Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Free video thru 6/20)

How a doctor cures cancer but corruption at its most vile prevents treatment. The vimeo play is valid thru midnight tonite.

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski came up with a treatment that improved outcomes for some of the most aggressive forms of cancer, and saved the lives of many cancer patients, even young children, who had been given up for dead by their oncologists. Our own government admitted that yes, he was saving lives that would have otherwise been lost. But rather than furthering his research, the government spent almost two decades trying to run him out of business.

They failed.

But why, any sane person would ask… why would our health authorities try to run a doctor out of business who had found a promising new treatment for cancer? Make sure you watch to the end of the film to find out.

The story of the dogged persecution of this doctor has been made into a fascinating documentary that details many of his patients cases. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business was released last year, has been picked up by a new distribution company. This weekend it is being shown free on Vimeo (for the next two days ONLY) as a special promotion. (Be sure to click on it for your Netflix cue, so it will be picked up by them.)

Take some time and see for yourself how the FDA can target and persue a doctor, to the point of absurdity, whose successes threaten the billion dollar cancer industry.

… And this is only one story in many that makes the case that many health authorities are working in bad faith with the American people and good medical professionals, and that it is time to clean house in medicine.

Ginger Taylor, MS
Executive Director
The Canary Party

9 responses to “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (Free video thru 6/20)


    Chemtrail Health and Eco Impacts Prompt Lawsuit
    I’M BLUE

  2. Nickoli Tesla was treated as shabbily by the Military-Industrial-Government Aliance. His cosmic collector energy tower could have been an efficient source of energy for all humanity, yet his invention was perverted by MIGA (DoD-Edison-progressive presidential collusion) that twisted it to the WMD dubbed ‘HAARP’. Given time, this roguish corporate regime will somehow contort Brurzinski’s altruism to something horrible. What perverse group mind could fund, invent, and disperse the E. coli chimera to the world? None other than the boundless old-world-orderlies and their MIGA biolabs.

  3. Please forgive me for misspelling you surname, sir.

  4. Hello! What an incredible story! I know that the FDA is a corrupt organization but this tops everything. This documentary MUST be show in widespread distribution to wake up the American people to the criminality of their government officials and agencies (as if they don’t know already). The testimonials are incredible and what was particularly impressive was the insightfulness of the jury members during the grand jury trials. As a Canadian, I am fully aware that this can happen here and, indeed, anywhere. We all must be vigilant and be critical of our governmental agencies while, personally, not be afraid to think “outside the box”.

  5. I love this subject because this is the first place where one of our freedoms in the Constitution was pried out of our hands by the nanny state. Here is a sentence I used this morning when writing to a patient who wanted my advice, “Please excuse the way I write here as I am not an allopathic physician and so I must guard my speech against anything that sounds like prescribing; so much for freedom of speech between two American adults.”

    There are and have been many cures for cancer but the public has been totally and deftly controlled by a medical monopoly and cancer business that feeds only the information they want that public to know about cancer. Cures are bad business and a cure for cancer does not fill the bottom line of the cancer business. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for discovering what encourages cancer to grow; he basically found it is an acidic, anaerobic environment that the cancer cells feed on.

    From that discovery he understood and attempted to spread the word that all that was essentially needed to stop cancer was to change the environment of the body to a high alkaline, high oxygen environment. Basically what that means is that one of cancers weaknesses is what the body is taking in. If you eat an acidic (low in raw produce) diet that is high in acid foods which is the standard American diet you are inviting cancer into your body. And if you have cancer on that diet you are feeding it just what it wants. For revealing and trying to spread this information Warburg was dismissed and maligned by the press and his piers to stop him. His response was an aphorism attributed to the German physicist Max Planck considered the founder of the quantum theory, “that science doesn’t progress because scientists change their minds, but rather because scientists attached to erroneous views die, and are replaced.

    Dr. Warburg’ sin was to simplify cancer by finding out what causes it to grow and when you know cause, you know cure. And that is a problem for the medical monopoly and the cancer business. Because if it becomes accepted that cancer is really a simple disease easy to cure, which he proved, then the business of cancer will collapse.

    About the peptides in Dr. Burzynski’s treatment, when I cured my own cancer and went on to study naturopathic medicine the understanding of peptides was a big subject. Peptides are the cells in your body that feel emotion and they are not only in your brain but all over your body especially your immune system, listening to your emotions and acting accordingly. If you are down emotionally that brings down your immune system no matter how healthy you are or how young. This is why when you talk to many people who have cancer and you ask them “did anything emotionally happen in the last year?” You will find that something stressfully traumatic has happened to them like a loss of a loved one, divorce, family problems, something stressful happened to them.

    There are five things that cause cancer and so far two of them have been mentioned. One was Dr. Warburg’s discovery that cancer likes an acidic diet with low oxygen. The second is lack of peptides which brings on negative emotions and cancer. The third is what is in your body that does not belong there such as heavy metals, poisonous chemicals and pollutants, cancer thrives on poisons. Fourth, is your physical well being such as how much oxygen is brought in (Dr. Warburg and oxygen) and how is the communication between your spine and the organs of your body. Fifth is, how is your spiritual connection with a higher power such as God, are you connected?

    I worked on all five of these areas simultaneously when I had cancer and I still pay close attention to them today.

    Here is a quote from the article Cellular Intelligence, by Emma Bragdon, Ph.D., quoting Dr. Candace Pert, PhD. a neurobiologist, researcher and professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center talking about peptides and their effects on our feelings.

    “The cellular information exchange with peptides is 98% of the biological basis of our emotions as well as, Pert believes, our intuition. It may even be the foundation of spirit or soul which some individuals sense within themselves–and relate to the chakra system. (Many of the peptides are manufactured in centers related to the chakras.)”

    “The receptivity of a cell’s receptors to life-giving peptides is conditioned upon stress levels within the tissue of the site where the cell is located and where peptides are manufactured. Where there is the memory of past trauma, muscle contraction due to stressful experiences and/or unexpressed emotions related to the site, there is less receptivity to the information available in the circulating peptides….as well as fewer peptides which can catalyze good feelings being manufactured and in circulation.”

    Doc Blake

  6. You can watch this video until midnight MONDAY, JUNE 13th — there is one more day you can watch this video than what the headline above says!! It is so worth the watch!!!

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