Global scientists decry human trials of GM wheat

By Belinda Tasker
Sydney Morning Herald

A group of prominent scientists and researchers from around the world has urged Australia not to go ahead with human trials of genetically modified (GM) wheat.

The CSIRO is carrying out a study of feeding GM wheat grown in the ACT to rats and pigs and could extend the trial to humans.

The modified wheat has been altered to lower its glycaemic index in an attempt to see if the grain could have health benefits such as improving blood glucose control and lowering cholesterol levels.

But eight scientists and academics from Britain, the US, India, Argentina and Australia believe not enough studies have been done on the effects of GM wheat on animals to warrant human trials.

The CSIRO has dismissed their concerns, insisting no decision has been made on if or when human trials will begin.

In a letter to the CSIRO’s chief executive Megan Clark, the scientists expressed their “unequivocal denunciation” of the experiments.

“The use of human subjects for these GM feeding experiments is completely unacceptable,” the letter said.

“The experiments may be used to dispense with concerns about the health impacts of consuming GM plants, but will not in fact address the health risks GM plants raise.

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6 responses to “Global scientists decry human trials of GM wheat

  1. For all we know, we are all already eating this crap… it makes me want to decry.

  2. ‘Mr Morgan said many studies carried out in the past 15 years had shown GM foods had no detrimental impact on human health.’

    I would really like to see these research papers. But I never will becaue they do not exist and any tat do are so severly tampered withasto totally invalidate the professed findings.

    As for feeding trials you only have to look at one. It is infact the only human feeding trial that has ever been conducted to my knowledge. Itshowed that after only one GM meal consisting of totally denatured (cooked to hell and back) GM food the transgenes that had been inserted in the Genetically Modofied food stuff were found to insert themselves or become inserted into the gut bacteria.

    That is after only one meal.
    How many people have died from digestive tract disorders, immune system disorders, malfunctions or other seriously debilitating or fatal conditions since the introduction of GM food way back in 1992?

    The answer is simple. No-one knows because no-one has been conducting any research into this little issue because no-one can access the data regarding what modifications have been carried out and into what food products this garbage has been included.

    So when some smart alec scientist from the bio-tech industry says thre is substantial proof ask them to provide it. But don’t hold your breath. You’ll be waiting for eternity.

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  4. I will have to take a look at the papers and see how many have been written by corporate funded scientists. No point in believing the first thing that comes along unless you can be totally sure that it is fully above board and honest and that you can prove it. Remember that Monsanto is one of the worlds worst organisations for twisting the scientific evidence to cover up the failings of its technology. Posilac anyone? Glyphosate?

    GM Eggplant (Aubergine), in India which was genetically modified for resistance to fruit and shoot borer, proved to be extremely harmful to humans in the sheer numbers of allergies it causes despite the scientific claims by the biotech industry to the contrary. Yet all independent research is prevented due to so-called concerns for the protection of intellectual rights.

    I would seriously question the intentions of the group who put this collection of research together. You could just as easily produce a list equally as long which demonstrates harm to humans and animals from GM food consumption. Worth thinking about next time you conduct your research. Just don’t be hooked by the first thing you read (or the next twenty if they are all packaged as collective proof).

  5. Similarly Itsonlyausername, can you please cite the study you refer to – so I can validly assess its findings.

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