Monsanto responds to glyphosate-birth defects report: Earth Open Source replies

By Earth Open Source

Monsanto responded to our report, “Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?” [summary here] in a statement on its website:

“Regulatory authorities and independent experts around the world agree that glyphosate does not cause adverse reproductive effects in adult animals or birth defects in offspring of these adults exposed to glyphosate, even at doses far higher than relevant environmental or occupational exposures.”

However, one of the main points of our report is that regulatory authorities have indeed agreed that glyphosate does not cause birth defects – but that conclusion is directly contradicted by the evidence in industry’s own studies.

These industry studies, submitted by companies including Monsanto in support of glyphosate’s approval in the EU, showed that glyphosate causes birth defects in experimental animals. These effects were found not only at high doses, but also at mid and lower doses.

In addition, studies from the independent scientific literature, also detailed in our report and hitherto ignored or dismissed by the EU Commission and the EFSA, show that glyphosate and Roundup cause birth defects in experimental animals, as well as cancer, genetic damage, endocrine disruption and other serious health effects. Many of these effects are found at very low, physiologically relevant doses.

Monsanto said that Earth Open Source created “an account of glyphosate toxicity from a selected set of scientific studies, while they ignored much of the comprehensive data establishing the safety of the product”.

This is false, since our data analysis included industry-funded research studies, some commissioned by Monsanto, which were submitted to the European Commission in support of glyphosate’s approval. We found that both these studies and studies by independent scientists contained clear evidence indicating that glyphosate and Roundup cause birth defects.

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7 responses to “Monsanto responds to glyphosate-birth defects report: Earth Open Source replies

  1. These players reported on in this article appear to me to be intent on population reduction. Therefore, truth is not relevant to their purposes.

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  3. I agree with Eric Hall…

  4. “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
    William Shakespeare

    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.
    W. C. Fields

    There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.
    W. C. Fields

    Doc Blake

  5. Of course toxins don’t hurt us. Every braindead zombie knows that! Whoever destroys Monsanto will be the greatest philanthropist – EVER!

  6. Monsanto Hunger Strike: DAY 27 163lbs
    GOAL: United States GLYPHOSATE Ban Treaty

    To whom it may concern,

My name is David Evison Kuhlmann, and I am on my 27th day of Hunger Strike (2.29.12-now) against MONSANTO ROUND-UP READY GLYPHOSATE-resistent GE crops and ingredients.

    The history of this country, is the story of the family farm. It was our heritage and promise. It’s legacy is our only hope. ALL farmers once were, literally, people of the earth. The soil was their blank page, water a pure ink well and sustenance their poetry. The invention of petrochemical HERBICIDES & PESTICIDES ended that unadulterated verse.

    The history of GLYPHOSATE (Round-up) is the story of two farmers. The first farmer NEVER changed and is still clinging to an “old way of life”. This farmer grows food like you would in your backyard: rich soil, pure water, natural fertilizer and hard work. Would anyone use ROUND-UP on the beefsteak tomatoes growing in the family garden? Of course not! So why would we EVER allow GLYPHOSATE (ROUND_UP) to be sprayed on up to 90% of the soy beans, alfalfa, cotton, spring corn, winter corn and sugar beets grown in the united states, when we would NEVER allow, even in small amounts in our own backyards.  If you still have ROUND-UP in your homes, you spray it on the cracks in the sidewalk. RIGHT? It doesn’t even work that well! 

    The second farmer gave up their birthright, whether by hardship, such as pest infestation, drought, inability to compete in subsidized markets or simply profit. This farmer sold out their legacy and the entire farmer-way-of-life, by using GLYPHOSATE (ROUND-UP). Once this is done, there’s no turning back, no second chances no changing your mind.  It’s incalculable how long this soil would take to return to it’s original state, but it certainly can’t grow organic. 

    The story of MONSANTO ROUND-UP READY crops is a story of BIO-TECH RACKETEERING, plain and simple.  MONSANTO RR GMO seed has been genetically engendered to tolerate higher doses of GLYPHOSATE (ROUND-UP).  The weeds are destroyed and the crops, while doused with GLYPHOSATE,  grow to maturity and harvest.  In and of itself this is intolerable, but it goes much further.  Organic farmers are by far in the minority and the GLYPHOSATE soaked fields adjacent to theirs are inevitably encroaching. All adjacent organic soil WILL be destroyed by leaching GLYPHOSATE.  How long will this take? Are you willing to find out?Much like a MOB “protection” racket, farmers have the choice of giving in to MONSANTO and Round-Up Ready crops or facing inevitable demise by the destruction of crops, soil and water.  The “gangster” in this case is the Round-Up Ready GMO system and unmitigated use of GLYPHOSATE.  Even the most idealist farmer is not immune. If the MONSANTO SYNDICATE moves next door, you know YOUR farm is next!

    The microcosmic equivalent in Capitol Hill Denver is the crack & heroin dealers on Colfax avenue. These thugs will try to lure you in with promises of “profit”.  Once your on “GLYPHOSATE”, you can’t get off it.  If the first farmer follows their ideals and rejects HERBICIDE, but insists on sticking around and trying to stay clean, they eventually will be run off or decide themselves to pack up and move on to another field or leave their birthright altogether.
    The consumer public drives this market, and if transparency in GMO labeling goes away, we will have no choice, but to slowly surrender our entire food supply. 

    This is where I stand, this is why I starve! My intention is a United States Glyphosate Ban Treaty and until President Barrack Obama, Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, Lisa P. Jackson, administrator for the environmental protection agency, Margret Hamburg md, commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration, and both houses of congress pay attention this, I will waste away proudly. I am an eco-patriot, please join me!


twitter:  @MonsantoFighter


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