Bayer and Death: A New Set of Questions about 1918

Part 5 of 5

By J. Holcombe, D. Jacobson, and T. Ruhl

Without question, the 20 to 50 million deaths during the 1918-19 “flu” epidemic represent the greatest iatrogenic catastrophe in human history.

The attribution of those deaths to a virulent new virus has been debunked by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which said that common upper respiratory bacteria were responsible.  Aspirin, heavily marketed and medically recommended, suppressed the immune system and led to massive infection resulting in pneumonia and death.

The central role that aspirin played in those deaths contrasts sharply with the survival of those who avoided it in favor of natural treatments.  Aspirin, not a virus, created a pharmaceutical industry calamity.

It also created the largest industrial catastrophe in history, with no industrial disasters even approaching the death count – far outstripping the number of deaths from Chernobyl, Bhopal, or even projected deaths from Fukishima. The number of deaths has only been approached by deaths from WWII, to which Bayer also contributed.

While 1918 exposes the extreme toxicity of Bayer’s central drug, aspirin, it reveals something more profound – the abject failure of the coal-tar based synthetic drug industry to treat disease.

With this information, a new series of questions arise – no longer medical ones but ones of power and profit.

1. Bayer was a leading German pharmaceutical company. Soldiers who had won a war against the Germans and escaped death, died after the war in even greater numbers. When they came home, the public in their home countries began to die as well. Is it reasonable to suggest that the Germans, through Bayer and its heavily advertised product, literally continued killing their enemies?

2. Twenty years after Bayer contributed to the largest number of deaths by disease (20 to 50 million) in human history, Bayer was a primary funder of Hitler, helped run the basic operations of the war, including the concentration camps, and in causing WWII and slaughtering and experimenting on people during the Holocaust, was responsible for the deaths of 50- 70 million people. Was Bayer a financial backer of the German military during WWI as well?

3. How many of the 20 to 50 million deaths in 1918 stem from Bayer aspirin and Bayer’s actions, including its heavy advertising of aspirin?

4. Did Bayer influence the official recommendations for aspirin therapy which came from the Surgeon General, the Navy and the American Medical Association?

5. Did Bayer know its aspirin was toxic and hide the information? If so, were warnings or dosages not included in order to sell more aspirin? Was 1918 a Bayer medical scandal as well?

6. Did Bayer make any efforts – through its advertising or influence with government and the military or through financial arrangements or in any other way – to promote or even ensure the use of aspirin (in military settings, for instance), or to generate greater fear of the Spanish flu, in order to sell more of its lethal product? Was 1918 a Bayer financial scandal as well?

7. Has Bayer done anything since 1918 to cover up its role in what happened during 1918, and to promote the myth, instead, of a deadly new virulent virus as mass killer?

8. Was Bayer involved in putting Bush into office, and/or in writing the “pandemic martial laws” which remove all human and constitutional rights, which states adopted based on the virus myth, or in paying for lobbying for them?

9. Was Bayer involved in designing and/or writing the Food Safety Modernization Act which can be used to destroy supplement companies and practitioners or any of the four other bills to accomplish the same, or in the EU banning of all herbal remedies, or in the Australian plan to ban thousands of plants, or in the removal of supplements from shelves in Canada?

10. How many people have died from aspirin since 1918 and how much money has Bayer made from aspirin since that time? Has Bayer been involved in preventing any FDA investigations into deaths from NSAIDs?

11. Flu was not the cause of the 1918 deaths. While this article has focused on medical evidence indicating that aspirin overdose is the most reasonable explanation for the terrifying rapid deaths and aspirin use appears responsible for the massive bacterial infections that led to lethal pneumonias, there is a first cause before aspirin itself – Bayer’s desire for profit. As millions of people died, how much money did Bayer make during the 1918-19 “flu”?

Those questions are the new questions surrounding 1918 and they need to be answered.


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22 responses to “Bayer and Death: A New Set of Questions about 1918

  1. holy sh*t was an awesome series of articles

  2. You know, we have samples of the flu virus that caused the 1918 flu pandemic. To suggest that aspirin, which I take every day, was the cause is nonsensical. Why didn’t it just continue, as aspirin usage certainly didn’t decrease? And while I have serious issues with the Bayer company over other issues, like patenting lifeforms and GMOs, it’s tylenol, not aspirin, that I consider a major health hazard. It depletes the liver’s store of it’s most important antioxidant, glutathione.

      • To bodhidharma: Your suggestion that “aspirin, which I take every day, was the cause is nonsensical.” … is both logical and nonsensical. You are presenting good reasons that aspirin was not a cause of the 1918 flu, but you do not realize that these in of themselves do not invalidate the very strong association between aspirin usage and the mortality of the 1918 flu. A few reasonable arguments against a very strong proposition does not render it mute. Still, I like your passion in presenting a counter case.

  3. Bayer is bad… The actual “aspirin” that they manufacture is a “yellow cake” for anyone’s health…

  4. To bodhidharma: you are in complete denial because you are taking the poison daily. To admit to this article’s assertion, would also admit to your horrendous folly. The vast majority of people do almost anything to avoid cognitive dissonance – which is caused by the sudden collapse of their “world view.” To accept the evil and treachery that’s been perpetrated against us by a relatively small group of “old white men” since the late 1800s is far too traumatic for most people to endure. Stop taking the poison, plain and simple, and stamp out the evil.

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  6. India had one of the highest rates of 1918 flu deaths per capita. At that time, Aspirin was unknown to most East Indians. How do you account for this?

  7. To Mike, 14 July 2013. India was devastated culturally and economically by the British Raj. I can think of several ways that this suppression could have worsened the death rate of the 1918 flu epidemic in India. If you are truly interested do some research into India of this time and the British subjugation and suppression of this country. Suppression, stress and starvation are known to have a negative effect on the immune system, for starters.

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