Methane Levels 17 Times Higher in Water Wells Near Hydrofracking Sites, Study Finds

By ScienceDaily

A study by Duke University researchers has found high levels of leaked methane in well water collected near shale-gas drilling and hydrofracking sites. The scientists collected and analyzed water samples from 68 private groundwater wells across five counties in northeastern Pennsylvania and New York.

“At least some of the homeowners who claim that their wells were contaminated by shale-gas extraction appear to be right,” says Robert B. Jackson, Nicholas Professor of Global Environmental Change and director of Duke’s Center on Global Change.

Hydraulic fracturing, also called hydrofracking or fracking, involves pumping water, sand and chemicals deep underground into horizontal gas wells at high pressure to crack open hydrocarbon-rich shale and extract natural gas.

The study found no evidence of contamination from chemical-laden fracking fluids, which are injected into gas wells to help break up shale deposits, or from “produced water,” wastewater that is extracted back out of the wells after the shale has been fractured.

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3 responses to “Methane Levels 17 Times Higher in Water Wells Near Hydrofracking Sites, Study Finds

  1. Should the US exploit the oil shale deposit out west, billions of gallons of potable H2O will be wasted and adulterated by the mine’s effluents. More than food, pure water is essential to life. The water wars will soon commence. Forget oil, for J.Boone Pickens is about to become the richest water baron ever.

  2. The FDA is probably approving a vaccine right now that is designed to help us absorb all that garbage and as we become sick from that they will have another vaccination for that and so on. Kind of like the shingles vaccine that came out to protect you from the shingles that was caused by the chicken pox vaccination you got when you were a kid, nuts you bet.

    Revolution is the festival of the oppressed ~ Germaine Greer

    Doc Blake

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