Hermaphrodite goats modified with human genes to be milked in New Zealand

By Steffan Browning
Soil & Health Association of New Zealand

AgResearch’s genetically engineered (GE) goat experiments have a new bizarre twist with surviving GE pregnancies producing mostly [hermaphrodite*] offspring, that AgResearch staff term ‘goys,’ according to the Soil & Health Association of NZ.

An AgResearch farm manager recently revealed to Soil & Health and GE Free NZ, during a tour of its Ruakura GE animal field trial site, that most of the GE goats produced were [hermaphrodite]. It appeared that about 75% were “goys” with the remainder female.

“The “goys”, females in sterile male bodies, are to be induced into milking to ascertain whether the intended genetically engineered (GE) human protein will be expressed in the milk,” said Soil & Health – Organic NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning.

Previous GE cattle pregnancies have only 5% success, with the goats reported to have a success rate of possibly 15%, although one flock of about 18 recipient does failed to hold one GE embryo of a particular experiment. AgResearch has a track record of resultant GE offspring prone to a variety of disabilities including arthritis, respiratory distress, deformities and ruptured ovaries.(1)

“The 15 “goys” we saw had four true sisters, with one induced to milking at six months following AgResearch’s in-house ethics committee approval.”(2)

“Although grateful to AgResearch for hosting GE Free NZ President Claire Bleakley and myself for a tour of the AgResearch Ruakura GE animal facility, we were concerned at the continued animal welfare issues and the level of contaminated surface water that was draining off the experimental  property.”

Read more at Soil & Health Association of New Zealand

4 responses to “Hermaphrodite goats modified with human genes to be milked in New Zealand

  1. Since I am 75% Goy and 25% Ashkenazi, I take umbrage of the sobriquet of ‘goy’. Perhaps the girly boy should be named a ‘moat’ or a mule goat.

  2. Albert: You took the idea right out of my head! I was going to say that alot of Gentiles are going to be really mad, esp. the lunatic fringe ones who are now likened to the image of, yes, Beezlebub! I mean Sarah Palin probably doesn’t know what ‘goy’ means…but she’s ignorant anyway.

    Seriously though, this brings up very serious animal welfare issues. And it is a disgusting idea…who thinks these things up? Wait, I know: MONSTERS.

  3. Makes you wonder if Lebensborn is back in business yet?

    Doc Blake

  4. It’s a living Baphomet! Everywhere a sign.

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