1000s Haitians march for food sovereignty; Bolivia enacts law for seed bank

Two key news items show that food sovereignty is gaining traction around the world: On June 21, thousands of Haitians again marched for a saner policy strengthening food sovereignty, the saving of natural seeds, and fair land prices. They staunchly oppose GM seeds. In Bolivia, on June 26, President Evo Morales signed a new law to spur small scale agriculture and create a national seed bank, while developing laws for biotech seeds.  Both Venezuela and Bolivia governments support genetically modified foods. ~Ed.

Haiti: peasants march for a “real agricultural policy”

By Weekly News Update on the Americas

Thousands of Haitian peasants marched in the city of Hinche in the Central Plateau region on June 21 to demand that the government promote food sovereignty, the restoration of the environment and the development of an agriculture “adapted to the reality of our country.”

“There needs to be a real agricultural policy,” protesters said, in distinction to current policies that encourage the importation of food, seeds and other agricultural commodities.

“Every day we see our neighbors giving up farming in the absence of any decent income,” said a longtime planter who gave his name as Jérôme. “Young peasants are very often discouraged by the lack of economic prospects [and] the prohibitive cost of land.”

Another farmer, who came to the demonstration from the nearby town of Papaye, charged that competition from “agricultural commodities produced in the countries of the north in an intensive manner with enormous mechanical resources ruins food-producing agriculture that is respectful of human beings.”

Camille Chalmers, an economist from the Port-au-Prince-based nonprofit Haitian Platform Advocating an Alternative Development (PAPDA), noted that the invasion of public land by private investors is also a threat for local populations, which are deprived of their means of subsistence.

The protest was organized by several grassroots organizations, including the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP), which sponsored a similar demonstration in June 2010 against the “poisoned gift” of hybrid seeds offered by the US multinational Monsanto. Like last year’s protest, the June 21 march ended with a rally in Hinche’s Charlemagne Péralte plaza, where organizers distributed locally produced seeds and seedlings.


Bolivia Enacts Law to Stockpile Grains, Achieve Food Sovereignty

By Bloomberg

Bolivia President Evo Morales will today sign a new law designed to move the Andean nation toward food sovereignty by spurring small scale agriculture and the stockpiling of key grains, according to state news agency ABI.

The initiative requires a $500 million a year investment over the course of 10 years, said Congressman Luis Alfaro, according to information released by Bolivia’s congress last week.

The government will form a state seed bank to store and sort native Bolivian plants, channel credits to community producers, and define standards for importing, producing and trading genetically modified products. A silo system for stockpiling grains such as corn will also be developed.

The law also includes plans for investment in mechanized agriculture and increased irrigation systems in Bolivia, where drought often damages crops.

Read more at Bloomberg

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  1. Amen to all these good people!

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