Radiation Gardening

Dr. Ilya Perlingieri recommends we garden indoors this year, to avoid as much radiation contamination as possible. Another alternative is to dome garden. She also mentions several foods and supplements to lessen the impact of radiation exposure. (Also see Additional Support for Your Immune System)

Many experts also recommend specific foods and nutrients to counteract radiation exposure. See Melissa Patterson’s Supplements Shown to Help Prevent Effects of Radiation Fall-Out.

Or see Protocols for Nuclear Contamination – Master List.

Wash your veggies with bentonite clay. Also consider growing these Top 10 Most Nutritious Vegetables and these Top 5 Medicinal Herbs.

Then preserve your crops! Here’s a Guide to Canning, or visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Modern Survival recommends you increase your supply of stored foods.

Japan is growing sunflowers to remediate the soil.

And experts recommend this combo filtration system to reduce the amount of radiation in your water.

11 responses to “Radiation Gardening

  1. Honestly I’m just immediately turned off by the suggestion we garden indoors. I think quite frankly it’s just stupid. Without massive amounts of space and money there is not a lot you can grow. And nothing I grow will sell for what pot grown indoors would! You need something to justify the equipment cost and electric bill. Some of us live in the real world and can’t go right out and build our bomb shelter complete with indoor garden set up and solar panels to power it.

    • And i don’t like having to filter my water because my city adds poison to it.

      But we do what we have to do given the circumstances.

  2. The expense of filtering water isn’t even remotely comparable to growing all your food indoors. There is feasible advice and there is pie in the sky laugh your ass off advice.

    • who said anything about growing “all” your food indoors?

      Fukushima represents the worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear technology. That radiation spread all over the Northern Hemisphere.

      Therefore, it’s wise to grow as much food in protected environments as you possibly can, and to filter your water.

      The expense of cancer is much steeper.

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