Local Food Movement Gets Boost with ‘Meat’ and Greets

By Josie Huang
Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Demand is growing for locally-raised meat, as some customers seek an alternative to large-scale farming operations that raise environmental and ethical concerns. But it can be a long way from the farm to the table. One Maine butcher shop has devised a unique business model: delivering meat straight to people’s homes, and making a party out of it.

Local Food Movement Gets Boost with ‘Meat’ and Greet
Originally Aired: 7/13/2011 5:30 PM


Welcome to a Meat Up. That’s meat as in M-E-A-T. Today, it’s being hosted by Stephanie Hatzenbuehler, a social worker, and her doctor husband, John. Dozens of their co-workers, friends and friends of friends are chatting in the backyard and sipping wine. Their kids chase each other across the grass.

But really, everybody is here for this guy, butcher and farmer Ben Slayton (above right). As he gladly tells people, “My life now is around meat.”

Slayton owns the Farmer’s Gate Market butcher shop in the tiny town of Wales, about 10 miles outside of Lewiston. He’s made the hour-long drive to Portland, bringing with him coolers filled with meat. The summer grill pack, placed in brown paper bags, is a big seller.

“And what they’ll find in the grill pack are two New York sirloin steaks, a whole chicken, two pounds of our home-made, hand-twisted hot dogs–pork and beef–a package of our from-scratch sweet Italian sausage…”

Slayton’s gone to more than 20 Meat Ups since last year. But it’s not just about making deliveries. Slayton is there to take questions from curious customers–such as Jenny Pofahl (third from left in photo) an OB-GYN doctor.

Jenny Pofahl: “So do you butcher all the meat–or how does that work?”

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One response to “Local Food Movement Gets Boost with ‘Meat’ and Greets

  1. Good! It is summer time. We do a lot of biking, jockeying, and other out door activities in the Parks were we do barbecuing, grilled Meat and Greeting the passers.

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