Wall Street food analyst connects GMOs with food allergies

From 1997 to 2002, peanut allergies doubled in the U.S. and there has been a 265% increase in rate of hospitalizations related to food allergies. One in 17 kids under age 3 now has a food allergy. Robyn McCord O’Brien discovered all this after her own child suffered a food allergy at breakfast one day. Here’s her Ted Talk:

Robyn McCord O’Brien is a former food industry analyst and the author of The Unhealthy Truth, a critical examination of the American food system.   She’s also the founder of the Allergy Kids Foundation and a mother of four children.

4 responses to “Wall Street food analyst connects GMOs with food allergies

  1. Logic. The Dutch government for example is for 50 years already pushing people to feed their children cowmilk. Just to get rid of the surplus of milk.. How do we know cowmilk is meant for human consumption? Why is there an explosion op people with food-allergies since then? http://dlcsmanagement.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/i-want-it-all-inspired-by-holland%e2%80%99s-sexiest-vegan

  2. I am a student of food and nutrtion has become a big fan of yours in this journey to make a better life. And indeed you are true Food Erin Brochivich of today.I am also sincerely working on this.. Kindly let me know if i have an oppurtunity to help the human kind in any way..!!

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