Roseanneanarchy on Cindy Sheehan Show

By Rady Ananda

On Cindy Sheehan’s 100th show, she interviewed Roseanne Barr who discussed her new book, Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm, where she talks about going back to the land and to a “real life” — in Hawaii now — where she’s trying to live off the grid and on what she’s growing.

Don’t be fooled by the jacket cover. She strongly advocates nonviolence. “Roseannearchy is about the old ways don’t work… We want a bloodless revolution in two seconds. All we have to do is change our thinking. Change the paradigm,” she says.

“Step away. Need less. Grow our own food. Starve the beast … the corporatocracy.”

Instead, she says, the right thing to do is feed the hungry. That’s a revolutionary statement since myopic legislators have made that a crime, like we see in Orlando and Miami.

Sheehan recently visited Venezuela where, because of Chavez policies, the income gap is narrowing, while it’s growing in the U.S. — “the widest income disparity in the world.” (Read her blog about it here.)

Roseanne believes the discussion can’t just be about class war, that there’s a “holy trinity” intricately involved: gender, race and wealth.

Revolutions, she says, are never won by guns; they’re won by women uniting. No coup is necessary — we can use the institutions already in place.  Bill Maher was tickled “that she now has aimed her take-no-prisoners, ovaries-to-the-wall attitude to politics.”

But she speaks of practical solutions, too. “Growing community gardens, helping each other, caring and sharing” is the route she champions, because the collapse is inevitable. Plenty of writers and analysts agree.

You can follow this remarkable woman at Roseanne World.

4 responses to “Roseanneanarchy on Cindy Sheehan Show

  1. Thanks Roseanne…….. there are things worth much more than money……… and there are fates worse than death……………… peace, love, truth and mercy… pass it on.

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  3. Thanks Roseanne for helping us get them right where they live, in their wallets. When the products don’t move they will be more then happy to get down on their hands and knees and kiss our behinds.

    Go out of your way to not buy GMO anything!
    Greenpeace: Shopper’s Guide to Avoid Genetically Engineered Foods…/greenpeace-list-non-gmo-food-companies/

    Doc Blake

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