This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body’s Toxins

By Dr. Mercola

The website Green Med Info has assembled a list of studies that found evidence of over 40 conditions that chlorella can help to prevent or ease.

The conditions include: hypertension, anemia, diabetes, acute stress, fibromyalgia, and liver cancer.  According to one of the studies on the subject:

“Chlorella vulgaris (CV) has been reported to have antioxidant and anticancer properties … Our study shows that CV has definite chemopreventive effect by inducing apoptosis … in hepatocarcinogenesis [liver cancer] induced rats”.

Chlorella, a single-celled fresh-water algae, is one of the most heavily researched algae in the world. It’s often referred to as a near-perfect food as research through the years have identified an astounding range of health benefits.  While being well known for its ability to detoxify your body by binding to toxins and carrying them out of your system, that’s certainly not all it’s good for.

Chlorella’s Impressive Range of Health Benefits

As you will see, chlorella seems to fit the description of a “wonder nutrient” that serves far more than just one function. Here’s a sampling of some of the health benefits associated with this green algae:

Repairing nerve tissues
Increasing your energy levels
Enhancing your immune system
Normalizing your blood sugar
Improving digestion
Normalizing your blood pressure
Promoting healthy pH levels in your gut, which in turn helps good bacteria to thrive
Removing potentially toxic metals from your body
Enhancing your ability to focus and concentrate
Eliminating bad breath

Chlorella can also be of benefit to vegetarians and vegans looking for proteins and B vitamins from a non-animal source. About 60 percent of it is protein, and because it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs, it’s considered to be a “complete protein.”

Chlorella also rich in GABA, folate, vitamin B12, and iron.

Six Health Conditions Chlorella May Help Prevent or Treat

As mentioned earlier, chlorella has and still is being researched for a number of health conditions. Here’s a list of six common health problems and diseases where chlorella may be of particular benefit:

Insulin resistance—Earlier this year, researchers discovered that chlorella has the ability to improve fructose-induced insulin sensitivity.  As I’ve discussed on numerous occasions, excessive fructose consumption is the number one cause of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. In this animal study, after being fed fructose-rich chow for four weeks, the rats were then given chlorella three times a day for five days, which brought their elevated glucose-insulin values back to normal.

The authors concluded that: “Oral administration of chlorella has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, which may be used as an adjuvant therapy for patients with insulin resistance.”

Detoxification.  Is particularly helpful when used in conjunction with an infrared sauna and taken two hours before you go in the sauna. This way the chlorella will be in your intestine and read to bind to the toxins that are released when you are in the sauna. It will bind irreversibly to the toxins and be safely excreted when you have your bowel movement.

Diabetes—Additional evidence supporting the theory that chlorella can improve insulin sensitivity can be found in an earlier study. Here, the algae was found to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in the liver in type 1 diabetic rats. The authors suggest chlorella’s hypoglycemic effects may be due to improved glucose uptake in the liver and the soleus muscles. Another mechanism may be related to decreased levels of nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA), since insulin sensitivity is usually blunted by elevated NEFA in type 1 diabetes.

Hypertension—The results from a placebo-controlled, double-blind study published two years ago suggest that chlorella can significantly decrease high-normal blood pressure and borderline hypertension. The authors proposed that it may be a beneficial dietary supplement for preventing hypertension, with no apparent adverse side effects.


12 responses to “This Almost Perfect Food Gobbles Up Your Body’s Toxins

  1. Thanks for the information, very helpful.

  2. Always good to know what will help to stabilise ill health and return the patient to good health. Have heard a lot from other sources about this substance.

  3. Thanks for a very complete article. I am a big believer in chlorella supplementation and have been taking it for years. I must admit I’ve never heard of adding cilantro.

  4. When I first got into the health field more then twenty years ago everyone was mainly talking about blue green algae, spirulina and corolla etc. as being the superfoods. And you would see a statement like this one; ” More than 35 billion years ago, some of these green food algae’s were the first form of photosynthetic life. Spirulina and its cousins often are referred to as “whole foods” or “green super foods” because they contain a complete nutritional profile, not merely one or two biologically active components.”

    There were a lot of companies selling products like blue green algae and they would give you some samples to try and sure enough you felt a nice smooth energy. And if you do some searching on the internet you will find scientific research that verifies that, “yes” these foods are loaded with easy accessible nutrition (below are three studies of blue green algae).

    Cousens, G. Report of Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease with Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, Orthomedicine, (Winter/Spring), Vol. 8, No. 1-2, 1985 (Editor’s note: AFA was the algae used in this study.)
    Jarratt, C., et al, The Children and Algae Report, The Center for Family Wellness, Harvard, MA, 1997
    Bruno, J., Gittelman, J., and Tucheld, B. Improved Cognition, Behavior and Health in Children Eating Blue Green Algae. Submitted for publication, 1998

    Then, if you were like me and you dig very deep into the health field you find out that there are a lot more of these types of superfoods. That naturopathic doctors have been using superfoods to treat disease and were probably the first to give them the name “Superfood.” These naturopathic doctors used them to boast the nutrition of their patents while detoxing them to cure life threatening diseases.

    The best of these doctors will tell you if you have a life threatening disease like cancer that you need to juice vegetables like carrots, celery, cabbage, beets, broccoli, kale, spinach, cilantro (yes Doug a great superfood) etc. These are also super foods when they are in juice form and they can help you cure any disease. If you have cancer they will tell you that raw garlic and whole cayenne peppers are the most powerful super foods on the planet and need to be added to your routine in order to kill the cancer. In my kitchen I kept a giant cooler filled with ice and 50 pounds of carrots that I juiced every week and my refrigerator was packed to the doors with vegetables and fruit (yes all fruit are superfoods and some have to be run through a blender).

    Here are the things that make them true top superfoods for healing. One, that they are loaded with nutrition like chlorella. And two, that they are in a form that requires almost no digestion like powdered or even better yet freshly juiced. You want them in one of those forms so if you are sick all the energy goes to fighting the disease not digesting.

    Essentially what you are doing through the use of these superfoods is to clean your body out of toxins and raise your nutritional level and energy higher and higher. You keep juicing and juicing until your state of health is so high that your body deals with and cures the disease. But it is never over because a cure lasts only as long as you never go back to the life that gave you the disease in the first place. Also I am only talking about the superfoods part of the treatment there is a lot more to curing life threatening diseases then just superfoods.

    Doc Blake

  5. Thanks Doc for the supporting data. Very useful. I am curious to know what the rest of the treatment is for treating life threatening dieases? Any clues would be most welcome and I am sure a few others reading this article and your comment would be interested too.

    • Glad you asked that question Itisonlyausername. One thing to understand is that Naturopaths do not believe there is such a thing as an incurable disease. We do however believe that there are incurable people. One type of incurable person will not do anything for themselves so they need an MD to do it for and to them. The second person likes to be sick and their ideal world is a hospital bed hooked up to machines with doctors and concerned friends around them, very dramatic. For the third incurable person it is their time, God is coming and nothing will stop that. But if that third person applies Naturopath medicine to their disease it will make their passing easy and comfortable. Everybody else is curable and I don’t care how bad their situation, even riddled with terminal cancer and hanging by a thread. If they apply every thing they have to curing the disease they will cure it. So essentially what I just said is who are you and are you willing to take charge of your health and cure your disease? If you say “YES” then that is the first step.

      The second step is to understand basically where this disease came from in the first place. Naturopathic medicine believes that disease enters your body through one or more of five lifestyle avenues and science acknowledges that most of these could be a cause for cancer. One, is through what is coming into your body via air, water and food. Two, is what is in your body in the form of waste or toxicity that is not being eliminated. Three, is through lack of movement you have low oxygen, poor blood circulation and no strength. Four, is stress in the form of negative events, negative people, negative activities like work, alcoholism, drug addiction etc. Five, is a poor spiritual connection to a power higher then yourself and it does not have to be religion but what is your spiritual connection? These are the five lifestyle areas that brought you the disease and to cure it you need to work on all five.

      You could do some of the above five steps but not all and you may be successful or you may not. For instance taking up a diet like becoming a vegan, or doing some doctors special cancer curing therapy, getting mental help, finding your spiritual path may cure your disease? I remember reading about a young man years ago who ate nothing but apples and cured his terminal cancer. But how do you know which of the five avenues gave you the cancer in the first place? So to be sure you need to address all five lifestyle avenues that give you the so called incurable disease.

      Now what was going on as you read the above two basic steps is a mental process of accepting or rejecting what I was saying. If you found that you were accepting these ideas and you may have even felt something pleasant maybe in your heart about what I was saying or you found yourself becoming very curious then that is the third step and it is very important. Because that acceptance and curiosity will go down into the center of your body and start working its way slowly outward curing your disease as it goes. And this thought working its way outward will gather energy and strength as you apply yourself to changing the five lifestyle areas above.

      These are three major basic steps to take Itisonlyausername if you want to cure your disease Naturopathically.

      Doc Blake

  6. I read on Life Extension website to use cilantro essential oil but have never found any… just coriander eo- is it the same or is it better than just to eat raw cilantro?


    • I am of the opinion that it is always better to consume the raw, live food…
      If that isn’t possible, then there are some carefully manufactured products out there that are quite beneficial. ( I recommend Vitamineral Green).
      I always throw a handful of cilantro into my wheatgrass juice. Tastes good.

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  8. Someone please start leaving links to good sources to buy Chlorella with the cell wall broken down. Is it available in the typical supplement shelf at retail stores????

  9. The human body is amazing. Look at all of the components inside one body and try to figure out how it possibly all works. What’s even more cool is that we have nearly two of everything in case something breaks. This being said, it is still vital to exercise and to eat corectly. Just because we have two of everything doesn’t mean we should abuse it!

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