My Farmer! My Food! My Choice! Videos from the D.C. Rally for Food & Farm Freedom

Charlie Syski, 7, of Brookville, Md. (By James Buck/The Washington Post)

By Rady Ananda

On top of the videos reproduced below, the D.C. rally on Monday for food and farm freedom captured the fancy of corporate media who playfully reported on the event. The Washington Post is running a survey showing so far that 87% have said they would drink raw milk right from the cow.

Event coordinator Grassfed on the Hill tweeted, “The rally was fantastic! About 400 people including lots of kids and a cow.” Pennsylvania farmer Dan Allgyer supplies the buying club with raw dairy, which prompted a year long “sting” operation by the  Food and Drug Administration, where they recently shut him down, seizing his product and business records. Grassfed on the Hill will continue to provide updates on Allgyer’s case.

In addition to lighter comments in Raw-milk advocates have a cow on Capitol Hill, James Buck of the Washington Post also reported accurately:

“Transporting uncured milk across state lines is a crime, says the Justice Department. The FDA warns that raw milk can contain dangerous bacteria, including salmonella and e. coli. Advocates said they like knowing where their food comes from, and some believe raw milk can help people with a range of health issues such as allergies and gastrointestinal problems.”

Well, sure, all food can have pathogens. Just look at our Supermarket meat crawling with bacteria, packed with drugs, heavy metals and poison, which physician William Douglass lamented recently. We don’t see the FDA raiding supermarkets with guns drawn, or shutting down meatpackers who sold it to them.

Adam Kokesh of Russia Today’s Adam vs. the Man produced on-scene coverage, first providing some background info:


Starting on Friday, Amish descendant Larry Fisher biked 160 miles from Churchville, Virginia to the D.C. rally, stopping at fresh milk locations and collecting funds for Allgyer’s legal defense. Here’s part of his speech at the rally:


Here’s David Gumpert, author of The Raw Milk Revolution, who blogs at The Complete Patient:


Andrew Ward of Campaign for Liberty was more serious in his piece about the event, calling the rally a protest against “FDA terrorism” noting signs such as “Those who wrote our Constitution drank raw milk” and “Support food choice!”

In the Washington Times video below, we also see “My Farmer! My Food! My Choice!”


In the next video, Adam Kokesh interviewed organizers Liz Reitzig and Mark McAfee in the studio about, Ward says, “raw milk and the ridiculous claims of the FDA regarding its safety”:


Ward also linked to more photos of the rally from UPI, like this one:

Then he added:

“Word is spreading about the deranged FDA’s tactics and misplaced resources in its sickening War on Food and Your Health.  It’s time to work with the momentum and push the FDA off local, family farms.

“Congressman Ron Paul has introduced common-sense, Constitutional legislation [HR 1830] that would make the sale of raw milk across state lines legal. Contact Congress and ask that they support this legislation while telling the FDA to back off traditional farmers and the rights of Americans.

Can’t argue with that. By criminalizing fresh milk, the government is forcing us to drink genetically modified, antibiotic-laden white stuff initially made by cruelly treated CAFO cows that stand in their own defecation, which is okay by the FDA.  Its goal, apparently, is to eliminate natural, healthy foods from the market to boost pharmaceutical sales and eliminate competition for GM milk.

On his Big Government Gone Wild segment, Judge Napolitano interviewed another rally organizer, Baylen Linnekin of Keep Food Legal. Segment starts at ~24:07:


The battle for food freedom has been ongoing for years, so it seems appropriate to close with this ensemble from a rally held in 2009 in support of Max Kane, also harassed and prosecuted by the FDA. At last word, his case is still on appeal:


8 responses to “My Farmer! My Food! My Choice! Videos from the D.C. Rally for Food & Farm Freedom

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  2. Ah yes the people that are willing to kill their children. Excellent!

    • Do “YOU” have children, perhaps grandchildren? Let me guess… you would rather feed them pasteurized, processed pus! Good for you – that is YOUR choice to make.

      Real, clean, farm fresh milk is OUR choice if we WANT to consume it – so mind your own business.

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  4. I has good nutrients from cows in the pasture and sun that can move around to eat so all those nutrients get into the raw milk and we have health! No doubt about it! Plus the D3 in the raw milk is from these cows but is not in the dead milk so they add D2 which is inferior. Look at the dumbing down and the weight and extra tall and big children we have from all that dead milk with hormones and GMO andpesticides and other antibiotics and more than we know. It’s bad for the intestines because there is very little digestion of any nutrients like with the live milk.

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