44.95 (pb)

“What counts for us is making money,” said a Monsanto vice-president to a new employee at an induction session in 1998, reminding the idealistic novice that there is a simple, and crude, capitalist philosophy at the heart of the US chemical and biotechnology giant.

All Monsanto’s talk about the ecological and humanitarian miracles of its chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is so much hot air, says Marie-Monique Robin in The World According To Monsanto.

The reduction of pesticide pollution, the end of world hunger, plants producing biodegradable plastics, corn containing antibodies against cancer — none of these promised GMO solutions have been delivered.

This is because what really matters to Monsanto, as Robin documents, is control of the world seed market and the genetic engineering of those seeds to be resistant to, and therefore dependent on, Roundup, Monsanto’s herbicide with the real miracle; gigantic profits.

GMOs and Roundup, says Robin, are amongst the “most dangerous products of modern times”, joining a list that is heavily populated by other Monsanto products such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxin and bovine growth hormones.

In all cases, Monsanto has been fully aware of their harmfulness yet has lied about their dangers with an impunity conferred by the collusion between the company and the public health and environmental authorities of successive US governments.

Monsanto’s criminal tale began in the 1930s with PCBs which are heat-resistant industrial coolants and lubricants. PCBs polluted the planet for four decades until they were banned in 1977, leaving a continuing trail of cancers and other diseases.

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6 responses to “The criminal tale of Monsanto

  1. The statute of limitations does not expire on the crimes of murder, manslaughter or crimes against humanity. Just like the Berlin Wall it is only a matter of time till we get to see them swing.

    Doc Blake

  2. unless they kill enough of us first… and they are well underway with that program… and getting too much help from our fellow dumbed down and compartmentalized humans.

  3. grandpappymike

    Monsanto is a part of the Federal government and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Unless we reduce the government down to where they are no longer involved in controlling the day to day lives of it’s citizens. That would mean eliminating the welfare state. No more more Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, and subsidies for agriculture and business. Considering 33% of the U.S. population gets some money from the government and 47% don’t pay any federal taxes that is not likely to happen. Monsanto, Bayer, Goldman Sachs, Walmart and others are the government now and they bought it from us for $24 in trinkets. We are just going to have to learn to live with it since no one wants to give up their scraps that fall from our masters table.

    Lets be optimistic even though the Republicans controlled both houses of congress and the presidency for a time and the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and the presidency for a time and neither did anything. Let’s continue to believe that if there were only more (fill in your favorite party here) they would have done something. Lest I leave anyone out, it’s apparent that the majority of tea party candidates once they got to Washington decided the money’s too good to make any real changes.

  4. Yes, it is ironic that we choose our Miss America from fifty candidates while we choose our presidents from only two choices. Paul

  5. I would personally like to get my hands on this Greedy SOB, I’ll feed him his own POISONOUS GARBAGE FOODS and GMO’s , chemicals by the barrel full! Murderous profiteers. When hell opens for business, Mr. Hugh Grant , CEO and President of Monsanto along with all of his other criminal profiteers and the US corrupted congress, along with FDA will be swallowed into it and burn in the deepest parts of HELL ETERNALLY! Soulless, heartless, concsiencless, profiteering SOB’s all of them! What a disgusting way to make BILLIONS of PROFIT$ from the misery and deaths of the innconet victims and animals of this earth, just totally make SICK!!!

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