Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blows an 11,000-foot hole in the Birds Point levee in Mississippi County, Missouri on Monday, May 2, 2011. St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson/AP Photo

Remember when the Army Engineers blew the Birds Point levee in early May?  Now we know the real reason. ~Ed.

By Ann Barnhardt
Cattle commodities broker
June 24, 2011 (See her June 26 Update below)

Two HUGE intel leads in my email box this morning from way-back contacts that I’ve had for years, that are actually somewhat connected concepts.

1. File this one under “Now It All Makes Sense.”  A Missouri farming and ranching contact just got off a conference call wherein he was informed that the federal government is sending out letters to all of the flooded out farmers in the Missouri River flood plain and bottoms notifying them that the Army Corps of Engineers will offer to BUY THEIR LAND.

Intentionally flood massive acreage of highly productive farmground. Destroy people’s communities and homes. Catch them while they are desperate and afraid and then swoop in and buy the ground cheap. Those evil sons of bitches.

After Birds Point levee blown

Splash travels 600 miles to flood parts of New Orleans, forcing evacuations.

2. Speaking of evil sons of bitches, George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments as a partner. Here is that announcement: Click Here

Okay. Here’s the connection. This Ospraie outfit was a hedge fund specializing in commodities that was started and run by some cocky child who didn’t know how to trade bear markets and got his butt kicked into next week in the grain market of 2008. He also lost a fortune trying to trade RARE EARTH METALS. In fact, it was so bad that he had to shut his fund down because he had promised his investors that he would give them all of their investment money back if the fund lost more than 30% in one year. Whoopsie.

But it appears that Soros swooped in and saved the day because this Ospraie is the “co-investor” with Soros that bought the remnants of ConAgra’s trading operation and renamed it . . . Gavilon. In the industry, it is widely acknowledged that Ospraie IS Soros. That [CNN] article is here.

As you probably remember, Gavilon just recently bought both DeBruce Grain out of Kansas City and the biggest grain elevator company in the Pacific Northwest, thus making Soros (who is the money behind Gavilon through both his own Soros Fund Management AND his de facto control of Ospraie) the third-largest grain company in the U.S. with 280 million bushels of storage capacity, behind only Archer Daniels Midland (542 million bushels storage capacity) and Cargill (344 million bushels storage capacity).

Bottom line: Soros, through Ospraie, is buying up farmground. Please also note that the hotlink citation above is dated June 26, 2009. My contact says this has been going on for two years – and also remember what I told you about farmground prices inflating wildly, especially in Illinois. I have personally confirmed farmground in Illinois selling for $13,000 per acre within the last month, whereas that same kind of ground in Illinois was going for $5,500 per acre the day Obama was inaugurated.


UPDATE: More on the Missouri Dams
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – June 26, AD 2011 4:50 PM MST

There are folks who are confused as to how the situation with regards to the Missouri River dams could be the fault of the Army Corps of Engineers. After all, isn’t the amount of rainfall an Act of God?

This is not a FLASH flooding dynamic. This isn’t happening because it rained three feet in 24 hours. The largest factor in this flooding is the runoff coming from the melting of the snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. The snowpack is precisely measured and the number of acre-feet of water that will be drained into the Missouri River basin each spring is a precisely known value. If you don’t believe me, pull up the website for ANY ski resort. They will have DETAILED snowpack depth data updated on a near-daily basis. One could work up usable data based just off of the ski resorts – but we also have frequent and detailed snowpack measurements coming from the National Forests and National Parks. I am hard-pressed to think of a meteorological dataset that has the precision, reliability and lead time that the runoff from the snowpack has. The Army Corps of Engineers knew to the acre-foot how much water was coming, and when it would arrive (summer tends to happen at roughly the same time each year).

Knowing that we had a RECORD snowpack this year, the ACoE should have opened the Missouri dam system up starting early in the spring so as to gently and gradually draw-down the reservoirs and give each dam system enough slack to absorb the snowpack runoff. They intentionally did not do this, and citing “wildlife habitat” concerns in collusion with the Marxist-Environmentalists, they kept the reservoirs full, thus ensuring that when the snowpack runoff arrived, it would have nowhere to go. Again, this was all 100% unnecessary and 100% intentional. I don’t care how many C- affirmative action hires they have, there is absolutely no way that this was a function of being “surprised” by water that has been measured and sitting in the Rocky Mountains for MONTHS. Snowpack of Quantity X inches yields runoff of Quantity Y acre-feet. It is a liner function that any Beavis or Butthead could have looked up on a table.

I find myself worried not just about farmground, but about low-lying residential areas in both Omaha and Kansas City.

Here is a citation regarding the ACoE buyout bids on flooded farmground: KC Star Citation Here


Hat tip Southern Nationalist Network


Also see this May 15 column by Doris Bialas who notes:

“The feds have already stated they will NOT pay him for his losses, yet they flood his land, intentionally. This is outrageous.

[Oh, but they’re willing to buy the land. How generous.]

“A similar thing is happening here in [New York]. The US Fish and Wildlife have not given up on flooding our farm land. They continue to buy up land that is along the river.”

Also see: Does the New ‘White House Rural Council’ Equate to UN’s Agenda 21?

On June 9, 2011, President Obama signed Executive Order 13575, Establishment of the White House Rural Council, with goals to take complete control of public lands and rural areas for development. This aligns with the purposes of Agenda 21, a United Nations environment and development program that removes local say in how lands and farms are managed. “Virtually every aspect of rural life seems to now be part of the government’s mission,” writes Mike Opelka.

117 responses to “Feds buying up farmland they flooded; Soros in on it

  1. A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have [including your children] -Thomas Jefferson

  2. All this evil going on while they distract the masses with Lady caca, Justin feeble and hockey. Stop the world – I want to get off!

    • Randy… sadly they are all to happy to help you get off this world… be careful what you wish for… we should really rather wish them off this earth.

  3. Let’s send these bastards right to hell. Mr. Dante, are their tables ready?

  4. “in collusion with the Marxist-Environmentalists” ?? Special interest folks may also be ding-bats. What is a howling shame is that the “big picture” people all seem to be profit/exploitation oriented and none care a fig for community/national welfare. Farmers and environmentalists would to well to cooperate instead of playing into the divide and conquer scenario.

  5. very interesting

  6. itsonlyausername

    Have a look at Farmland Grab.com and see what the big buyers are into. They want to buy all available land overseas for agricultural purposes. They also want to stop you growing your own food. The whole issue of owning your land is against their hidden agenda. They want to control your every breathing moment of life.
    If you have any sense then you will unite behind one banner and steamroller these bastards out of existence.
    If you don’t then you deserve everything you get. You are getting plenty of notice of intent from them. They are not exactly being subtle about any of this. In fact they are insulting your intelligence.
    I would also go so far as to suggest that these people who perpetrate these acts don’t even care about their own families so why would they even care about you?
    You have been warned. Act now before its too late and your all entirely dispossessed of land life and liberty.

    • I agree. In fact, I believe they find it quite humorous that the American people are so easily distracted by those things that Randy mentioned above along with thousands of other little distractions. Each time the American citizens look like they are “uniting behind one banner” I see that banner abruptly taken by “provocateurs,” plants, and high paid shills. Soros is an expert when it comes to this type of thing!

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  8. They don’t really care about us….M.J.

    This is outrageous yet what do you expect from the people when for years, a whole society of humans has been raised in a dream world where Mickey Mouse and fairy tales are Kings. It is so sad.
    Americans are about to become tenants in their own country.

  9. What will be left of our country? Or the world for that matter. The Gulf of Mexico is poisoned w/Corexit. Japan is irradiated as is the Pacific Ocean and all the air we breathe far and wide. The nuke plants in Nebraska are a Fuku ready to happen. To say nothing of the devastation produced by that flooding for farmers and homeowners alike. All those displaced people all……..

    Now the wildfires in NM threaten to attack Los Alamos and trigger another horrific nuclear event.. Our air, land and water is poisoned from radiation and what falls from those airplanes creating the chemtrails.

    Home gardens? Umm even if they “allow us” (bastards!) to grow them.. the vegetables from our own backyards will soon be unsafe to eat unless they are grown in greenhouses and as the farmer states in the video…the seeds are now all contaminated with Monsanto’s poison.

    What the hell do we do?

  10. Please put us on your distribution list.

  11. Another George Sorros venture!

  12. Michael Mahoney

    Typical mindless warmongers use tons of explosives when one excavator and the water would have done the same job.

  13. Miss Havisham's Tea Party

    It’s a shame the farms were flooded like that. It’s cruel. Only the land needed to allow for flood control should have been purchased. There was no need to take such drastic measures, was there? Now, in addition to farmers who will claim damages, we have surface water pesticide pollution traveling everywhere!

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  17. The Zionist Jews obviously control the US Army as well as the Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Fed Reserve. They apparently aren’t satisfied with World Domination. They want World DAMNATION!

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  23. Full Spectrum Dominance in action…

    Full Spectrum Damnation, as Siuksta notes.

    Do not be fooled, this is all on purpose.

  24. This flood and the flooded nuke power station are conspiracy facts. The feds are waiting to send fema into action. The record snowpack in the rockies is more proof of globalwaming/climate change as reported on GE’s weather Channel. Lol.

  25. New Orleans. This is what happened and is happening after Hurricane Katrina. Check it out. You can read NOLA.COM or contact folks who live or lived there. They are buying up land and houses and creating “green spaces”. They tore down projects and have not rebuilt.

    • exactly, amy.

      first they create floods, then they boot people.

      • “They” didn’t create these floods. Your theories are spun from pure imagination. Homeowners surprised of a flood? They live beside DIKES! These are some of the biggest floods the CONTINENT has seen in a CENTURY! Perphaps you are too young to grasp perspective, or too hateful to see that some things are out of man’s hands Either way, your sattempts at deception are apparent.

        • you miss the point of her article — the Gov DOES know to the inch about the snowpack

        • They have dikes all over Holland… their land was stolen back from the ocean, and yes, they would be surprised by a flood too. There is good engineering and there is what we have here in the States. They have been rigging things for destruction for decades or more… seems America wasn’t built to last. I refer you to do some research into the levees of New Orleans as there is proof they were built to fail and the ability of weather modification has been a part of the government since the fifties at least.

          A little knowledge of Latin (far from a dead language) is also helpful. The word GOVERNMENT means, literally, MIND CONTROL. It comes from the Latin Guberarno (meaning: to steer, navigate or direct) and Mente (control)… spin that.

          Peace, love, truth and mercy… pass it on.

  26. I had no idea we had gotten to this point in America, the government drowning private land to buy it up for a song and sell it for a profit, or use it some mass agra project. We had better get ready for a fight over this before Soros and his pals decide to starve us all.
    Best regards beloved homeland,
    Jerry Mazza, Associate Editor, http://www.intrepidreport.com

  27. yeah, he rocks

    He also linked to COTO’s Vaccines As ‘Cluster Bombs’

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  30. Someone needs to research the USGS flow tables to back this theory up – if they havent been altered… http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/rt

    Not sure if the data is there from previous years to check flow rates and levels and see if they have controlled the rivers properly the previous years and not this one… Would need an expert to look into this theory…

  31. Everyone needs to realize they are jacking things up on purpose and have been doing it for centuries, literally.

    Everyone is suffering if just one of us is suffering.

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  35. In the Atlantic off the SE coast the govt. has shut down all fishing for red snapper which is a vital economic fishery. They say that they are nearly extinct yet in fact there is more now than ever. The govts data has been more than proven wrong yet they will not budge and re-open this fishery.
    Incidentally, Jane Lubchenco is head Administrator of NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Service, she has strong ties to EDF (Environmental Defense Fund).

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  41. Woooo, strong ties to EDF??? You make it sound like Al Qaida! I used to live on eastern LI, NY and let me tell you about the sport fishermen. They barely left the fry of these species for the commercial fishermen, who overfished the ocean there anyway. Cry me a river, please.

    Rady, I realize my remark that didn’t get printed was over the top, but I get sick of the antiSemitism that gets cloaked in the Zionist bullshit. Sorry if I offended but that’s how it is and it IS BS.

  42. Ah, well, nuff said then.

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  44. Good information, but there was no reason to put in the slur :”C- affimrative hires.”

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  48. Stefan Meichner

    I wonder how many people would be concerned if the ultra rich were suddenly snuffed out by a series of seemingly random violent acts.

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  50. Morgana.. I suggest you go to and get the real truth from a real Jew: http://www.realzionistnews.com/

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  52. This response below is from an Army Corps of Engineer Dam Safety Inspector that I’ve known for over 20 years after I sent him the link to this post:
    “Its just so simple.  We here have “screwed up” numerous times in attempting to forecast inflows based on snowmelt.  Several of our dams have had spillway flows when they shouldn’t have.  Some way more than ever desired.  Snow surveys only give you a good idea of the amount of snow on the ground.  Its not precise! This year we were and still are faced with snowmelt challenges.  We plan for what we think is going to come down, but there’s a confidence band given that’s at 10% prob and 90% prob that your estimate is correct.  The difference is really big! If we had big late Spring rainstorms we would really be hosed every year.  We almost never have to deal with that at least. Then you add long range predictions of what the temperature will be, and you get a sense of how inprecise the runoff forecasts are.  I’ve seen HUGE runoffs occur with far less snow than we got this year due to a big heatwave in May.  This year it was unbeliveable slow and controlled melt due to a very cool spring.  The temperature saved our asses for sure this year.  The bottom line is that there is no “master plan” or wizard behind the curtain.  There’s just a few guys in Water Management who put their heart and soul in doing all they can to get it right, but they are humans with blunt tools (but at least the tools are getting sharper).  As to land buyouts – you bet that is happening!  Happens here too, in order to allow the rivers more room to flood, and to build set back levees etc.  Those things really get traction after a levee breaks somewhere.  Setback levees are an environmentalist’s wet dream.
    Also there’s been a push from the environmental movement for decades to “let rivers be more natural” and buy out property owners rather than compensate them through FEMA or low interest loans all the time.  Its supposedly cheaper in many cases.
    Levees and even dams are only so good.  There is no such thing as “flood prevention” or “flood control”, only “flood risk reduction”.  All we can do is lower the frequency of flooding and sometimes the consequences.  There’s almost always the possibility (probability) of a flood that will exceed whatever is built.”

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  55. The one point everyone is missing here, is this is a 9 11 terrorist attack on America using American rivers against Americans, and those Americans are CONSERVATIVES.
    This is not by accident in Barack Obama sabotaged the Deepwater Horizon drilling to drive up oil prices and bankrupt those Gulf GOP states. Mark Halperin blurted this out that Obama did not care about the Gulf as they did not vote for him.

    Just as Obama is selectively murdering certain terrorists overseas while rewarding others, this regime is selectively destroying key Republican voting areas of America.

    It is past time that this is not all exposed in September 11th was an economic terror attack. The 2008 housing bust was a deliberate economic terror attack. The Gulf Gusher was a deliberate economic terror attack and the Missouri River staged flooding was an economic terror attack on Americans.

    These were all Marxist Muslim oriented and promoted by the globalists for their nation rape power and profit.

    • It’s SO absurd to pretend that a 100 year flood could somehow be ‘planned’ by the Government. Just partisan tripe trying blame Obama for the rain.

      “Katrina” was a disaster of man made proportions 9-11 was likely a conspiracy. These are just floods. Blaming the government for floods is akin to thinking the government is God.

  56. So the Federal Gov’t is offering to give these landowners a fair price for land they might otherwise be unable to utilize? Oh Nose! The Humanity!

    Maybe they shouldn’t have built their homes next to dikes and not expected it to flood? Sounds like the Gov’t is giving them a hand.

    • nice hand… destroying their land and livelihood

      we don’t need those kinds of hands helping us, thank you. go back to your feudal nightmare.

  57. All I Can Say Is WOW!!!

  58. This “smells” of Stalin tactics back when he forced “terror famine” on his own people through collectivization of agriculture.

    Read this and see if anything sounds familiar.

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  68. PLEASE!!! read Genesis 47, to understand fully what is going on….even about moving the ppl to the cities. Just replace some of the names and places, like America instead of Egypt, seeds with Monsanto seeds, Pharaoh with Pres Obama and his buddy Netanyahu/al-lie Israel, taxes with Jewish controlled Fed Reserve, and Jews in general, rather than Joseph or Jacob. It blew me away, and it only took them 17 yrs from the time Jacob moved into Egypt, to the plundering of all things from the Egyptians….the ones that opened their arms to them. Most, not all, Jews have been murderers, thieves, liars, and blood sacrificers since the beginning, and nothing has changed, esp since they do not believe in the New Testament, or even it’s teachings of love and truth. Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why Moses, who handed down the 10 Commandments, of which they in part stipulated thou shalt not kill or lie, and then they went about doing the opposite, by supposedly God’s commands? If God magically chiseled out the Commandments then why didn’t he just zap the people out of Canaan, so the Jews didn’t have to kill them. Read Numbers 13 again, to see that they were spying out the land of Canaan to see how fruitful it was, as well….not just who was living there. What difference would it make about its fruits or trees, if it was really the promised land? They are LIARS!

  69. To Stefan: your link is just more fringe crap. The guy isn’t even a Jew anymore. To Rhonda: You are an anti-Semite and disgusting. Please lets just remember that THE BIBLE you all so desperately cling to was written by predominantly white (Greek) men many years is not centuries after the alleged events took place, that the events are often allegories. I am off this discussion, because not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. This is simply a whitwash for Jew-baiting-hating, and I am tired of all your hatred, whether it be for Muslims or Jews, or whatever. I suppose ya’ll think that white, Protestant MEN should be in control. Please, go away and cry in a corner. You’re not doing anything but spill the hatred that splits the populace and creates rifts between allies. You are as bought-into the Empire’s hate tactics as anyone I have seen. Don’t bother me.

    • So, are you of the mind that in a court of law, when someone is identified as the criminal, then the court must not pass down judgement, because that would be anti-something?

      I have spent countless hours researching books and the internet to get to the bottom of what is going on, and I don’t take lightly what I said. I am sick to death of people like you that have not opened their eyes to the TRUTH, by researching, but rather would slam others for identifying a specific group, for lack of knowledge.

      Go study all the 9/11 documentation, and then follow the money of Silverstein. Study the faked Israeli attacks on the Flotilla, done on a different boat, that had two windows, and railing, which the Mavi Marmara did NOT. It was so staged that it was actually amazing that ppl did not see it. Listen to Jewish Benjamin Freedman’s speech about what really happened between the Germans and the Jews. My attorney grandfather was defending 2 Germans in the US, during that era, when his career was destroyed by none other than Jewish lies. I could go on and on, but I won’t waste my time, for I know that people would rather believe the lie, because it’s much easier, and politically correct.

      You’ve been set up, and you don’t even see it. You don’t even see the hypocrisy of your own comment, so how could you?

  70. Morgana, you have reach your Goodwin point. Accusing people of being antisemite is so dum, anyway, Israël is racist and zionism rules.

  71. Rhonda: Don’t be so simple-minded and insult my intelligence. You are an anti-Semite, and under any other name, you would smell just as bad. YOU have taken things out of context, and I abhor people who claim that part of my family was not murdered at Auschwitz, or that the lady in the bakery I used to go to didn’t have a tattoo on her arm A369. YOU are hallucinating dear. Oh, and FUCK YOU.

    • Morgana…Rhonda is clearly anti ZIONIST… open your eyes, go back and do some real research… you are the anti-semite because the majority of your people are begging for truth to be told, you are clinging to lies.

    • Yes Morgana, I am anti-semite if that means anti-Zionist. Your people threw you under the bus, during Hitler’s reign, so they are even anti-semites. Stalin and Lenin were Jewish, and they murdered millions. What, were they reincarnated from….Moses?

      The only reason that Israel was put in place, was to seed more Biblical lies. And if you think that the Bible is allegorically Greek, then why did Zionist Jews think the land of Israel belonged to them, through some “allegorical” promise? If you read Numbers 13, it clearly shows that Moses sent spies to see if the land was fruitful and who they were up against. If the land was their promise, then what difference would it make of its fruitfulness. AND, if God commanded it to be their land, then why not just zap the people out, so they didn’t have to kill every man, woman, and child, like they’re doing in Gaza. I mean, the Israelites claimed he could turn a staff into a serpent, or make the land open and swallow up the rebellious Levites, against murderous Moses. Don’t even get me going on all the ritualistic blood sacrificing, or claiming that God told Ezekiel to eat human dung.

      “For what greater blaspemy is there than to ascribe the wickedness of man to the orders of the Almighty.” Thomas Paine

      Oh, and while I’m here, prove to me that you are Jewish. Prove to me you’re of Noah’s roots. Even DNA testing wouldn’t prove that. More lies…..

  72. Biblical Origins In Ancient Egypt… this should be eye opening. Everything you believe about the bible is plagiarized…


    • I took a glimpse of the site you shared, and thank you so much for passing this along:) I can’t wait to dig in and study what they have to say. Also, thank you for understanding and stating what I was trying to say in my earlier posts about Zionist. I’m not mad at normal everday Jewish ppl, because many of them have been fooled just as much as the rest of us, but I am sick of ppl playing the race card, because it’s purely a manipulative brainwashing technique, and I don’t take too kindly to it. Furthermore, I don’t believe there is a Jewish race. It was put into place as a controlling ploy. Just because someone speaks Hebrew or believes in Jewish traditions, does not make them a race of ppl. That’s the second biggest lie, next to the Bible. They are merely a mix of Middle Easterners and whites, or something similar.

      Anyway, thank you again, for the link:)

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  77. An aquantance here in Montana told me the other day that he built a new storage shed on his farm and three months after completing it he was visited by a swat team of federal officials serving him notice to tear it down because he didn’t get approval via the United Nations laws. I can’t recall the law he cited, but it has something to do with “sustainability”. No doubt Agenda 21. The tracks have been laid for us all, and we now have a gaggle of unelected, unaccountable, invisible, islamic, fascist, global elites calling the shots on American soil.

  78. Reblogged this on blogsavage and commented:
    Been learning about Landgrabbing in the 21st Century. Here is a wonderful blog discussing this phenom.

  79. If some one wishes to be updated with most up-to-date technologies then he must be go to see this site and be up to date all the time.

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  85. Each new age brought the criminal element forward with it.

    The says of free proxies and tunnelling services are over,
    and as the Chinese government begins to tighten its grip on what comes in and
    out of the country informationally speaking, the need for a vpn to bypass internet censorship in
    China grows every day. Daily, even hourly, businesses can
    see how many individuals clicked on their ads and
    the traffic that is being driven to their website.

  86. Although maximum site owners are familiar with
    these concepts, but they may lack the expertise to do it the correctly.
    Advertisers all over the place, advertising
    everything underneath the sun. By ranking your website on the very first page of search engine
    results, you are tapping into a huge number of people looking for what exactly you offer.

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