Filthy factory foods win big in Federal Court: Abbott’s Similac baby food includes beetles and larvae

Court Rules No Liability for Beetles in Abbott’s Similac Baby Food

By Jack Bouboushian
Courthouse News Service

Baby formula laced with beetles and larvae does not necessarily violate its manufacturer’s promises of wholesomeness and quality, a federal judge ruled, in dismissing without prejudice a class action involving Abbott Laboratories’ Similac.

Lead plaintiff Chalonda Jasper, an Indiana mother, may have been grossed out by the beetle parts, but she may have no legal recourse against Abbott, even though she relied upon Abbot’s ad slogans, which included, “When it comes to the science of nutrition, Similac stands apart.”

Abbott recalled more than 5 million containers of Similac in September 2010, less than a week after Jasper had bought it and began feeding it to her son.

“Abbott announced that it was recalling more than five million containers of formula because the product may have been contaminated with beetles or beetle larvae,” U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall wrote, citing Jasper’s complaint.

Shortly afterward, the FDA “found that infants who ingested the formula experienced gastrointestinal discomfort and temporary refusal to eat,” the judge wrote.

Jasper filed a class action seeking for “extreme mental anguish and pain and suffering.”

In a claim of misrepresentation, Jasper said that Abbott “misrepresented its product to consumers by marketing Similac infant formula as a healthy product while omitting information about the beetle infestation at its Sturgis [Michigan] facility.”

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6 responses to “Filthy factory foods win big in Federal Court: Abbott’s Similac baby food includes beetles and larvae

  1. In the 50’s, my Granny told us that we must eat a peck of dirt during our lives. After I became a physician in 1966, I understood her wisdom. My medical professors said ‘nothing sterile enters the mouth’. It was common that kids ate their ‘boogers’ until the 70”s. About 25 years ago, helicopter parents began to ‘protect’ their children from ‘evil germs’. Their over protection forstered weakening of children’s immune systems.
    When I see wevils or larvae in a package of rice or other grains, I don’t toss them out. Instead, I winnow the bugs from the food and bake the grain in low heat in an oven before I dump the rice into their jars, I also add a stick of peppermint gum with the food. I learned that trick from the Mormons when I lived in Idaho. I still have two 25 year old gallons of dry wheat mixed with spearmint gum. It is as nutritious as the day it was sealed in. Granny was right about dirt. Chew on it.

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  3. Nicely put Albert. Have been taugh the same story over here in the UK too. There are too many parents who kick up merry hell if you so much as sneeze within a 100 yards of their little darlin’s.
    However that does not detract from the fact that the company did have infestations of its food product and it is a requirement of the law that says they must provide a safe food product by complying with certain production procedures. They obviously didn’t and they ended up recalling 5 million containers of food. Okay that’s a hefty cost to the company but when you look at their behaviour in the past it seems like they never learn from their mistakes. Either that or they are always trying it on by pushing their luck.
    Maybe they are in line for another hefty fine and that should serve them right.
    As for mothers taking the company to court for compensation for emotional upset? Well I reckon that this woman was doing the same thing as the company…..trying it on. Justice was done in the first instance but now it remains to be seen if justice will be done to the company for totally sloppy production hygene.

  4. The best food a mother can give her children is that from her own body. The manufactured garbage does not even compare to mother’s milk.

  5. Beatles are not the problem or even a peck of dirt in tons of Similac. The problem is when you can see the parts of an insect in a powdered formula then you wonder what else is getting by that is not so benign and cannot be seen. Of course the FDA right now is hard pressed to do their job of checking up on companies like this one when they are so very busy impounding raw milk and suppressing the truth about supplements. “Profits Before Protection” should be their motto.

    Doc Blake

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