People’s Food Policy Project Launches Resetting the Table

By People’s Food Policy Project

PFPP, a national network of food- concerned citizens and organisations, released Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada, a report outlining a more just and ecologically sound federal food sovereignty policy.

Resetting the Table calls for a federal food policy that ensures Canadians healthy, local food, supports producers, involves the public in decision-making and creates a children’s food policy.

“Our food system is failing us,” said Amanda Sheedy, PFPP coordinator. “Close to two and a half million Canadians regularly don’t have enough to eat, thousands of family farms are disappearing, one in four Canadians is considered obese, and the environment is being pushed to the limit. The status quo is no longer an option.”

Rooted in the concept of food sovereignty, where food is viewed as a primary foundation for healthy lives, communities, economies and eco-systems, key elements of the PFPP plan include:

* Ensuring that food is eaten as close as possible to where it is produced (domestic/regional purchasing policies for institutions and large food retailers, community-supported agriculture, local farmers markets, etc.);

* Supporting food providers in a widespread shift to ecological production in both urban and rural settings (organic agriculture, community-managed fisheries, indigenous food systems, etc.), including policies for the entry of new farmers into agriculture;

* Enacting a strong federal poverty elimination and prevention program, with measurable targets and timelines, to ensure Canadians can better afford healthy food;

* Creating a nationally-funded Children and Food strategy (including school meal programs, school gardens, and food literacy programs) to ensure that all children at all times have access to the food required for healthy lives; and

* Ensuring that the public, especially the most marginalized, are actively involved in decisions that affect the food system.

Click here to sign the pledge and find out how to get involved!

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