29 arrested for feeding the homeless in Florida

July 6 UPDATE: Hactivists target Orlando mayor for arresting Food Not Bombs members 29 Members now arrested

June 27 UPDATE: Operation Orlando: Hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ declares war on Orlando for arrest of Food Not Bombs members.

Per Food Not Bombs, the number arrested is now 21.

6/8 UPDATE: Police arrest 5 more activists for feeding homeless

By Susan Jacobson
Orlando Sentinel

Members of Orlando Food Not Bombs were arrested Wednesday when police said they violated a city ordinance by feeding the homeless in Lake Eola Park.

Jessica Cross, 24, Benjamin Markeson, 49, and Jonathan “Keith” McHenry, 54, were arrested at 6:10 p.m. on a charge of violating the ordinance restricting group feedings in public parks. McHenry is a co-founder of the international Food Not Bombs movement, which began in the early 1980s.

The group lost a court battle in April, clearing the way for the city to enforce the ordinance. It requires groups to obtain a permit and limits each group to two permits per year for each park within a 2-mile radius of City Hall.

Arrest papers state that Cross, Markeson and McHenry helped feed 40 people Wednesday night. The ordinance applies to feedings of more than 25 people.

“They intentionally violated the statute,” said Lt. Barbara Jones, an Orlando police spokeswoman.

Police waited until everyone was served to make the arrests, said Douglas Coleman, speaking for Orlando Food Not Bombs.

“They basically carted them off to jail for feeding hungry people,” said Coleman, who was not present. “For them to regulate a time and place for free speech and to share food, that is unacceptable.”

Orlando Food Not Bombs has been feeding the homeless breakfast on Mondays for several years and dinner on Wednesdays for five years.

Read more at Orlando Sentinel

20 responses to “29 arrested for feeding the homeless in Florida

  1. SICK. It’s a crime to feed someone, but not a crime to let terrorists have training camps right in our country. I am disgusted. FEED THE HOMELESS – DO IT! You may be homeless yourself soon…Where are the shovel-ready jobs?

  2. Acts11:28-30 is Today’s Dilemma
    Within the 1st century of the Christian Church, was it recorded in the book of Acts that Barnabus and Paul were fined and/or incarcerated for obeying Agabus’ order to ‘relieve the starving Christians in Judeah’? NO! Do we today deny that an imminent pandemic famine will be the world’s ‘something wicked this way comes’? YES! Are we obligated to feed or ignore the billions who will perish from malnutrition, disease, and slow death? YES! Are we aware there is an apparatus to alleviate them? NOT by secular humanists, for it is our obligation to honor Christ’s second commandment lift up our brothers and sisters when imperiled. Unfortunately, all governments neither honor God nor concerned of human suffering! Yes, yes, the UN, aka, the OWD (Old World Disorder) has a plan for us and its goal is to reduce world population by 80 to 90%! Not even God foretells such annihilation of all the worlds creatures!
    Until His second advent, Christ wants us doing His work. We will feed the people. The dilemma is not ours, but for those who do not honor and fear our mighty God.

  3. Everyone knows it’s a CRIME to feed hungry people!

  4. American policemans — is enemy of the world.

  5. Are you kidding me? Where is common sense? These poeple are simply trying to help others and THIS is what they get!!!??? UGH!!!

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  7. Well they don’t want to have these homeless waifs and strays being fed on their nice pristine doorstep hence the two mile limit of town hall. Might spoil their image.
    Alternatively it will help in the reduction of the population which after all is the great hidden agenda of the corporate cretins (with the rule makers in their pockets).

    Yes they are cretins because they have missed one crucial fact. When they have killed us all off who is going to shovel their shit for them?
    Roll on the revolution!

  8. This is absolutely rediculous.
    I dont blame McHenry for not wanting to pay a bail bond of $250

  9. Simply shameful. How can these officials sleep at night? Do they proudly tell their children they are part of this disgraceful behavior? Is this what they want written in their resumes, biographies and obituaries? And how do they face the pastors of their churches?

  10. I am writing from Ireland and don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty needs fixing here, but I’ve never yet heard of anybody getting arrested for feeding the homeless. If there are concerned citizens willing to give up their time and raise the funds to buy the food, well then it’s just plain wrong to arrest them for trying to help their fellow man in times of trouble and kudos to all the Americans here for saying so. All the best to you all from Ireland and I hope this gets resolved soon.

    • thanks, Liz. The reason given is that feeding them causes massive trash. but there’s laws about littering so there’s no need to criminalize a charitable act.

      but remember, the US is a police state with the highest incarceration rate in the world and the highest number of imprisoned people.

      since most US prisons are privately owned, the gestapo here is trying to swell prison numbers to keep business booming for prison owners

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  13. seek a solution

    Honestly panhandling has become a big problem in our area. If they were truly homeless (BY THE WAY THEY LIVE IN A APT TOGETHER) then I wouldn’t have a problem But these are able bodied men and women who do nothing but sit all day in the median and ask for money. When one got injured and had to go to the hospital they found an assload of money is his pockets. Probelm is there are way to many scammers this is why they should go to local churches or food banks. Not feed them in the streets that way you don’t get arrested. And by the way cops work for the govt Yea they can be asses but they get their orders from the people controlling the city

  14. 2012 is the year we fight back against injustice. Government and big business are trying to control the world.

  15. Setting up an x-convict with a job funded by the government’s fiat currency before the prisoner is released from prison or county jail would help prevent future crime, and slow down the revolving door syndrome. But, that probably will never be sugested by the people in power, because slavery is one of their biggest money making corporate empires, and a way to help make a foot-stool of the poor.

  16. AHHHHH that makes me so mad when people spew crap out of there mouths like. Well they are able bodied men and women they should get jobs wahhh wahhh! My taxes WAHHH! F u and your taxes and your selfish fascist propaganda. There are no jobs out there to get you moron. You can’t even get a job in fast food anymore because people with collage degrees are now working at Burger King. So how can you say they need to get a job when there is no jobs you self-righteous A-HOLE! I will feed the needy and if I get arrested for it then so be it. Next they will call you a terrorist for being homeless or feeding them. And you neighbors will report you from the number givin out from WalMart. Whats next burning books? clicking our heals? and raising our right hands foward in the air? What other leader had neighbors reporting on each other? and forbidded his people from feeding homeless. I will give you a clue he had a weird moustache.

  17. Seriously?! What is wrong with helping homeless people? It seems that something or someone has to do with this. Whew!

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