GM crop saboteurs go free in France

July 13 UPDATE: Prosecutors have decided to appeal the decision. More info will be provided upon receipt.

By Rady Ananda

On June 28, 2011, the court of Poitiers in central France acquitted eight defendant Volunteer Reapers (les Faucheurs Volontaires) of destroying a genetically modified field trial in 2008.

Among those acquitted were anti-globalist Jose Bove and Francois Dufour, recognized as “repeat offenders.” (Image: Jose Bove)

The court also dismissed Monsanto’s financial claims. Apart from their own legal expenses, the Reapers owe nothing for the 2008 mowing of a GM field trial of Monsanto’s GM corn, Mon810 x Nk603.

The trial marked the third court victory for Volunteer Reapers. Previously, the Chartres 58 and the Orleans 49 were also acquitted, notes the Inf’OGM press release.

The Poitiers decision relied on a technical issue which recognized that the wrong charges were brought against the group since they destroyed a GM field trial, not GM crops being commercially grown.

In 2008, the law was changed to differentiate destruction of a commercial field from a field trial, the latter being considered a “thought crime” rather than destruction of property.

“As the sprinkler waters, the prosecutor and Monsanto are tripped in the process they themselves have established,” notes Inf’OGM.

Though Monsanto said it will not appeal this case, prosecutors have the option of bringing new charges under the correct law, and Monsanto has the option of pursuing civil charges.

6 responses to “GM crop saboteurs go free in France

  1. That’s swinging news… be bold my brethren.

  2. Monsanto needs to be put on trial for crimes against humanity, IMHO.

  3. Small victory – yeah!

  4. itsonlyausername

    Brilliant news. Really glad that this has happened.

    Now for some more fun and games.

    Take a look at this campaign that is currently being arranged in the UK by StopGM against GM potatoes and note that there has already been a viable and naturally bred alternative available for the last 3 years. So why are they allowing this blight resistant GM experiment that the bio-techs are currently running to continue on public funds?
    I will be there at the rally and the meeting the following day. I hope a lot more people will be there too. I am even giving up the chance to go on holiday to march against this spectre of doom. Why? Because I can have a holiday anytime…..GM is a once only threat that is there for ever! Once released you can never take it back. Hence ‘once only threat’.
    Please spread the word far and wide and lets kick this madness of GM technology into the fires of hell where it truly deserves to be.

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