Monsanto funds Iowa Ag-Gag bill

Monsatan cash helped fund bill to stifle whistleblowers in Iowa

By Tom Laskawy

Speaking of Monsanto, it turns out they are playing a role in Iowa’s proposed anti-whistleblower bill — a bill focused primarily on agriculture. Should the bill pass, it will become illegal to produce undercover videos at various types of agricultural facilities (as well as to get a job at a facility with the express intent of producing a video). Sarah Damian of the Government Accountability Project, a “whistleblower advocacy organization,” observes over at the Food Integrity Campaign’s blog that Monsanto has been throwing lobbying dollars behind Iowa’s effort to draw a steel curtain around food production. And not without reason:

Monsanto has more facilities in Iowa than in any other state in the country, with more than 25 offices. The company is heavily invested in the bill’s outcome because “crop operations” are also covered, which would apply to Monsanto’s seed houses, pesticide manufacturing plants and research facilities throughout Iowa. The biotech and crop chemical giant wouldn’t want any undercover videos produced on its clock, apparently.

“That’s a bit ironic, however, given the fact that Monsanto investigators are notorious for trespassing on farmers’ property and going to extreme measures to produce evidence of seed patent infringement, including posing as land mappers or even joining a local Alcohol Anonymous group to gain the farmers’ trust and gain video access to their fields. Talk about undercover.”

And don’t think that Monsanto hasn’t planned ahead. According to Damian, there are provisions in the bill that would allow Monsanto to continue snooping around farmers’ fields in its ongoing search for so-called “seed thieves” aka “patent infringers.”

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5 responses to “Monsanto funds Iowa Ag-Gag bill

  1. Can Monsanto’s thugs identify by sight when they site a farmer for ‘theft’ of their modified seeds? Mobster’s ‘invention’ is nothing more than the adulteration of God’s gifts by greedy minds.

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  3. The law always sides with these corporate demons! There’s not much I can really say that I “hate”; but Monsatan is high on the list! It amazes me that people can still say; “We have a choice in what we eat”.

  4. When I think about that company which is only when I have to, words like Nazi’s, inhumane, lethal, heartless, pestilence, murderous, abomination, disgrace, brutal, atrocious, atrocities, revulsion, merciless, outrageous, loathing, repugnance, sadistic, cruel, vicious, homicidal, horrific, horrendous, ghastly, wicked and vile enter my mind. They are the Beast, the essence of evil, plus the personification and archetype of everything that is wrong and God help us they know it.

    Then to clear my mind of that darkness I go out for a very nice long bicycle ride, ha, ha, ha, aaaaah. Paul

  5. This is unconstitutional! It is just plain wrong.Abusers need to be exposed-if this bill passes,it will put us back into the dark ages- animal abusers should be exposed and dealt with thru the courts-

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