Trailer Talk’s Frack Talk: Why Food and Fuel Shouldn’t Mix

Farmer Greg Swartz talks about trying to maintain an organic farm in the face of increasing gas drilling in rural Pennsylvania

By Sabrina Artel

You can listen to the audio interview of Sabrina’s interview with Greg Swartz on Trailer Talk.

The threat to our local farms throughout the country is epidemic. The threat to farms in the Catskills and the Delaware River Basin in upstate New York and Pennsylvania is at the center of the debate with the Delaware River Basin Commission and its most recent controversy with Exxon-Mobil.

Farmer Greg Swartz (the former director of NOFA-NY) of Willow Wisp Organic Farm grows vegetables in Abrahamsville, Penn. in the Damascus Township just four miles from the bridge over the Delaware River (designated one of the country’s most endangered rivers due to proposed drilling).

Swartz’s growing season is burgeoning, with lettuce, arugula, sorrel, green garlic and radishes in his greenhouses, and fields planted with carrots, potatoes, cabbages, kale, beets, onions and much more to be shared locally as part of the Willow Wisp CSA and at farmers markets throughout the region.

Still, Swartz and his wife, Tannis Kowlachuk, discussed almost two years ago the possibility of leaving. “Our belief in farming as a good business opportunity is there but our faith in the future of that business is being rattled because of natural gas drilling,” he said.

This threat to farming puts at risk national security by threatening the local production of food; it is destabilizing the long-term economies in the fracking zones and industrializing rural areas. “Because gas production is extremely short-term, what happens to an area when gas production stops?” Swartz asks.

The Delaware River Valley is a place of immense beauty, with bald eagle breeding grounds, blue herons flying overhead, fishermen and recreational activities centered around the Delaware River and a weekly farmers market in the Callicoon Creek Park in Callicoon, NY, where hundreds gather on Sundays. The community efforts to build a local economy are blossoming even in the face of gas drilling and the specter of fracking. On the trip to Willow Wisp Farm, a drive of about 45 minutes from my home in Liberty, New York, there are many farms and much open space, in addition to a natural gas drilling test well I passed on my way to the farm.

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5 responses to “Trailer Talk’s Frack Talk: Why Food and Fuel Shouldn’t Mix

  1. It doesn’t take a genius to know the OWO is driving us into urban centers for more optimum control, or the overlords are herding (hurting) us into the cities, aka, ‘killing fields’. Too long, we accepted their faux food (FF) in lieu of real food. More FF is coming to your town soon. This is the time we must learn the lesson of Numbers:11:

    While the Hebrews wandered in the Sinai, they were fed up with the manna from heaven and yearned to return to Egypt, where Pharaoh’s obsequious cuisine was more palatable to them. Because they were nourished from God, they were blessed with excellent health and longevity for forty years. Nonetheless, they groaned for meat. JHVH answered their grousing and gave them a 3 foot piles of quail to devour for more than a month. After they were satisfied, they resumed the feast to the point of overly nourished and fell into a lethal malaise.

    Those rotten ‘apples of His eye’ remind me of voracious adolescent starlings in the spring. Despite the hatchlings are far from their nests and able to walk the ground, their gaping maws await for their parents to to cram processed food (vomit) down their cavernous craws.

    The ‘cowards’ and whiners that voted for big government I dubbed them as the ‘whatever generation’. However and more appropriately, it appears the adolescent voting block is the ‘flock of dependent starlings’.

    CODEX alimentarius will eventually fill billions of the world’s craws, but their bodies and brains will be drained. Many of us will reject the vomit and try to live on the land–if there is any left to till, we will become the old soldiers and will fade away. Those who accept FF will fulfill the secular prediction of the coming of the starlings = the walking dead.
    A. W. Loescher

  2. Where are the homegrown common-taters than little me?

  3. lunastormcrow

    Well, Ir eckon I like just about all of your answer, awl, except the hatred of Starlings. As for us, we are trying this year to scrape our food from our land, only come to find that the farmer across the road is using Monsanto’s RR field corn. ARRRRGH!

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  5. Pingback: The Progressive Mind » Food Freedom | Decentralize, Grow Your Own, Buy Local.

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