Hemp History Week May 2-8

By Wonder Knack

With Hemp History Week from May 2-8, I painted this image to help shine a light on the benefits, uses and history of industrial hemp.

It is time to cut away the stigma that has been placed on hemp for many years. Look at the role industrial hemp has played in the history and development of mankind to see how much it has to offer. Please take some time to educate yourself with the facts of the situation, start a dialog, ask questions and help others to learn about this valuable renewable resource. Did your family farm hemp at one time? Please delve into your family farming history and share your stories on our Facebook page.

Hemp has carried humans through the ages and deserves an identity and future based on reality. American farmers deserve to continue this symbiotic relationship that is as old as agriculture itself.

I encourage you to download, print and share these images far and wide. Please upload photos to the Flickr page above of any sightings or where you have posted your poster. Share with friends, family and fellow humans…let it spread like wildseed…wheat-paste and sticker respectfully please…

HEMP: Realize It – Time-Lapse Painting:

Here are some hemp facts:

• Over 20,000 modern day products can be made from hemp

• Hemp produces 4 times as much ethanol per acre as corn

• Plastics made from hemp are biodegradable

• Hemp is the #1 producer of biomass per acre in the world, up to 10 tons per acre in four months

• 1 acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4 acres of trees, 2 crops of hemp can be grown annually

• The USDA states “the waste product from making canvas, rope and linen from cannabis hemp bast fiber, this waste product, the hurd fiber, is more than 4 times more productive than trees for fiber production for paper and building materials.”

• Hemp seed is the most complete food source containing all 8 essential amino acids, the essential fatty acids, as well as fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to sustain human life

• Hemp produces the strongest, most durable natural soft-fiber on Earth

• Most industrialized countries legally grow hemp

• The United States imports all the hemp used in American consumed products, an industry worth over $300 million in retail sales annually

• The DEA spends over $10 million dollars annually to eradicate feral “ditchweed” in America

• The “ditchweed” growing across the farmlands of America are the strong heirloom crops of our ancestors and remnants of the crops grown for the
war effort during WWII. A film called “Hemp For Victory” was produced by the USDA to promote hemp farming during WWII, watch it below:

• These same heirloom “ditchweed” seeds were once protected by armed military guards and considered a national treasure

• Hemp was used as legal tender in America from 1631 until the early 1800s, you could pay your taxes with hemp

• The first hemp laws in America were “must grow laws” and required colonists to grow hemp

• Until the 1800’s most of the textile and paper products were made from hemp

• Humans have been cultivating and using hemp industrially for around 10,000 years

• Relatively drought-resistant and it’s high protein seed has been relied upon several times through history during drought-induced famine

• Hemp stabilizes and enriches soil, and reduces weeds without chemical applications

• Hemp was planted around Chernobyl to remove toxins and heal the soil —“Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have
been able to find”

“Why use up the forest which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and
mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields “
– Henry Ford

“Hemp is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country “
– Thomas Jefferson

“Make the most you can of the Indian Hempseed and sow it everywhere”
– George Washington

Please visit the Hempstead Project Heart site to learn much more:

Hempstead : Project Heart
Hemp Energies Alternative Resource Technologies

4 responses to “Hemp History Week May 2-8

  1. Open minds will be our only salvation… grow up and wake up america.

  2. Righteous.

    Smoking and/or eating cannabis creates new neural pathways… perhaps the biggest threat to the controllers.




  3. Yes, here we go again the government out of fear trying to control and do the thinking for the citizens. The war on drugs started way back with Nixon (that figures) and has been nothing but a waste of money (2.5 trillion since it started) and an abysmal failure.

    Now we have the Mexican people giving up their lives by the thousands (30,000 dead over 1,100 were Mexican children) to stop drugs from entering the USA to feed the habits of a few American addicts. We should be ashamed of what is happening it is unconscionable.

    It is particularly insane when you realize that 4.5 million American children are addicted to prescription painkillers more then twice the number of people addicted to cocaine.

    Is it too deep a thought to think that legalization, education, addiction treatment and simply enforcing public intoxication laws is a much better answer, good grief. Our government needs to stop trying to be our nurse maid and mind its own business!

    Doc Blake

  4. More states continue to introduce legislation to legalize industrial hemp cultivation. It is already legal to import processed hemp into the USA, but illegal to grow. The hemp industry could be viable in the mass production and sale of hemp fiber, hurd (core), dust, and grain for the food (grain and oil), building materials (hempcrete, insulation, fiberboard, etc.) animal bedding (equine/horse, guinea pig, poultry, etc.), clothing, bioplastics, etc. industries.

    More information about hemp for grain and fiber, especially in the USA, can be found on the:

    Hemp Industries Association website (http://thehia.org),
    Nutiva company website (http://nutiva.com – hemp food),
    Manitoba Harvest company website (http://manitobaharvest.com – hemp food), Vote Hemp website (http://votehemp.com),
    Hemp Traders (http://hemptraders.com – West Coast, USA hemp distribution and sale), or
    American Hemp (http://americanhempinc.com – East Coast, USA hemp distribution and sale).

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