Is government planning to sell our land to China?

By MetroFarm

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The federal government may be poor in cash, but it is rich in land. In fact, the federal government has direct ownership of about 650 million acres, which is about 30% of the total territory of the USA.

To date, private interests, like ranchers, have been allowed to exploit public acres for various commercial purposes, like the grazing of cattle. This right to exploit government land is now being challenged, especially by environmental groups.

The Sierra Club’s Federal Public Lands Grazing policy, for one example, states, “Commercial grazing is not appropriate on federal public lands except where it is shown by science that some grazing is needed to achieve ecological objectives.”

Ranchers who hold federal grazing permits see a threat to their future in these environmental challenges, and so the fight is on throughout the West.

But now another rumor is spreading through the early morning coffee shops of the West, and those rumors lead us to ask…

Is government planning to sell our land to China? (Food Chain Radio #735)

4 responses to “Is government planning to sell our land to China?

  1. People seem to believe that China would lend the USA so much money out of the kindness of their hearts. We don’t know what they requested in exchange. I have a very strong feeling we will not like the answer. You would need to be extremely naive to believe it’s impossible that land was NOT part of the deal in the case of default. The possibility of default? I don’t even need to answer that one.

  2. Dear Folks, It’s True, The governor of Idaho{Butch Otter} has a deal going called Project 60, A Federal Program that grants Permanent Residency status to foreign nationals. I believe the Chinese have Already Bought 50sq. miles {30,,000 acres} just south of Boise. The plan is to build a major Industrial center which will be a sovereign type city{a slice of Communist China} city here in USA. They will have access to major resources, manufacture products and won’t have to Ship Them from China.They have also been granted[Hasssle-free] landing rights at the Biggest Airport in the state. No customs? Also, in Texas as of Oct.2010 they have bought a share in 600,000 acres of OIL and Nat. Gas in south Texas! Check it out,this was reported on ABC News{ I don’t watch MSMedia but for those who need a{Real source} HA,HA,there it is. You can call BUTCH OTTER the TRAITOR at 202-334-2100. Ijust tried but ; the circuits are busy, wonder why. Peace to all here,REVOLR,REBEL,RESIST,DEFY

  3. Well, since 95% of the public rejected the bankster bailouts and 2/3 of the public is done funding these wars, and those are public lands, well then the Feds don’t have the right to sell what is ours.

    time for revolution, baby….

  4. “The governor of Idaho{Butch Otter} has a deal going called Project 60”

    Yup Patrick, I have been reading about this ‘deal’ as well. As I understand it, not only Idaho, but there are several state governoids chatting behind closed doors.

    Something real weird is going to shake out when the rug is lifted and snapped.
    Chinese beetles? Alien larve? Mexican jumping beans? Or is the rug a flying carpet with scimitar waving Jeehaderatatats?
    Film at 11…

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