NutriSmart system would put RFIDs in your food

By Katie Gatto

RFID, short for Radio Frequency ID, tags have found their way into a wide variety of applications. These pellets, which are often roughly the same size as a grain of rice, can help us to be reunited with our lost pets, keep towels inside the hotel, and keep big box stores shipping the right boxes to the right places at the right time.

In time you may even find them inside your own stomach.

At least they will be there if Hannes Harms has anything to say about it. Mr. Harms, who is currently a design engineering student at the Royal College of Art in London, has designed the NutriSmart system. The system is based on edible RFID tags that will tell you more about your food then you ever wanted to know.

The system would be able to not only give you complete nutritional data on the food that you are about to consume, but able to tell you the entire supply chain behind everything that you are putting into your mouth. While this could be good news for diabetics, people with serious food allergies, and vegans, it also has applications outside of the medical.


6 responses to “NutriSmart system would put RFIDs in your food

  1. This is yet another example of bright sparks thinking that we can invent our way out of a crisis.
    The crisis here is traceability of our food.
    So the solution is even simpler than inundating our bodies with RFID tags.
    We only have to grow our food locally and sell it locally.
    Simple. How difficult is that? Short chains of distribution are easier to control and lets be brutally honest here if you buy something that is rotten or not as it should be you go knock on the producers door. How many of these people will want to be woken up on a Sunday morning with irrate customers waving baguettes or cucumbers in their face? Think of the impact on sales as the local community spreads the gossip. No trade = no business. Simple! It is in the interests of the producer to be above good and well into better than average if they intend to trade ethically and responsibly.

    It may be argued that it will be usable as a means to track cloned meat but there is already a very successful method in place in Europe for tracking cattle for control of Mad Cow Disease. No need for a fancy techno fix which further depletes the planet of rare earth metals to manufacture.

    Then there is the impact of these devices in the sewage system (unless they are fitted with microscopic hooks to attach themselves to our gut lining to act as tracking devices aka ‘The Matrix’ style of control.

    Its not as if we haven’t got enough electromagnetic radiation pollution in our world already with mobile wireless technologies, radio transmitters and a whole host of electric pylons all over the landscape without us having to be impregnated with thousands of these useless and unnecessary devices doing us in from the inside too everytime we take a mouthful of what is supposed to be reminscent of food. Because in the not too distant future food will look nothing like the stuff we eat today……and some of that is pretty crud.

    • Put your brains on hold and eat the chips you”re sold….

      Do I know you from somewhere else, Kev_C?

      Ned Lud

  2. Oh and another thought occured to me.

    Keep the food chain as short as possible. By doing so we have greater control over the quality and efficacy of the food without recourse to fancy modern technologies which we do not need and which do not serve any useful purpose (for which suitable alternatives already exist) other than to make a fat profit for another fat cat corporation.
    Who will benefit in the end? Not the consumer despite the placating promises of health and happiness spouted in the video.

  3. And who controls the data from the chip?

    The food industry. The same ones who have reduced food to contaminated trash.

    Why not have the chip say the cupcake is nutritious when it isn’t or that food has gone bad so you throw it out early and buy more?

    Will the chip say the cupcake contains GMOs? Pesticides? Hormones? MSG? Aspartame? Rat droppings?

    Not likely though that is the information people need and want.

    We’ve been swallowing advertising for a long time. Not it has gotten literal. The companies can program the chip to give whatever information they wish, all of it for their benefit.

    Will all those chips become lodged in the body? Will they put out data on what the person eats, like the customer card at the grocery which tracks what people buy? Will they be a give away that someone is avoiding processed food, a new kind of marker of political leanings? Are they programmed as the nanochips in drugs to put out information on the person who ate them?

    Will all those swallowed chips cause blockages in arteries? In kidneys? Get into the brain? Cause cancers? Autoimmune disorders? Make one sensitive to various electronic waves?

    Nutrismart? Nutri-idiocy. Nutri-big brother. Nutri-it-isn’t.

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