Kentucky Food Club defies illegal Cease and Desist Order from Health Dept

By David Gumpert
The Complete Patient

On May 27, the Louisville Health Dept. served a private food club with a Cease & Desist order along with a Kentucky Department of Health Services quarantine order on the club’s milk. Here’s the brilliant response of the buying club. ~Ed. [Image]

On Friday [May 27], as the administrator of a Kentucky buying club was setting out raw milk and other food for pickup by members, an inspector for the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness appeared at the church basement storage site.  He presented two pieces of paper: a cease-and-desist order (from the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness) and a quarantine order (from the Kentucky Department of Health Services), and placed “Quarantine” notices on each of several coolers containing 76 half gallons of milk. (See the quarantine order here.)

The order is made out to one of the administrators along with the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, apparently because the buying club administrator called a FTCLDF lawyer while the inspector was present.

By the time members arrived, a new piece of paper had been placed on the coolers, stating:

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I have taken my milk that comes from cows I own via private contract under the protection of the KY constitution (articles 1,2,4,6,10,16,26), and if the county health department would like to speak with me about this matter, I can be reached at the number given below.

Before the afternoon was out, about 40 members of the buying club had signed the statement, and taken their quarantined milk. “A large number of my members pulled in today and ignored the cease-and-desist and quarantine orders,” John Moody, a co-administrator of the buying club, told me.

In other words, these buying club members openly defied the Louisville public health authorities. In so doing, I believe they are the first consumers to sign on to such an act of group defiance to protect and preserve their food.

We’ve seen any number of farmers defy official notices, one of the most notable being Vernon Hershberger, the Wisconsin farmer, who last year cut the quarantine tapes on his fridges, and pronounced himself open for business; he continues in business to this day, as no prosecuting authority has seen fit to follow up with legal action. We’ve also seen the administrators of the Rawesome Food Club in Venice, CA, immediately re-open after a local health department order ostensibly shut the place down. There was also the humiliating scene in Georgia in September 2009 where members of a buying club poured out many gallons of raw milk they had previously purchased, on orders from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, under the watchful eye of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration official.

In none of these cases did consumers sign on to take places on the front line as have those in Kentucky.

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13 responses to “Kentucky Food Club defies illegal Cease and Desist Order from Health Dept

  1. Did the governments author two volumes of 66 books, ca. 3500 BC?

  2. These folks did kick butt. Keep it up! 🙂
    I’m sharing this encouragment far and wide….there is power in numbers.

  3. That’s the ticket… that’s my america !!

  4. I toast all you Kentuckians who had the brains and the will to defy the clone clowns! Bottoms up (raw milk, of course!)

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  6. brandon & della perry

    This is fascinating!!! I seem to have issues with pasteurized milk but am not officially lactose intolerant because cheese doesn’t make me sick. Recently, I stayed at a dairy farm and I could drink the milk. What is it in pasteurized milk that makes me sick?
    Also, until reading this, I always thought that unpasteurized milk was unsafe to drink. Thanks so much for including the statistics here on the safety of raw milk and enlightening me.
    Best of luck to y’all in your fight to protect your natural, unpolluted sources of milk. Go Team Farmers!!!

    • probably, the reason you do not have reactions to cheese is because most of the lactose has been consumed by the lacto-bacterias used in the cheese making process and the reason you can digest raw milk more easily than pastuerized milk is that the raw milk still has active enzymes that aid in digestion of lactose…the enzymes are killed if the milk is pastuerized

  7. According to Ayurvedic physicians, homogenized milk passes into the system without being properly digested causing buildup of plaque in the arteries. The reason being that the milk is passed through very fine screens breaking the fat up into very small particles.

  8. Good stuff.

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