CEO does stand up


Good evening.

My name is … well, use Ron. That’s good enough. It sounds common, ordinary. Like I’m one of you. Which I’m not.

I’m a corporate CEO. I certainly wouldn’t give you my real name and let you use it. Forget it.

Ron. Or Earl. Whatever.

I’m only here because I’m bored out of my mind.

I’ve done the getting rid of manufacturing bit (NAFTA, CAFTA, SCHMAFTA – I mean how many ways can you rig an agreement and call it Free Trade and keep a straight face?). I’ve done the stealing people’s homes bit (jack up the rates, lower the rates, make it impossible to get mortgages, give bad mortgages away, up down, up down, geez, Louise, it worked so great but it made me dizzy.

Unemployment was fun for awhile – lines so long that the end of one starts in another city, everybody lining up for what? Two crappy jobs? Fun for awhile but it’s the same ole, same ole. After you’ve seen 10,000 laid off a few times, it’s gets stale.

That bailout thing was a hoot for a while what with the whole country opposing it and Congress starting to go along and then Bush – we sure had a winner in that putz – sitting them down for private talks and letting Congress know there’d be martial law if they listened to the public. Good times. Good times. Screw up and keep billions. Gotta love American competition.

I was getting everything – every damn thing – every f…ing damn thing I wanted, …. It’s almost sad.

I needed a change. A big change. Where’s the challenge, I ask you. I mean, when you can steal a whole country piece by huge piece with no trouble, that’s not stimulating. And when it only took one little warning from nitwit George to shut up the whole Congress, that’s a yawner. The thrill is gone.

At least Nader used to be a thorn – consumer safety! Consumer safety! Hah, hah. They really laid the law down to us – we couldn’t make cars that blow up! What a joke.

So, here I am doing stand up because I’m just so f…ing bored, so sated, so up to here with easy money (raises hand above head), no here (climbs on a stool and raises hand again), no here …. (looks at a ladder, looks up into the rafters. No, I won’t be climbing ladders – laborers do that.

Money, money, money – I just need a thrill.

Which brings me to GMOs. I mean, wow. We can crap up something and say we invented the mess we made and hire a Supreme Court judge to rule it just like normal things – when any frigging idiot can tell it’s not, and we own life itself. Based on screwing things up and claiming we invented something. Basically, we’re kind of god, well, god if he were on meth and really sick in the head, but the power, we got that. GMOs prove it.

I ask you, if you were a big corporate honcho with a product that sucked eggs, would you want to label it – “this thing sucks eggs”? With a special sticker on it so people couldn’t miss that it was defective? Yeah, that’s a marketing plan.

I bet you’re not in marketing – hell, you probably don’t even have a job (ha, ha) – but I bet even you can see that labeling something that’s basically crap as crap, isn’t going to sell it.

Well, then again, we sold George Bush … ha ha. Oh, I forgot, we didn’t, did we? We bought that presidency. Clarence Thomas again. I mean, why did we even oppose freeing the slaves when black people are as easy to buy off as any white sheriff. And they’re so easy to sell to the public. Oppose them, you’re racist. Yeah, yeah, I know. Obama. Yes, same deal.

The GMO thing is a little entertaining still. People haven’t gotten it – they’re in the vaccines and when they take vaccines or let us get hold of their kids, those vaccines change their DNA. I mean, they aren’t the same anymore. Their biology is permanent different. Talk about god. We’re screwing up people now, not just plants and animals.

That’s kind of novel but it’s still too easy. Nobody has gotten it that the media attack on parents worried about vaccines is to distract everyone, even them – sheeez – from all the vaccines being GMOs now and we can play around with human DNA like we do with GE-salmon.

Something goes wrong, no one can sue. We’re f…ing experimenting out in the open with millions of children and kids and now college kids as though they were salmon or corn or mosquitoes, putting anything at all we want into those vaccines. Only need one person at the FDA to okay it. Hell, we own the FDA.

See what I mean? No challenge. The media has done such a big job not reporting on anything that matters that there’s no opposition, no game here worth playing. We can knock down skyscrapers with some bush-league – pun intended – operation and the internet becomes filled with stories on it but are there no criminal charges.

Hell, Cheney has a bad heart and clearly he’s not fibrillating over whether he’ll go to prison, for really such a clumsy treason. Hell, there could video of him chuckling, saying he did it, and it wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans since we control the court system, too.

I wanted to come out here and have a good ole time laughing at what we’ve gotten away with but it’s getting me down.

Maybe it’s because if y’all can’t even get rid of Cheney after he killed 3000 people in such a staged way, then who’s going to do anything about Bill Gates. He’s so invested in vaccines and GMOs. If you had any idea how bad those both are – and on purpose – you’d think Cheney was your best friend by comparison. He only killed 3000 plus a million in Iraq not counting our soldiers, but Gates is going after hundreds of millions, even billions.

Gates thinks big. But he looks about 10 years old and is smiley and rich so you idiots think he’s harmless. Even admire him. For pete’s sake.

You that asleep? The little underdeveloped twit is invested – seriously invested – in lowering world population. What’s that mean when you’re not snoring? He wants to get rid of you. Or your future. Make sure you have no kids. End of future.

Everybody’s always talking about what we owe to future generations. I imagine that cracks Bill up every time he hears it. Future generations is just what Bill Gates is getting rid of. See? Thinking big. You like the puny little geek but believe me, that stupidity is not returned. He’s not fond of you, or kids, and has no interest in any future anything. Not even for himself. Got no kids right? What’s his “investment” in the future? Zip. Zero. Nada. What does he care what’s left around here?

So, he’s invested in Monsanto’s GMOs – I don’t have tell you about Monsanto, do I? Lately they’re using part of Agent Orange in their pesticides? I mean, they’re defoliating the US now and only their sick-making GMOs get left standing and you’re okay with Gates backing them and don’t even put it together that if he’s also backing vaccines, they ain’t about your health either or for sure is not about the health of poor little black kids in Africa. We could sell ice to Eskimos using the poor little black kids in Africa pitch. You could sell anything with it.

Anyway, when you miss what he’s doing to you, you’re making Gates not only laugh in his squeaky, “gotcha” little way, but you’re making him even richer. What’s with you guys? You like screwing yourself and having Mr. Richer Than Sin get rich off it?

At least in India, they are a challenge. Warren – that’s Mr Buffet to you – has an investment in a Korean mining operation that requires building one of the largest ports in the world for the largest ships in the world, to take India’s iron ore for a pittance. To do that, Warren has to steal huge tracts of land and forests from the poorest of the poor.

Well those little brown people and their littler brown children can’t read and can’t write and don’t have a dime but they have stopped ole Warren for six years – almost funny – and now with a 1000 police beating on old men and women and children to get them out of the way, those villagers are still holding off what Warren wants.

You? You line up to give GMO vaccines to your kids, glorify Gates, pay – pay! – to eat GMOs without getting their threat to your life, don’t get it what Cheney did on 9/11, and the list goes on. Your list of “don’t gets” may be even longer than my list of “too easy’s.” Maybe it’s the same list only yours would be on the back of envelopes and mine is on linen paper with my name imprinted in gold at the top.

What’s on your list? On mine: Buy presidency for George. Easy. Have him put in martial laws. Easy. Use Obama as a cover for more of Bush’s policies. Easy. Fake pandemic. Easy. Plant E. coli in Europe. Easy. Easy. Too easy. Damn thing has bubonic plague DNA in it and still nobody gets it we did it.

Geez! All you lumps have to do is see what solutions pop up in the media to see what we wanted in the first place. Food safety. More food safety. How many scares around food before you get it we wanted that law? It gives us global power over food, health, economy, resources etc. Easy. Easy. You didn’t know?

You thought it was about food safety? Horse races are rigged. Gambling is rigged. Politics is rigged. War is rigged. But you don’t think peanut contamination and meat contamination and egg contamination can be? And media coverage …

And germs? For sure germs can be rigged. And earthquakes now. And weather. We’re god, like I told you. On meth. Which gets boring.

I got rich off you. And I’m going to walk out of here richer. Now that’s funny and kind of pathetic at your end.

You want a hint? We use fear. To sell underarm deodorant, to sell drugs, anything. So, if there is any scare, you can pretty much bank on our being behind it to sell something, to take something. If there’s a scare – e.coli (ha), peanut butter, smallpox, an attack by terrorists (terrorists! cracks me up every time) – whatever scare that’s all over the media, some emergency of some kind, where the government says it’s going to help you, throw the TV out the window and use the newspaper for toilet paper. The emergency will be faked, the government is working for us, the corporations, and everything the media tells you will be a lie.

I guess in giving you a little hint, I’m handicapping the game. But to really handicap it, I need to give you Congress, media, armies and billions, too. That isn’t going to happen.

See why I get anything I want? See how boring things have gotten at my end? It’s why stand up is the only high left.

Ron, or Earl, will be appearing at the Roxie next week.

8 responses to “CEO does stand up

  1. Exactly, are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation really interested in curing polio or making money? The Gates Foundation is heavily invested in pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson, Schering-Plough, Eli Lilly, Merck and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. No wonder Bill says vaccines are magic and he acts like he was giving a great gift to mankind, he’s got all the humanity of a nuclear weapon.

    Stop being naive folks, Gates does not give away anything. He gets you and your business controlled governments to do the giving for these questionable vaccines while he scoops up the profits at the other end, get the picture?

    Curing polio or feeding the starving is not Gates goal, feeding his addiction to money and power is the goal. The Gates Foundation and Monsanto are doing the same thing in Africa with GMO’s via Alliance for a Green Revolution (green revolution my flat foot). Gates and Monsanto are not being charitable they are maneuvering for money and power. And if millions or even billions die that is a bonus for them. He and all the management heads of Monsanto should be on a chain gang in Vietnam cleaning up Agent Orange and on their days off pulling up all the GMO’s.

    Doc Blake

  2. ANYONE could have written this. You said NOTHING new, nothing I didn’t already know. Standing up? That’s a laugh. No WONDER you are bored. IF you are for real, go public and give your name and face. Now THAT would be a thrill. But this? Merely a satire without a real name behind it that PROVES you are one of the “elite.” What a joke. Nicely written — but no, you are NOT standing up. No wonder you are bored. You haven’t LEARNED how to have fun yet…!!!!

  3. i agree michele. it’s like this guy is laughing at everyone and what the elite have done to ruin the present and future. i didn’t even smirk once when reading this. this is serious f*cking business and needs treated as such.

    • I love coming to this site…I read in the mornnig instead of the news, gives me pride to know that I am not alone, that my other and brothers and sisters are aware! Its up to us to spread the word to the sheeple. Its not them its us…its communication! When it goes past the subgroup and into main stream, its no longer tin hat wearing rederick, it becomes noted, and the sheeple follow along. So many areas of concern you could become an out spoken activist, but I feel these issues all have a common theme as stated by Anonymous brother in arms….they are trying to play God! Between the chemtrails, GMO’s,& Food industry or education system, financial system, Energy and the out right lies with this belief that the govt is working for us. The govt is working against us,and promoting their own beliefs and until we become informed and united they will not change. They are scared that will become informed, and thus united in a common cause to get back to the real simplicity of human existence….treating all humans as people, protecting all humans, proactively protecting our Mother Earth, and on and on .. We are the only animals on this planet that are destroying our own environment, but its done without our true knowledge. Gain positivity in humanity …gain peace through knowledge, and become a steward of humanity and our Mother earth by doing your best everyday to spread the word as well as your positive energy to prove that we are the enlightened. I appreciate you all, I give thanks to activist post for bringing these topics to the forum…I only wish I can do more! This is my motivation…to be the best I can be , everyday! All the best to you all!

  4. That was a very good article, yes Michelle we know it all because we choose to learn the truth, but that doesn’t mean the article was written poorly. Very good writing.

  5. He is appearing at the ROXIE next week folks! Let’s go see him! He is not anonymous, its a shtick. I would listen to him any day I am so tired of Weiner jokes, this is refreshing@! Finally, a comedian on our side! He is a good voice! THis is what folks NEED to hear. Earl, you are coming to our rally in October right? We need some good GMO stand up. More Gates jokes . The sad thing is, the Gates jokes are not funny. They are horrifying. Bill Gates is a monster in millionaire geek clothing.

  6. I actually feel sick right now thinking that I injected my kids with that stuff. I don;t want my child getting polio , but as a kid, i had mumps, rubella, measles, chicken pox, you name it I got it, and I’m still here.

    • Hi Maria,
      Yes, in the past we all got these diseases in fact I remember when if someone had the measles we all went over to their house to have a party so we could get it over with.

      About your children Maria, their health is all about the information they are given today and what they discover in the future. Your just being in on this kind of thinking conversation guarentees that you are taking good care of them and teaching them to think for themselves which will protect them in the future. Because when it comes to anyone’s future health it is all about what they know and how open their mind is to discover who and what is really going to help them and who is just there to make a buck.

      Doc Blake

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