Chickens in Hollywood, FL Yard Prompt Lawsuit

By Jeff Weinsier
WPLG Miami (Local 10 News)

A couple living in an upscale area of Hollywood have filed a lawsuit to have their neighbors’ 15 chickens removed, saying the birds are loud and smelly.

Video here. Take the survey here. (As of 10 am ET,68% have voted “No:  The owner has the right to keep the chickens.”)

Grant and Sandra Einhorn have filed a civil suit and asked a judge to order their neighbors, the Kohn family, to remove the chickens from their back yard.

[On April 4, the judge denied the motion to have the chickens removed, setting a trial date for April 18.]

Sandra Einhorn said there is no peace.

“They cluck starting in the morning it is on and off throughout the day,” she told Local 10’s Jeff Weinsier. “We have feathers in our pool, and when it’s hot out, it smells like a farm.”

Sandra Einhorn provided Local 10 with pictures and video that show chickens on her property and on a fence that separates the houses. In the video, chickens could be heard clearly clucking from the Einhorns’ back yard.

Broward Circuit Judge Michele Towbin-Singer went to the homes last week to see how bad the situation is before making a decision.

“The judge was here for an hour and a half and heard nothing from either side. There is no nuisance,” said Steve Kohn, who owns the chickens.

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21 responses to “Chickens in Hollywood, FL Yard Prompt Lawsuit

  1. Don’t the Einhorns have anything better to do?

  2. “People should live and let live and mind their own business,” Kohn said.

    I am with Mr. Kohn…….. live, let live, mind your own.

  3. ms einhorn..cant live like that? poor dear.
    I would bet traffic etc is way more disruptive.
    clucking? upsets her.
    the neighbour should grab a peacock and hen and really hear upsetting cries:-)
    timewasting idiot.
    and the ordinances need to be removed. fools.

  4. There are worse things to be worried about like the clucking of pretentious neighbors at the local store moaning about the neighbours chickens…….most irritating…….especially when they are shopping for bread and cheese and eggs. Hmm! There is a pattern emerging here. Wonder if they realise where half their food comes from anyway?

  5. In accordance with the family size, the number of hens should be one per family member. The rooster has to go but should have visitation rights every three months or so in order to keep the hens docile and fertile. I agreed, with the 68%, which said yes for the Kohns. How do you feel about it?

  6. Crowing is a problem and roosters pick the darnedest times to crow, and 1:00 am isn’t a good time. Other than that I have no problem with there being a chicken or two in everyone’s yard.

  7. grandpappymike

    The Einhorns’ should buy a miniature cow and then both families should try to convince the other neighbors to grow some wheat, some sugar cane and maybe some vanilla beans. They could then have an annual Hollywood, FL pound cake festival.

  8. Kohn’s should share the eggs. As soon as the Einhorn’s accept the first egg, end of lawsuit. They are now ‘partners in crime.’ Families should be allowed to keep chickens, grow a big garden, keep beehives, and other small farm-like activities. Obviously, cows and horses are a little much, but chickens, especially if there is no rooster, are not a problem.

  9. Hello, everyone!

    I am an adult daughter of the Kohns and still live in their home, and I want to thank you all for voting and for your supportive comments!

    There is no rooster. As I’m sure you all know, hens don’t need roosters to lay eggs, and we don’t want to hear crowing any more than anyone else does! 🙂

    @aplaceforwriters, that was what we thought when they first started to complain, but it didn’t help! Unfortunately, this is not about chickens, but a much larger issue.

    The Einhorns often scream racial slurs at us, including the little children, when they see us outside (and we have caught several of these occurrences on film).

    They called the police every day for months, complaining that “sounds cross over the property line.” These calls were made every time we put on music, or the children went outside to play, or we splashed in our swimming pool, or we had dinner guests, or any other normal thing that makes any noise whatsoever. The local police department has told us that they are still calling, but their calls about us are no longer being answered.

    They have made up false claims of animal abuse, child abuse, truancy (during Christmas vacation, of course!), domestic violence (against themselves!), smell nuisances, noise nuisances, espionage (I am NOT joking!), and many other things, all of which have been determined by the police, department of code enforcement, department of health, dcf, judges, etc. to be unfounded.

    When my parents made an engagement party for my sister, the Einhorns spent hours printing pamphlets with pictures of my minor siblings, claiming that our family is evil because we are actually secret Muslims (we’re not, but so what if we were?!) and that everyone should “drive out this evil” from the neighborhood.

    They then placed copies of this despicable pamphlet on the dashboards of all of our guests’ cars and in all of our neighbors’ mailboxes so that they would all see it upon leaving the party. Fortunately, everyone just laughed at it, so we weren’t damaged in the end, but it was really scary!

    Now that they are losing the chicken lawsuit, they are sending their friends to stand in front of our house and tell us that we have to remove our garden because they don’t like it, and we’d better not redo our driveway because they won’t like it.

    They throw garbage over our fence, and when they hear children outside they throw rocks (for that reason, the children are no longer allowed to play in the backyard).

    Mr. Einhorn also has a habit of standing on our property line and fondling himself whenever he sees us in front of our house.

    Mrs. Einhorn has written letters saying that we have to move because the women in our family only wear skirts that are at least mid-calf length, and that makes her uncomfortable (she says it looks too Muslim), and she sat in court complaining that all of their guests can see us because we’re outside too much.

    Other things they complained about in the lawsuit were the fact that we keep our outdoor lights on at night (isn’t that what they’re made for??) and that they don’t like the fact that we have a security camera (which we added to our security system because of their constant harassment that we feared would become physically violent).

    All of that, allegedly because of some pet hens! And the amazing thing is that they only became “noisy” after they were two years old! LOL

    Again, thank you all for your votes and your support! It is very much appreciated by my whole family!

    • Thank you so much for providing us with more details, H. Good to know you don’t have roosters.

      I’d like to do a follow up story on this after the April 18 court date. (Will write you at the email addr you left)

      I was surprised the judge actually visited the Einhorns for an hour and a half, but having this background info, I now understand why. And during that time she heard nothing!

      It’s really awful to have lunatic neighbors… we went thru that once and there is no resolution. The guy once came out and sprayed his apple tree with some toxic chemical while we were in our back yard… the chemicals hit us and our dog.

      He was a lunatic control freak… and the problem never resolved. Finally I moved away.

  10. The April 18th court date has been cancelled due to the Passover holiday.
    The next hearing, when it is rescheduled will be only to schedule the hearings on the motions that we have filed in response to the Einhorns sham filing.

    Before the Einhorns bought the house, we gave them a tour of the our house and told them that we have ten children and 15 chickens. At the time, Mrs. Einhorn was interested in the chickens and said that she wanted some also.

    During the first months the Einhorns lived next door, Mrs. Einhorn enjoyed our fresh eggs and also picked flowers and fresh vegetables from our garden. She liked to visit with our children also.

    When the Einhorns began to suffer marital problems, Mr. Einhorn blamed his inability to function in the marital bed on our noisy children and thus the harassment from both Mr. and Mrs. Einhorn began.

    We tried very hard to accommodate Mr. Einhorn’s needs. We kept our children inside until after 9am because he likes to sleep late.

    Mr. Einhorn does not work during the day and also often takes naps (he is 32 and in fine health) in the afternoon. He wanted us to keep our children inside after school hours and when we told him we would not, he began calling the police every time our children went outside to play in the yard.

    The Einhorn’s continued to call the police to complain about the noise from our children and when the police told them that children playing cannot be a noise nuisance, they called Child Protection and made a false report of abuse. Three police officers and a caseworker came to remove the children on 12/23/10, the same day that this lawsuit was filed. Thankfully, the caseworker could see that the abuse report was unfounded and did not even open a case.

    Mrs. Einhorn also filed a false complaint of “Repeat Domestic Violence” against my husband. Even the sheriff who served the summons could tell that the complaint was false and malicious since Mrs. Einhorn described my husband as 5’10”, 180lb and brown hair. My husband is 6’3″, 270lbs and gray haired, not even close. After the sheriff examined my husband’s photo ID, he told him that he has nothing to worry about since the plaintiff cannot even describe him.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, Mr. Einhorn fits the description of the defendant in Mrs. Einhorn’s Domestic Violence complaint. The court date for the Domestic Violence complaint is this Fri, April 15th.

    Meanwhile, because the Einhorns along with others of our neighbors have joined together and used the police (more than 40 unfounded calls), board of health (3 inspections all unfounded) , code enforcement (numerous complaints about everything from our garden to our passenger van to a plastic storage box in the yard), CPS and the courts in an attempt to harass and terrorize us out of our house a Fair Housing lawsuit is being filed on our behalf in Federal Court hopefully within the next few weeks.

    The neighbors who have already been served with notices of impending depositions will most likely be adjoined in the Federal action. The racism and harassment from the neighbors began on the day we moved into our house and this predates the Einhorn’s moving in by more than a year.

    Other neighbors have thrown rocks at our windows in the middle of the night, left threatening messages on our answer machine, brought their dogs to leave feces in our garden, called code enforcement, harassed and threatened our children for the way that they dress etc.

    We cannot move because due to the real estate market collapse our house is worth much less than its mortgage. The only way for us to leave this house would be to let it foreclose.

    Thank you again for telling our story, we are sincerely grateful for your support and interest.

    • This must be so stressful for you, Renee. My prayers go out to you and your family. Your story has so much more breadth and depth than what corporate media provided. (How unsurprising.)

      Having lunatic neighbors is one thing, but given these new details, it seems this is clearly a civil rights issue more than a chicken-nuisance issue. I’m glad to learn you’re filing a federal case. Some folks won’t stop bad behavior until it costs them financially.

      Broward Circuit Judge Michele Towbin-Singer can be a witness — she visited and heard nothing (tho I doubt she’d agree). Certainly sounds like the chicken suit is frivolous, but part of a pattern of harassment.

      Ten kids!!! Did you adopt? Are any of them non-white, and is that where the racism is directed? Cuz, in the news video I noticed your white husband wearing a yarmulke, so I just assumed your family is Jewish, which fits in Emerald Hills (at least by reputation).

      But I totally get the housing crash. We lost almost half the value of this humble abode in Davie, and we just picked up a 4-bedroom on a lake a bit north of here for an absolute steal. It needs some work, but still… it was a steal.

      That the Einhorns knew in advance, before buying the house, that you had 10 kids and 15 chickens, and have partaken of the bounty, works to your advantage. I have no stomach for wife beaters… if that’s what’s going on over there. Tragically, the wives become warped by that, and maybe in some twisted way, she gets emotionally connected to her hubby by ganging up on you and yours.

      Stand strong… good people support you.


      ~ Rady

    • With 10 kids, you’d think that some of them could help out with yard work.

  11. Thank you SO much Rady! I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

    My husband is a Syrian Jew and is quite fair skinned. My husband’s father has been often mistaken for Harry Belafonte and my husband’s mother is about the same color.

    I am a North African Jew and I look mixed race. My husband and I have been married for 23 years and our children are all ours. Our children’s complexions vary from our 3 very fair skinned red heads to my daughter who is my fathers beautiful rosewood color.

    Although Emerald Hills has been a Jewish neighborhood, it is changing a lot with regard to the type of people moving in. The Jews who have lived here because of the synagogues have been white European Jews who are not religious. The families who are moving in are brown Jews whose families come from the Middle East and North Africa and who are much more religious.

    I have a lot of extended family in this neighborhood and everyone of them is hunted by Code Enforcement, especially around holiday times. With regard to the racism, sadly the situation in this neighborhood is not different than the situation in Emanuel Israel where European Jewish students were separated from Middle Eastern Jewish students by a wall!! until the Israeli Supreme court ordered that they be integrated.

    Hundreds of parents went to jail rather than allow their children to go to school with brown children. Emanual is being touted as Israel’s Little Rock AR.

    Unfortunately this is typical of the racism in the Jewish world.

    Thank you again for your prayers and your support. It is DEEPLY appreciated!

    You are right about the abuse next door. Sandra denied it when I told the police. She is in a pattern we have all seen before and that is approval seeking/co dependence with her abuser. The attorney for DCF picked up on it right away also. I am pretty sure there are also drugs involved and that is the reason for the hypersensitivity to sounds.

    Good luck with your new property!! It sounds lovely.

    • ahh… the coloring explains much. And thanks for the update on Emerald Hills.

      I’m off for the weekend to work on the new house… again, best of luck with the litigation.

  12. Sandra Einhorn voluntarily dismissed the Repeat Domestic Violence complaint against my husband Steve.

    She went right down stairs and filed a new complaint of Repeat Domestic Violence immediately. My husband asked if the court could possibly serve him right there because our young children become terrified when the police or sheriff come to the door (Sandra has called the police more than 40 times) because they are afraid that either one of their parents will be arrested or they will be taken away from their home. This is not an unreasonable fear since Sandra Einhorn has already called Child Protection making a false abuse complaint and three police officers came out with the caseworker to remove our children from our home.

    Our 6, 7 and 9 year old daughters have been the most affected. Our 9 year old was in the yard in January when Sandra threw a rock over the fence and hit her. But we could not prove that it happened and therefore could not do anything about it except for keep our kids out of the yard and install another security camera focused on the fence.

    All of our children have been having nightmares but our 6 and 7 year old daughters are too young to really understand. They only know that their parents could not protect them from being dragged out of their beds to be examined by strangers in a very frightening and harsh manner. To make matters worse, at the time they had the chicken pox and the case worker was examining them and the lesions and they were embarrassed and sick.

    Anyway, I really hope that this will end soon.

    Thank you again!!

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