Kenyans again protest GMO imports

By Daily Nation

Anne Maina of the African Bio-diversity Network says the introduction of patented seeds and related chemicals into Kenya’s farming systems threatens the country’s agricultural practices, its livelihoods, the environment, “and undermines our seed sovereignty”.

The House (Parliamentary) Committee on Agriculture has also warned that opening up the country to genetically modified products would endanger lives.

Committee chairman John Mututho said last week that the country lacked technical capacity to assess the quantity and type of genes in imported products, and had a long way to go before fully embracing use of GM products while ensuring the health of its citizens.

“In other words, we do not have a functional body with equipment to test the products before releasing them to consumers,” says Mututho, whose committee has been involved in investigations on importation of GMO maize into the country, mainly from South Africa.

The MP said health hazards include infertility and impairment in newborns.

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3 responses to “Kenyans again protest GMO imports

  1. We need a huge protest here in USA.. I heard there is a March going on this Oct. from coast to coast, I hope they pass thru my state, cuz I will be marching. the right2knowmarch

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