Radiation Support for Your Immune System; Plant indoors this year

By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
Global Research

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Please note these educational suggestions below are not cure-alls for radiation exposure. But it is important to support and protect your immune system, as best as possible. These are sensible precautions. If you are on any kind of pharmaceutical drug(s) or have health issues, please check first with your health care provider, writes Dr Perlingieri, after providing background info.

I have had countless calls asking for more suggestions on how we can support our already compromised immune systems, as we are exposed daily to untold levels of radioactive elements that are now traveling world-wide. Due to our already highly polluted air, we now have a multi-pronged attack on our immune systems. We were never meant to be sponges for an assortment of highly hazardous and unregulated chemicals and nano-technology, genetically modified organisms, aerosolized Chemtrails, pesticides, and artificial and poisonous additives in our food supply. This has been going on for most of the twentieth century; and now laws, in place for decades to protect us, have been gutted. Secret political agendas and corporate profits continue to take priority over our well-being and safety. This has a long history in our corporate consumer-oriented society. For the first time in our recorded history, we have multiple and chronic illnesses caused by human intervention. Greed trumps everything else, when the world (gone amok) is filled with moral indifference and decrepitude, along with enormous governmental corruption.

Here is a bit of background: Unstable atoms give off energy as their nuclei spontaneously decay. When this energy is a radioactive element [and there are many, each with a different half life] and sufficiently strong enough to actually dislodge electrons from other molecules or other atoms in its path, it actually can damage or kill any living tissue. This is called ionizing radiation; and it is this that is so deadly –especially for some radioactive elements that have a long half-life (such as Plutonium-239 with 24,000 years, and Uranium-235 with 700-million years). These and many more radioactive elements are continuing to come across the Pacific and hitting everything in North America, and then traveling to Europe and beyond. Nothing is even remotely fixed at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors facility. On March 28, Florida and the Carolinas were reported to have rainwater and air with radioactive Iodine-131 [with a half life of 802 days]; and officials said: “there was no current threat to public safety.”(1) Another report on plutonium in the soil at Fukushima is here.

Pouring sea water on the damaged reactors is worthless. The radioactive rods are so hot that the water turns to steam. Why has this not been reported? PLUS there are more than 600,000 spent fuel rods that have been collecting on the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor site for 40 years. This is a radioactive plague being unleashed! How many more weeks will this cover-up go on, while both the Japanese public and the rest of us are not being told the truth?

The entire Japanese population already is in grave danger. All children are the most vulnerable to genetic damage done by radiation exposure. It can cause sterilization and radiation-induced cancer. Acute radiation exposure is now a fact for millions of Japanese. The rest of the world is not immune to this contamination.

A very high level of personal cleanliness is absolutely ESSENTIAL! Leave your shoes at door. Don’t bring in radioactive particles inside the house on the soles of shoes. Gamma rays are already on the winds. Remember, this is all invisible. Wash your hands upon coming in, before meals, after using the toilet. Children, especially, need to be reminded of this every day. The best soaps (such as castile soap) do not have chemicals, but few ingredients. Do NOT let children out in any rain, fog, sleet, or snow. There is a very high probability that it is now radioactive, on an on-going basis. THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OF RADIATION EXPOSURE –no matter what any public official or agency says. PERIOD! Here is a recent map from France, posted March 20, showing the dispersal:

What we need URGENTLY across the US and Canada is independent monitoring of the air and water (as there are the already mentioned reports of radioactive elements found in rain and snow). We need collective, grassroots help! Be creative. People could pool resources to buy a good-quality Geiger counter, or ask for help from some local college or university science department. Anything over 10 rems [the measuring in units of radiation exposure] is already dangerous. As Dr. Caldicott often says: “NO EXPOSURE IS SAFE!”

As I have written in my book, “The Uterine Crisis”: “invisible does not mean safe.” This, now planetary-wide crisis for all of us, is very grave. Yet, it remains invisible, not reported by a corporate-controlled media, and thus off most peoples’ radar. It is criminal what is being covered up! Excuses equal lies. I am sure most people do not realize the gravity of this on-going catastrophe, and the long-term implications for children and everyone else! Remember, our pets and all other living animals are also all at risk for radiation exposure.

Food and Gardens

Plants, too, are being exposed to this radiation; thus, we have exposure to the entire food chain. We are at the top of this already very contaminated food chain.

There is also the major financial part of this wrecked scenario. Food prices are already very high; and some staples have doubled in price over the last year or two. Predictions of crop shortages were already news over this past Winter. How does that connect with all Spring crops in North America with a probability of being planted in radioactive soil? Would this kind of contamination ever be reported? The US dollar is already manipulated green toilet paper.

In some parts of the northern hemisphere, it is the beginning of Spring; and those who love to garden are getting ready to plant their seeds. It is a ritual of renewal that many of us love to do. However, anything started outside now runs a high risk of being planted in radioactive soil –whether or not it is reported. This is why is it imperative for us all to get independent testing done for the real-time exposure level of radioactive elements. I believe it is already a hazard; but the governments never tell us the truth! Tragically, this same scenario played out at Chernobyl. People were lied to and deceived by government officials. A few courageous Russian doctors reported the truth; and they were discredited. People paid a heavy price with this hazardous exposure with high rates of radioactively induced cancers, horrific birth defects, and miscarriages.(2)

If you do any Spring planting, use organic seeds you may already have. Start them INDOORS, and keep them indoors. Place them near a window with sunlight. If you plant them in radioactive soil, they will be contaminated.

Radiation kills. This is why birth rates are also down significantly in Japan, because subsequent generations of women (after the US bombs were horrifically dropped on innocent civilians in World War 2) have had difficulty conceiving. Over the last 25 years, sperm rates have dropped 50 percent (and not just in Japan). Women also have numerous reproductive illnesses that make conceiving no longer easy. If we ever collectively saw the photographs of these heartbreaking radioactive birth defects, the nuclear industry would immediately cease to exist. The nuclear industry, built on deception, doesn’t want us to see this. This is why Dr. Helen Caldicott and Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s life-long and courageous work on the extreme dangers of radiation is so vital!

Please note these educational suggestions below are not cure-alls for radiation exposure. But it is important to support and protect your immune system, as best as possible. These are sensible precautions. If you are on any kind of pharmaceutical drug(s) or have health issues, please check first with your health care provider.


Do not use food produced since about March 14 (the approximate date the radiation traveled to the Pacific West Coast), due to radioactive Strontium-90 [it has a half-life of 29 years] and other radioactive elements. For example, Cesium-137 [with a half life of 30 years] is chemically similar to potassium; and because of this, it can become metabolized in the body through foods, including dairy products. Do not use any fresh-grown or harvested produce, as the soil throughout the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere is now very probably radioactive. This, combined with the aerosol spraying of Chemtrails makes for a very toxic soil to grow anything. Organic whole foods are always a better choice than supplements (whenever possible), because the body absorbs and retains these foods in tissues far better. How can we have a safe food supply with such an abundance of poisons?

Eat fresh organic apples with the skin on (and the wax rubbed off), or applesauce, bought before March 14. Drink unfiltered, organic apple juice with Bragg’s Aminos (1 teaspoon per 8 oz for adults) [NOTE: I do not have any ties with this company]. Apple pectin is a known aid (and helped the children at Chernobyl); and it actually binds with various radioactive particles. Remember: “An apple a day…”

Here’s my article from March 17 with some herbal recipes, one specifically for radiation exposure. It was written with consultation from more than 12 medical practitioners: http://aircrap.org/chemtrails-radiation-winter-illness/331115

Do NOT use any dairy products bought after about March 14. Do not eat junk food or anything containing aspartame (a toxic synthetic sweetener).

Drink lots of steam-distilled water! If you have a reverse-osmosis filtering system, this is also beneficial. This process eliminates bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and many chemicals. Unpurified city water may contain unknown quantities of chlorine, fluoride, or other sources of contaminants. You can add flavoring to this water with 2 Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar per 1 gallon of steam-distilled water. Vinegar also helps with digestion.

Elderberry Syrup (in a glass bottle) is a great support for the immune system. Elderberries are a terrific all-around “medicine chest.” Children under 12 could take 1/4 teaspoon daily for the next 2-3 months. Children under 6 could take 1/8 teaspoon daily. It tastes delicious.

The best oils to use are cold-pressed organic olive and safflower oils. Coconut oil is also good for cooking and can be used topically for the skin, to help with dry skin. Avoid other kinds of oils.

Avocados and lemons help supply essential fatty acids that the body needs –again provided they are not contaminated! Find out where they were picked and when. Don’t shop on “automatic pilot” now. Do your homework and become an educated and informed citizen. Shoppers are not citizens.

Lemon-honey-fresh ginger-root tea is good daily drink. Use 2-3 very thin slices of ginger root per cup of boiled, steam-distilled water. (Powdered ginger root also works, but fresh is better.) Add honey and lemon to taste. For children, serve it warm or room temperature. Lemons are also a delicious way to flavor steam-distilled water and help with digestion.

Organic bee pollen (again check about the harvest date) is anti-microbial and has vitamins B and C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, enzymes, and plant sterols. It helps with stress, fatigue, and is a tremendous support for the immune system.

Buckwheat flour (for those who are not wheat intolerant) has rutin, and this also helps protect against radiation.

EAT LOTS OF GARLIC daily! This is long known to protect the immune system. Tumeric is also a good anti-inflammatory and a great spice to use regularly in cooking.

Medicinal organic mushrooms (picked before March 14, or dried): maitaki (a marvelous adaptogen, and it has been shown to inhibit cancerous growth), shitaki, trumpet, morels, all are excellent. There might be good dried ones available. Make the following: sauté 1 diced red and 1 diced yellow onion in organic, cold-pressed olive oil. Add diced mushrooms and mashed fresh garlic. Cook on low flame for about 10 minutes. Serve with pasta or over mashed potatoes. This helps support your immune system.


Vitamin C daily with bioflavinoids [this helps with C absorption] and rutin: Adults: 2-3 grams daily. DO NOT USE any oranges, lemons, or grapefruit (or other citrus) coming from any US southern state, due to the Corexit dispersant spraying for months (over land, too), since the Gulf of Mexico oil-rig explosion in April 2010. No testing has been done to see about any very real synergistic interactions among this deadly dispersant (that has contaminated the entire Gulf of Mexico region), aerosolized Chemtrails toxins, and radiation.

Vitamin B-Complex: For adults, 50 mg (max) of each of the major B vitamins (B-1, B-2, B-5 [called the “anti-stress” vitamin], B-6, and B-12) The B-Complex aids in supporting your body’s nerves, skin, eyes, mouth, liver, and hair to maintain their health. This also helps with anxiety; and this may be particular useful now with little information on the extreme gravity of exactly what invisible radioactive hazards we all face. Good sources of natural B include: burdock root (often found fresh), chamomile, raspberry leaves, brussels sprouts, broccoli, parsley, kelp [Atlantic and dried], watercress, dandelion greens, nuts, mushrooms, molasses, eggs, and rye flour.

Vitamin-A with mixed carotenoids. This helps not just with night blindness but also various other eye problems. This is particularly useful now with the use of EDB [Ethylene dibromide, a highly poisonous chemical], the desiccant in Chemtrails. Vitamin A maintains healing of the skin, mucous membranes, and bone formation. Some carotenoids act as antioxidants (that aid in the prevention of cancer).

Vitamin D: Due to a 20-percent drop in available sunlight, because of aerosolized blanketing of our poisoned skies, we are now running at a Vitamin D deficiency. 1,000 mg of Vitamin D-3 daily for adults is needed.

Vitamin E: natural sources (gel caps most often come from Genetically Engineered sources) include: cold-pressed olive oil, seeds, nuts, whole grains, sweet potatoes, dandelion, nettles, and rosehips.

Coenzyme Q-10. This helps prevent the body from absorbing radioactive materials. This is actually produced by our body’s tissues; and it helps support the immune system to prevent cardiovascular disease. Co-Q10 also has been used for decades by the Japanese for patients with cancer and leukemia (both epidemic since the US dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2). It also helps protect the heart.

Avoid using cellular phones. This already damages brain function. There are numerous reports on this. DO NOT LET the children use a cell phone! There are more than 4-billion cell phones in use worldwide. This technology was never tested for safety before billions of people became addicted to its use. We now have an epidemic of glioma cancers [a specific type of brain cancer that used to be rare, due to the use of cell phones. It is what killed Senator Kennedy, and two of my own friends.]

Zinc lozenges [OptiZinc has best absorption. Again, I have not financial ties.]

Kelp [Not from Pacific Ocean or Japan!] , 1,000 mg daily for adults; or a 1/2 teaspoon daily sprinkled on food.

Fresh Miso in soup [again not from Pacific or Japan]

Here’s a post from two scientists. They still think it is a fixable scenario. IT IS NOT! However, the photos they have show clearly how dangerous this on-going catastrophe is. These are the best shots I have seen so far. This will go on not for weeks, but YEARS! As I have just written, this is far worse than Chernobyl!

This global-wide crisis is of epic proportions. We no longer can leave decisions about our well-being and safety in the hands of politicians who are no longer working for us. It is time for us to join together peacefully and get accurate answers from independent people who don’t have any hidden and harmful agendas that make us all expendable for some corporate bottom line.



1. Daily Mail. “Rainwater and air across US contaminated with nuclear radiation is linked to Japan.” London. March 28,1011: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1370684/Japan-nuclear-meltdown-Radioactive-iodine-Fukushima-rainwater-US.html#ixzz1HucnfsoH

2. Pierpaolo Mittica et al. “Chernobyl. The Hidden Legacy.” London: Trolley, Ltd., 2007. There is a section in this book written by Dr. Bertell; Alexy V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nestorenko, and Alexy V. Nestorenko. “Chernobyl: The Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment.” March 16, 2011: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=23745

and Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri. “Chernobyl: The Horrific Legacy: 23 years and counting.” April 25, 2009: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13349

Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Uterine Crisis.” London’s “The Ecologist” calls this book “an inspiration.” She is an Associate of the Carnicom Institute.

Global Research articles by Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

33 responses to “Radiation Support for Your Immune System; Plant indoors this year

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  2. Thank you for this information. We have to look after ourselves now, hope for the best, and pray for God’s mercy.

  3. Here’s another tip: buy cheap foil and cover your garden/lawn/any open soil that’s yours whenever the wheather report advises of coming rain.
    Then the water can’t get into the soil, hence also not the airborne radioactive fall-out. Then after the rain is over try and roll up the foil (so that it doesn’t break) and try and drive the water over to one side preferably where it will flow into a sewer, at least try and concentrate it in one spot. If after the rain the foil is too heavy to lift, consider making a hole in one place to let the water out in one particular spot, then use this spot for flowers only, clearly marked and not plant vergetables or any food a few yards around it – it still helps lowering the radiation dose by, say, 90% for the remainder of your garden.
    If airborne iodine is the problem, it will decay after a few weeks to minimal amounts. Airborne caesium etc. aerosols which are highly soluble salts but e.g. in the case of caesium-137 with a half-life of over 30 years are different – it’ll dissipate again into the rest of your patch so if you have caesium in the air you should try and get rid of that water for good.
    Lifting the cover in between rain showers will let your plant and soil “breathe” so don’t leave it on all the time or you risk rot. However, better lose this year’s planting if you can’t afford to lift the foil every so often than risk a longer term radioactive contamination.
    You and your readers may also be interested in how to treat radioactively contaminated drinking water, one of the most pressing concerns in Japan and soon in regions further off:
    Maybe someone wants to help with Japanese and other languages?

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  5. Back again … just added a blog post mentioning your indoor planting suggestions and elaborating a bit on the “top soil by foil” protection scheme I mentioned above:
    “How to protect your garden patch or field against radioactive fall-out”

  6. patrick uzzell

    I believe every word about how it would be better to garden indoors. However, that’s not practical.. When the situation reaches that point, there’s nothing left to do. I live in NC. I hope the Rockies will protect us some. But I am just going to grow my grtden as usual. I figure where I’m located, my stuff will still be pretty good.
    I really hope he’s wrong about that plant spewing out radiation for years. I am starting to think that there are no material solutions.
    Have you hear of that lady Judiith von Halle who is healthy even though she has not eaten in 5 years. She is a follower of Rudolf Steiner, the guy who created bio-dynamics and anthroposophy.But Judith von Halle has the stigmata. She’s an architect in Geermany. And the claims around her are plausible. Especially because even those who hate her ideas agree she is not lying about the stigmata.

  7. This is wonderful advice. I normally eat primarily organic from the farmer’s market. I guess I’m going to have to look at other alternatives like frozen organic and dried goods now as much as possible, particularly those picked before April 2011. Also, going to make sure that the water I drink is purified!


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  9. Excellent article. Here is additional research on radioprotective agents culled from the US National Library of Medicine’s database:

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  11. Good advice. I think I will do this with my vegetable garden. I was also thinking about using maybe a dilute sea salt or black mica to help absorb the iodine and cesium from the soil.

  12. At a certain point things become so ridiculous one might as well cultivate the idea that one creates one’s own reality, whether one does or not.

  13. I want to let you all know that Walmart is not forthcoming about the origin ofmtheir vegetables & fruits. I ask them where the unpackaged sweet potatoes & apples were grown. They at 1st told me that they did not know. Then manager called me to say that they were not required by law to tell us the State & that they only had to tellmus the country.

    I have a problem with this.

  14. Thank you for your well written article. A few notes from my studies:

    1. Reverse osmosis water filters are NOT sufficient to remove radioactive particles. The water filter MUST contain carbon and ion exchangers.

    2. Per studies done after Chernobyl, it was found that the radioactive isotope cesium-137 does not penetrate soil beyond 5-6 cm. Therefore, you can grow plants outside if you either: a) remove the top 5-6 cm of soil and then cover the area or b) TURN the soil so the contaminated soil is BELOW where the roots will develop. Then, cover your garden to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Watering the garden can be tricky also. Using water from the garden hose could contaminate the garden. Be sure it is filtered first.

    Be well,
    Dr. Theresa Pantanella, OTD, MPA, OT/L
    Founder and President, Aquamed Centers, LLC

    • thank you, Dr Pantanella.

      you’re correct of course that RO filters will not remove all radionucleides, so others have recommended we use this combo system to capture more of them.

      yeah, outdoor watering is an issue… and that’s very interesting about the soil.

  15. Dear editor:

    Thank you so much for this well written article! We are the owners of the Growing Spaces Growing Dome you have pictured above on this webpage. We would love it if you could mention our company name and create a link to our website in case others wanted more info on our product. If that’s possible, please link to http://www.geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com. Thank you so much for the consideration, and keep up the great work!

    Bart Mitchell
    GM, Growing Spaces, LLC

  16. Please sign my petition then pass along to your social networks. It will be presented to Senators Boxer and Feinstein in a few weeks. Due to widespread reports of radiation in our food and water, and the fact that EPA just announced they are scaling BACK monitoring of food and water, we really need Senate hearings on this issue ASAP http://www.change.org/petitions/urgent-fukushima-radioactive-fallout-food-safety-petition

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  18. I notice that there is a distressing lack of input from nuclear physicists.
    I also notice an astonishing degree of panic over a negligible increase in background radiation. Flying on an airplane will expose you to more radiation than an entire year of what you will experience from this.

    For your edification/education:

    Don’t panic over what you do not understand.

  19. Oh, and Dr. Perlingieri –
    Your doctorate, is that in medicine? No? Not an MD, eh? So it must be in physics, engineering or at least one of the environmental sciences? No?? Agriculture?

    Oh… Art History…
    What exactly does an art historian know about nuclear engineering/physics, radiation exposure/abatement, atmospheric diffusion of heavy ions etc? Why should ANYONE listen to you when it comes to such matters, especially when people with relevant PhD’s would call this article nonsense?

    While Caravaggio’s use of light and shadow was masterful; familiarity with his work does not translate into expertise in high-energy particle emission.

    Stick to renaissance art. I think you’re out of your element.
    Well out.

    • Don’t worry. They’ll run out of food produced before Mar 14, oh, about a month ago. Covering your garden with foil isn’t enough to block the rain, either, unless you use some seriously huge foil (not cheap). And what are you going to water with? Steam-filtered water? Or do you think your crops will grow without any water?

      The thing here that really gets me, is the opening quote: “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. You nutbags are all worked into a tizzy about a change in background radiation too small to measure. Your fear of radiation is based on a lack of understanding; and responding violently to such fear is precisely what FDR was warning against.

  20. And NO wild vegetation or game-eating, EITHER! Except for those FOOL enough … good riddance.

  21. Shortsighted, mostly useless advice. I know that the radiation is a grave threat, but how long do you really think it will take before the food supply from before March 14 is completely gone?

    You seem to know a lot, so please answer this question: then what?

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  23. I’ll go ahead and garden outside. I’ll let you know if I get radiation.

  24. Dr. Perlingieri,

    I’m not sure what you are Dr. of, but it’s obvious you have very little understanding of radiation. The amount of radiation reaching the United States is not nearly high enough to cause concern. It is over a million times lower than normal background levels.

    Also, you are aware that all food you eat is slightly radioactive anyway, right? All soil contains small amounts of naturally occurring uranium (some contains more than other, but all soil contains some). This uranium is taken up by plants that gather nutrients from the soil. And of course, then it is ultimately consumed by us.

    It’s obvious you have very little understanding of statistical methods either. Otherwise you would not be making a statement like “radiation kills. That’s why birth rates are down in Japan”. Birth rates in Japan had dropped off before the earthquake hit. So this statement is just plane false.

  25. Great Site

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  28. Ellen Nicholas

    This blog is accurate. Ionizing radiation that you ingest or breathe in is much more dangerous than any other kind, X-rays and “background” levels. People have been told a heap of lies, such as “it’s only a little bit, don’t worry”. There is no safe level of Radiation. Read the experts: Dr. Helen Caldicott (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Dr. Goffman, Dr. Arnie Gunderson….Children and animals are the most vulnerable to this radiation. Infant mortality rates have gone sky-high in the past year in the U.S. Cause of death, S.I.D.S. or pneumonia, because radiation affects the immune system and the heart. It’s a nightmare situation, and far from over. There’s a long incubation period for getting Cancer after being exposed, from 5 to 30 years, usually. That is, if Unit 4 doesn’t precipitate an Extinction level event in the near future.

  29. This is wonderful advice. I normally eat primarily organic from the farmer’s market. I guess I’m going to have to look at other alternatives like frozen organic and dried goods now as much as possible, particularly those picked before April 2011. Also, going to make sure that the water I drink is purified!

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