Monsanto Under Federal Investigation as Stocks Surge 77%

By Lucia Graves
Huffington Post

Global agribusiness giant Monsanto is under federal investigation for using cash incentives to persuade distributors to use Roundup, the world’s top-selling weedkiller.  Monsanto is also currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for a possible violation of anti-trust laws regarding its dominance of the genetically-engineered seed industry.

Monsanto announced Wednesday the company would cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s probe of its “customer incentives” programs and a subpoena for documents pertaining to the sale of Monsanto’s glyphosate products in fiscal years 2009 and 2010.

The US-based company has allegedly been offering distributors up to $20 per acre to use Roundup, as well as Roundup Ready seeds, which have been genetically modified to resist the glyphosate-based herbicide.

The announcement came as the agricultural biotechnology giant reported a 77 percent jump in net income, an increase attributed mostly to the strength of its core seeds and genetic traits businesses.

“We made significant changes to our business this year, and those changes resonated with our customers,” said Hugh Grant, Monsanto’s president and chief executive officer, in a statement.

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9 responses to “Monsanto Under Federal Investigation as Stocks Surge 77%

  1. Earche Holdup will accept a bribe, and Monsatano will walk.

  2. itsonlyausername

    Merely going through the motions to be seen to be doing the right thing. In the UK its called ‘paying lipservice’. In other words they talk the talk and they walk all the way to the bank and you still feel like you got a good deal until the bill arrives.
    Same shit different day routine as per usual.

    Isn’t it about time they were investigated for their part in the crime of global genocide?
    Now that would be the correct path of justice to be followed not his slap on the wrist case that will end with them still making the profits despite a small but significant fine (which they can call in against their next tax submissions no doubt).

  3. It’s time the mainstream media paid attention to this.

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  5. I hope i dont get shot for opening my mouth on this one…

    Is anyone going to talk about Monsanto’s role in the increase in “chem trails” that are blanketing the earth in the name of protecting us from global warming? Those white lines in the sky are not contrails. They are chemtrails. The lines are ever present in Los Angeles. I recorded them in Europe last year when I passed through Amsterdam on my way to a UN meeting in Sweden. The trails were taking the shape of a star over this land if tulips and agriculture. And now from what I understand there has been a drastic increase in aluminum and barium found in the soil of farmland across our nation. Are they purposely poisoning the planet? Is this global culling of the people? Aluminum has been linked to the increase in Alzheimer’s. Have we opened our skies to companies like Monsanto and a few others to have free reign to crop dust us while they pretend to be shielding us from the sun in the name of global warming? Was anyone paying attention when they railroaded this bill through Congress in 2005? It seems as if this human experiment is another “inconvenient truth.”

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  7. I agree with Kelly…and hope Im not getting shot either for conecting the dots (plot against humanity) I saw chemtrails for the first time in Sweden two days ago. Im worried this isn’t any good news for our country. I wonder if Hugh Grant serves his kids GMO food and softdrinks containing Aspartame or use Roundup in his own garden?

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