Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin

Part 1 of 5

By J. Holcombe, D. Jacobson, and T. Ruhl

“Farbenfabriken Bayer’s worldwide efforts had left few places lacking aspirin. In the United States, Bayer’s giant factory produced aspirin under “American” management. After Bayer executives were charged with violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in August 1918, advertisements encouraged confidence in aspirin.” Karen Starko

The world has believed for almost a century that a new and virulent virus came out of nowhere worldwide and killed millions in 1918.  Two reports, one published in 2008 and the second in 2009, lay that myth to rest for good.

The first report came as a press release on August 19, 2008, from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID):

“Bacteriologic and histopathologic results from published autopsy series clearly and consistently implicated secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory–tract bacteria in most influenza fatalities.”

People were killed by common bacteria found in the upper respiratory tract, according to research uncovered by F. William Engdahl:

“The 20 to 40 million deaths worldwide from the great 1918 Influenza Pandemic were NOT due to ‘flu’ or a virus, but to pneumonia caused by massive bacterial infection.”

The NIAID press release did not, however, address what caused the bacterial infections, but research by Dr. Karen Starko does.  She implicates aspirin, dovetailing with the NIAID research on pneumonia from massive bacterial infection, and goes further in also explaining the extreme rapidity of death:

“Mortality was driven by 2 overlapping clinical-pathologic syndromes: an early, severe acute respiratory distress (ARDS)-like condition, which was estimated to have caused 10%-15% of deaths (sequential autopsy series are lacking); and a subsequent, aggressive bacterial pneumonia “superinfection,” which was present in the majority of deaths.”

order family medicine herb seed pack In looking at reports of those who died, two distinct groups became readily apparent to Starko, based on a very distinctive time frame from health to death:

1. People who died of pneumonia from a bacteria infection became sick and things deteriorated at varying rates from there to death; and

2. People who died so astoundingly fast that those deaths became a classic part of the frightening legend of the 1918 “flu” – people perfectly well in the morning and dead within a matter of hours.

In both groups, aspirin is now the likely causative agent.

For the first group, the pneumonias, aspirin suppresses the immune system, allowing bacterial infections to take hold. Doctors at the time were relating pneumonias to the use of aspirin.

“I did not lose a single case of influenza; my death rate in the pneumonias was 2.1%. The salycilates, including aspirin and quinine, were almost the sole standbys of the old school and it was a common thing to hear them speaking of losing 60% of their pneumonias.”
~Dudley A. Williams, MD, Providence, Rhode Island.

“There is one drug which directly or indirectly was the cause of the loss of more lives than was influenza itself. You all know that drug. It claims to be salicylic acid. Aspirin’s history has been printed. Today you don’t know what the sedative action of salicylic acid is. It did harm in two ways. It’s indirect action came through the fact that aspirin was taken until prostration resulted and the patient developed pneumonia.”
~Frank L. Newton, MD, Somerville, Massachusetts

“Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of aspirin in twenty-four hours.”
~Cora Smith King, MD, Washington, DC

order greens seed packsFor the second group which died so precipitously, their symptoms are consistent with aspirin overdose, accompanied by rapid death.  Starko explains:

“A report from Camp Dix noted, ‘The disease was a veritable plague. The extraordinary toxicity, the marked prostration, the extreme cyanosis and the rapidity of development stamp this disease as a distinct clinical entity heretofore not fully described.’ Salicylate toxicity is often overlooked because another condition is present, the dose is thought to be trivial, and the symptoms (hyperventilation, vomiting, sweating, headache, drowsiness, confusion, dyspnea, excitement [salicylate jag], epistaxis, vertigo, pulmonary edema, and hemorrhage) are nonspecific. In 1918, differentiating progressive salicylate intoxication from infection pathologically or clinically, ‘the dyspnea lasts from a few hours to a day…followed by respiratory failure, circulatory collapse, convulsions, and death’, was almost impossible….

“In summary, just before the 1918 death spike, aspirin was recommended in regimens now known to be potentially toxic and to cause pulmonary edema and may therefore have contributed to overall pandemic mortality and several of its mysteries. Young adult mortality may be explained by willingness to use the new, recommended therapy and the presence of youth in regimented treatment settings (military). The lower mortality of children may be a result of less aspirin use. The major pediatric text of 1918 recommended hydrotherapy for fever, not salicylate; its 1920 edition condemned the practice of giving ‘coal tar products’ in full doses for reduction of fever…. Varying aspirin use may also contribute to the differences in mortality between cities and between military camps.”

The cause of the millions of 1918 deaths is not just an historic matter. Since that time, medical authorities, international health agencies and governments have attributed the deaths to a frighteningly virulent virus.  Their view of 1918 has formed the basis for a great threat — that the world faced future pandemics of equal virulence, capable of killing millions.

Agencies have been created, international plans have been developed, and pandemic emergency laws have been written with military backup included. Billions if not trillions of dollars have been devoted to finding a vaccine to protect the world from a recurrence of the 1918 Spanish flu.

Yet NIAID has said there is no evidence of a flu and that common respiratory bacteria was responsible. Starko’s work supports that and offers a scientific perspective on how aspirin was the likely cause of the two types of deaths seen during 1918, one slow and one incredibly rapid.

Meanwhile, the government, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization treat the rapid deaths as one of the frightening characteristics of a “mysterious” virus and proceed with vaccine development.

Given that the millions of 1918 deaths appear related to the pharmaceutical industry panacea of the day (aspirin) mistakenly applied, and that vaccines are the pharmaceutical industry panacea of this day, which would be mandated through pandemic laws, it is essential for the world to become aware of the facts of 1918.

As the next article will show, the massive promotion of aspirin by the confluence of governments, medical authorities and the pharmaceutical industry contributed to the 1918 deaths.

And now governments, medical authorities and the pharmaceutical industry have come together again and are repeating another massive promotion of a product (vaccines) and are even mandating it.

order kitchen herbs seed packThis opens the question of whether a second pharmaceutical industry product (vaccines) poses a second monumental threat to life, rather than a flu which never did.

Bayer and Death Series:

1918 and Aspirin
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  2. these Bastards will Never quit developing “New and Improved” ways to kill US! Revolt,Rebel,Resist,Defy!! P.S. Grow your own food if you are able also Medicinal Herbs. I cured A Stage4 Cancer Recurrence with : Carrot,Beet,Broccoli Juice; certain vitamin supplements and Herbs. Wake-up People, Don’t Hit the SNOOZE on your ALARM. Good Luck

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  4. The original aspirin was the herb White Willow Bark, it had no side effects was good for your digestion. This herb is used as a nerve sedative, for eczema, fevers, inflammation of joints, pain, rheumatism, ulcerations and wounds, and was excellent for stomach problems.

    While synthetic aspirin (like Bayer) though it is called an anti-inflammatory can actually cause inflammation like symptoms such as stomach pain, heart burn, micro-bleeding, ulcers, nausea and vomiting and can increase your chances of a hemorrhagic stroke.

    Yearly deaths from aspirin prior to the suggestion that it was a good idea to take one a day were 6,000. Then many in the population began taking aspirin daily to prevent heart attack and the numbers jumped to about 56,000 deaths a year from gastric bleeding. Since then the numbers have stabilized to about 17,000 deaths a year.

    The horrific irony of it all
    Despite the risks noted here, many people continue to take aspirin every day, thinking that it’s worth taking these risks because of aspirin’s protection from heart attacks and stroke. The tragic irony of it all is that more and more research points to the fact that taking aspirin every day can actually increase the risk of heart attack or stroke in up to 40 percent of the population.
    From the article: The Truth about Taking Aspirin for your Heart, from Health Essentials Info

    But let me strongly warn everyone that if you have been taking aspirin every day do not just stop as that can give you what is called the REBOUND EFFECT that can cause heart attack or stroke, ironic huh. If it was me I would break the aspirin up into pieces and take a smaller amount every day gradually working my way off over at least a few weeks. And at the same time move my diet to 70% raw plant based. Then begin taking a whole food magnesium supplement daily to replace the aspirin, much healthier for your heart and body (read this article on Magnesium

    If you have been taking an aspirin every day and you are confused about what I just said about how to stop you had better consult with your doctor about what to do.

    Doc Blake

    • thanks for the extra info, Paul…

    • Thank you, i , like many other people need to talk to you. I KNOW aspirin was derived from white willow bark. I did NOT know they actually synthesized it and changed it to a dangerous thing.
      I got to this site looking for the original alka-seltzer that a news paper owner used to save his employees from Spanish flu.
      Do you know of this? I heard about it on Paul Harvey and can’t find it when on Jr’s site.
      So of I go to find some white willow bark. Not likely in Texas, lol.

      • Hi Lisa,
        Pleased to meet you, I just wrote this article below about how Alka-Selzer was discovered and what are the actual real health ingredients are! Paul

        Here Is A Real History of Alka-Selzer
        By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.
        There are a lot of lies and half turths floating around out there regarding this one because there is a very healthy seed of truth involved in Alka-Selzer’s discovery. And it doesn’t help Drug Companies sell poisonous medications if people learn how easy it is to stay healthy by doing the right things for themselves.

        Actually in 1928 there was a severe flu epidemic in in the USA, but not nearly a Pandemic like the Spanish Flu. Anyway Dr. Miles heard of a newspaper company where none of the employees got sick. He went there and found they were mixing baking soda and aspirin together in water to keep the flu away. He had his chemist come up with a similar combination using a large tablet made of aspirin, baking soda and citric acid. Because of the citric acid and baking soda reacting together the tablet fizzed and dissolved in water, perfect!

        He tested it on passengers while on a cruse ship and it worked very well. So he marketed it in 1931, and became very rich and successful. The Bayer company, Poisoner and creator of GMO”s, of Germany now owns Miles Davis. Too bad because Dr. Miles actually started out making some health combinations using herbs, oh well.

        Throw out the aspirin, and you have a very healthy combination of vitamin C (citric acid) that strengthens your immune system to fight the infectious disease. And baking soda, that causes your body to move from acid to alkaline, which is very healthy physical environment (though moving to alkaline using produce is much healthier). If you replace the aspirin with white willow bark you would have an even healthier pain fighting anti-inflammatory combination.

        Some combinations that contain white willow bark
        -Pain Relief Formula
        -Headache Formula Capsules
        -CTR Syrup
        -Melissa Ointment

        -Little Bits of History, Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Posted in History by patriciahysell on February 21, 2011
        -Alka-Seltzer – HistoryWired: A few of our favorite things
        -Alka-Seltzer – Wikipedia, (Wiki wouldn’t know this health story if it fell on their head)
        -Dr. Miles and Alka-Seltzer, Darin Hayton, HISTORIAN OF SCIENCE, MARCH 19, 2013

  5. A sinister side of this is clearly indicated by the record as put forth here.

    Luckily I have never been into pills, and certainly not aspirin. I rarely get headache…

    At any rate, it seems that monsers run the world. This is only one angle amongst many that make that case.

    Great article.

    • yeah, I really had no idea that aspirin suppresses the immune system. I rarely take it myself…

      except last week when I was so sick, I finally broke down and started taking alkaseltzer plus.

      the 10,000 mg a day of Vitamin C wasn’t touching the headache or sneezing.

      • you run a site like this yet you take aspirin…oh the hypocracy

      • That sounds like you may have been experiencing a cleansing or what is known as a healing crisis Rady and the alka-seltzer plus just stopped the process. The cleansing can happen, especially when you have been making healthy changes in your life like a positive change in your diet. What happens is your body has something it wants to throw off so when you brought in a healthier routine your body uses this as a tool to rid itself of the unwanted toxin(s). It can come on like flu symptoms, or a coughing/sneezing spell, a sudden drainage of your sinuses, or the runs. You may experience a change in an area where you were injured such as itching where a bone was broken.

        The best thing that you can do is to try to help your body to finish what it is doing. Try drinking more water, use lots of fresh vegetable juice combinations like carrot, celery, cabbage with an apple. Instead of your regular breakfast have an all fruit smoothie and add a thumb size chunk of ginger, a pinch of cayenne and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Also drink lots of herbal teas like peppermint, ginger or a detox tea combination. Also add to some of the above scoops of dry or fresh juiced superfood combinations such as wheat grass, barley grass and chlorella, etc. There also may be a change in your friendly bacteria so bring in some good probiotics (refrigerated are the best), this is very important as 70+% of your immune system is based on balanced friendly bacteria.

        Have enough of these healing crisis’s and you reach a point where you don’t have colds or the flu any more and things like a headaches stop happening.

        Doc Blake

        • ah, I was so hoping you’d comment on this, Paul. I do need to do more for my health; I gotta start juicing again.

          how do you feel about raw dairy? raw milk?

          the good news is since I upped my organic produce intake a few years ago, my migraines absolutely ceased. those were incapacitating.

          alright… I will get some of these suggested items… thanks.

          • That is great news about your migraines Rady, shows you made an excellent decision. Disease is not complicated it is very simple and all about the person not the disease, all diseases are easily curable just like your migraines Rady.

            I think raw dairy is great if you are going to drink dairy. In another comment I mention that when I was a little boy we lived on a dairy farm in 1946 Iowa, that my father and his brothers worked. They had a tin cup hanging from a nail in the barn for me and I got my milk strait from the cow, wonderful. But consider this, what animal drinks milk after the weaning? Also consider that the mother puts RNA, DNA and blood products into her milk for her young to recreate her own kind, so we are drinking the wrong milk, strange picture huh? But in these times Rady, when you are looking for the best nutrition for your body drink raw milk and don’t worry about it. But if you are facing a terminal disease milk is one to drop because the RNA, DNA and blood products mess with your immunity and replace raw milk with juicing.


          • yeah, there’s pros and cons to dairy, for sure. I like the idea of what raw milk can provide me, but I’ve never been a big fan of milk — even as a kid.

            but, I’m gonna get another gallon tomorrow.

            yeah, i do remember your tin cup comment from before… I’ve never tried it str8 outa the cow, tho my father has. In fact, he spent a few years on a 40 acre farm when he was a kid. I’ve been talking to the family to try to get stories about it. I’ve got some pictures from back then, too. I think it would make an interesting article.

            My grandpa bought the farm to avoid the draft into WWII. He also worked at the bomber factory, and he had 3 kids and a wife, so he had as many exemptions as he could rack up. His father lived with them, too — my great-grandfather was a farmer from the Ukraine. He knew exactly what to do with those acres and how to manage all the farm animals. Him, I’d like to talk to but he died before I was born. I bet he had a wealth of info we could use today.

          • omg, yes, getting rid of those migraines is a blessing. in fact, looking back, I’m sure that stopping fast food played a big role in that, as well as starting on the organic produce track.

            thanks for the encouragement, Paul.

      • Actually C keeps your immunity strong and replaces the cells you are losing to the infectious disease. And it takes major mega doses to do that and actually speed up recovery from anything. And from what I have learned lately it can cure any drug addiction with out withdrawals when used intravenously. That would include cigarette smoking using supplements at very high doses.

        —See Dr. Robert Cathcart – Titration for the best information regarding how to use C to cure many different diseases.
        —And here is some great reading on many cures using C
        The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic——FRED R kllener – Whale

  6. 100 grains of aspirin = 6,479.9 milligrams
    The normal Aspirin tablet is 325 milligrams
    Baby aspirin is 81 milligrams.
    Do the math!

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  8. “their symptoms are consistent with aspirin overdose”

    My father-in-law is a pharmacist, and I’m sorry, but you cannot overdose on aspirin. You can take a lot of it, and you’ll get ringing in your ears and that’s about it. Also the article you quote says the dose was “….thought to be trivial.” Perhaps you mean they had an allergic reaction to it? That is not the same as ODing.

    • *well, you can overdose, but you’d have to take a *lot*, many times more than what anyone with half a brain would take. You’d have to take a whole bottle.

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  10. Did you actually read the NIAID press release you cite? “The pneumonia was caused when bacteria that normally inhabit the nose and throat invaded the lungs along a pathway created when the virus destroyed the cells that line the bronchial tubes and lungs.” i.e., people died of complications caused by the virus. How on earth do you read this as evidence that there was “no evidence of a flu”?
    Note also that the NIAID press release suggests that “the availability of antibiotics during the other influenza pandemics of the 20th century, specifically those of 1957 and 1968, was probably a key factor in the lower number of worldwide deaths during those outbreaks”. That is, later outbreaks were less deadly because of the use of modern medicines, develped by your dreaded Big Pharma.

    • lain, anti-biotics do not kill viruses.

      For your edification, viruses are not life forms under the scientific definition because they cannot reproduce themselves. They need the DNA or the RNA of another life form in order to reproduce.

      Antibiotics, by definition, kill life forms (“anti” = against … “bio” = life). Antibiotics are not prescribed for the flu or any other virus.

      So, the fact that the death rate decreased with the introduction of antibiotics supports the argument that bacterial infections were the cause.

      • Yes, I’m quite aware that antibiotics don’t kill viruses – the point was pretty clear that antibiotics kill the bacterial infections that take hold where the virus has created vulnerabilities. None of this has the slightest bit to do with aspirin, despite the strained post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning of this article. And it was the pharmaceutical industry that is supposedly the villain of the piece that produced the cure, not the inert sugar pills of the homeopaths who are the supposed heroes. (And yes, those same companies developed the vaccines that save literally millions of lives per year.)

        • The issue can be easily decided. There were varying death rates across the world. “Conventional” medicine would attribute this to a variance in genetically predisposed resistance whilst Rady’s hypothesis would imply varying rates of aspirin use.

          So, was there a positive correlation between variations in aspirin use and death rates?

          It should be pretty easy to find out, Rady.

          • The death rate does not correlate to aspirin availability as far as I can tell from a quick glance. If anything there is a reverse correlation probably because access to aspirin meant access to medical treatment in general.

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  57. I read that 1918 was the first year for an international flu vaccination. Nations that refused the vaccine were not hit by the deadly flu. Supposedly only those that were inoculated died from the flu. Is this story true?

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  65. This thesis is clearly nonsensical for the simple reason that most of the people who died had little or even moreso no access to aspirin, eg poor Indians and other Asians/Pacific Islanders etc, and absolutely not to the high dosages that are associated with it (ie the thesis). To argue a thesis at length in the face of such a basic and insurmountable obstacle is the sign of either fanatical delusion or deliberate disinfo.

    • I was thinking of the same thing while reading all this. So only developed countries that had access to aspirin had the high mortality rate?? And of the millions who died taking aspirin, no one was able to clearly see that aspirin was at fault? Big Pharma could not have swept these figures under the rug sort of speak, it would have been CLEARLY evident what was at the root of these deaths. I will say this, I never take sides regarding these debates, the truth is somewhere in the middle and not at extremes as stated here.

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  86. I did notice one thing not said about Aspirin which is very important and the writer/researcher is remiss in not mentioning it.
    Aspirin can cause a severe allergic reaction releasing Histamine. It is the Histamine which causes inflammation and results in outpouring of fluids i.e. runny nose, itchy eyes AND Swelling and fluid accumulation in the Lungs making the fertile medium in which that Bacteria grows.

    We are told that Histamine is part of the immune system and therefore I think they are wrong about it suppressing the immune system. It actually is the cause of this huge Cytokine Storm that ultimately was the cause of death for those flu victims.

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