EU secretly ups cesium safety level in food 20-fold

By Alexander Higgins

Kopp Online, Xander News and other non-English news agencies are reporting that the EU implemented a secret “emergency” order without informing the public which increases the amount of radiation in food by up to 20 times previous food standards.

According to EU by-laws, radiation limits may be raised during a nuclear emergency to prevent food shortages.

But there is anger across Europe because this emergency order was issued while officials say there is no threat to the food.

Food Watch is quoted [using Google translator]:

These rules now to bring into force is absurd, because in Europe there are no nuclear emergency, and certainly no shortage of food.

The European Union has authorized radioactive load in foods in Japan has increased substantially. Until now, a maximum of 600 becquerels of radioactivity (cesium 134 and cesium 137) per kilogram allowed, but since last weekend for example oil or herbal suddenly 12,500 becquerels per kilogram, more than 20 times as high. The increase was recorded in Emergency Ordinance 297/2011 on March 27 and was in force.

While politicians talk about “enhanced control measures” and “special protection standards” is universally silent on the huge increase in the allowable limits in food in Japan. Nevertheless we are reassured with the assurance that we have no worry about radioactive products from Japan.

Explain why a 20 times as high value would make no difference for the consumer safety did not come.

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22 responses to “EU secretly ups cesium safety level in food 20-fold

  1. How convenient of them! They’re always looking out for the health of us all. Not!

    Here is how Radiation effects the human body:

    Radioactive water found leaking into sea from pat at Japan nuclear plant. This can be devastating to say the least to all humankind! The effects of radiation sickness and poisoning include cancer, genetic and reproductive damage, hormonal damage, and thyroid blockage (that’s why they want you to take potassium iodine, another dangerous toxin) but I wouldn’t. There are much safer substances like Zeolites.

    A couple good articles on radiation sickness protection that shows what you need do to test radiation levels, treat water, and what to take internally to not get sick:

    Water Purification Tablet

    Radiation Sickness

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  5. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Fukushima Internal Emitters

    An ill wind comes arising
    Across the cities of the plain
    There’s no swimming in the heavy water
    No singing in the acid rain

    Absalom Absalom Absalom

  6. Why not just merge the EU agency with our EPA? Could save on administrative costs while being consistant with the same propaganda/lies. Just keep moving the bar upwards just ahead of the “danger zone” and we’ll all be “safe”.

  7. Ah, this gives me a great idea on how to totally eliminate ALL obesity in North America. No, my plan goes even further, using the same genius that the Eu and the EPA are using, they can instantly eliminate ALL obesity.

    The new average weight of adults is 350lbs. As long as you weight 350lbs or less, you care not considered obese! Magic, isn’t it?

    Please, do not be comforted by these cooked numbers. There is NO safe levels of radiation. None.

    Low levels of radiation, over a long period are very harmful. There are numerous, simple solutions to help detoxify and support our immune system.

    Get healthy & stay healthy.

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  9. What gets me is “EU implemented a secret “emergency” order without informing the public which increases the amount of radiation in food by up to 20 times previous food standards.” and yet, tells the public openly in America that they are going to raise the safe level of radiation in the air, as if by raising the safe level higher, you are somehow immune to the affects of the higher standered for radiation exposure. Soon, at this rate, a lethal dose of radiation will be considered a safe level.

  10. “the EU implemented a secret “emergency” order without informing the public which increases the amount of radiation in food by up to 20 times previous food standards.”
    Jct: Lawyers solving problem of radiation over the safety limit in the only way they know how, raise the limit!
    See “Big Lie of Low Level Radiation” to know why I’m running for Prime Minister of Canada. The danger is exponential, not linear. Vote John The Engineer for your best odds to live. Vote for a lawyer to lead and you deserve to die.

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  19. Where in the document does it mention the x20 times increase?

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