Tell Gov to ban Nanoparticles in food and pesticides

Nanoparticles cross the blood-brain barrier, posing a significant threat to human DNA and that of other life forms. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency allow nanoparticles in pesticides and in the food supply, with no regulation whatsoever.

Tell the federal government to ban these particles under the precautionary principle until they are proven safe:!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0197-0031

NanoAction advises, “Nanotechnology is a powerful new platform technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. Just as the size and chemical characteristics of manufactured nanoparticles can give them unique properties, those same new properties–tiny size, vastly increased surface area to volume ratio, high reactivity–can also create unique and unpredictable human health and environmental risks.”

In 2008, NanoAction filed a petition demanding “that the EPA regulate nano-silver as a unique pesticide that can cause new and serious impacts on the environment. The hundred-page petition calls on EPA to: regulate these nanotechnology products as new pesticides; require labeling of all products; assess health and safety data before permitting marketing; analyze the potential human health effects, particularly on children; and analyze the potential environmental impacts on ecosystems and endangered species.”

Last month, the FDA finally released draft guidelines — which are voluntary — and is seeking public comment.

This month, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has reissued the call for public comments on this dangerous new technology. In their report,  Racing Ahead: U.S. Agri-Nanotechnology in the Absence of Regulation, IATP notes:

“At least 1,300 products with Engineered Nanotechnology Materials (ENMs) have been commercialized, despite myriad uncertainties about the public health and environmental effects of ENMs.

“The range of food and agricultural nanotechnology applications includes making toxins more bio-available in pesticides, targeting nutrients in smaller doses, improving the texture of ice cream and detecting bacteria in packaged foods. Under current rules, companies have the discretion to determine whether a macro-substance already considered by the company to be safe and therefore not reportable to the FDA, deemed to be likewise safe and hence non-reportable in its nano-scale form. In addition, the exponentially larger surface-to-mass ratio of ENMs, compared to that of macro-versions of the “same” materials, will make the determination of Acceptable Daily Intakes impossible if companies are not required to submit data to regulators for their independent assessment.”

IATP also reports that the UN’s Codex Alimentarius also fails to regulate nanofoods and other nanomaterials.

Tell the federal government to ban these particles under the precautionary principle until they are proven safe:!submitComment;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0197-0031

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25 responses to “Tell Gov to ban Nanoparticles in food and pesticides

  1. Yeah, sure, i’ll tell them… that’ll work.

    How about we just say NO !! How about we stop giving them our blood, sweat and tears? By their fruits you will know them and you cannot reason with the insane.

  2. It seems that what we have here and it seemingly is never ending is a blatant disregard for a Supreme Being as Creator and the creation itself.
    We have puny men acting in their arrogance as if they were God and putting the creation at risk. This behavior by these arrogant humans who are determined to play God is described in the book of Revelation as exhibiting the mark of the beast. If it is not nano-technology, GMOs, what will it be tomorrow? Science without any acknowledgment of a Creator God as we are seeing is science run amuck as by mad scientists or sociopaths.

  3. Interesting that the FDA is doing its level best to over regulate health products that are known to be safe but put almost no regulation at all on unknown new products like nanotechnology,the swine.

    Doc Blake

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  6. I think the FDA needs to start regulating chronic toxins not just acute. I think that would help in regard to issues like this. I think unfortunately most people think that the FDA is protecting us against substances like GMO and nano particles that could cause chronic diseases (if they actually tested it first before dumping it unlabeled on an unsuspecting public), they are not. Our only hope is educating people on these issues so keep up the good work.

  7. Does anyone if this is the same thing as “silver hydrosol”, which is a safe (from what I’ve read) product for fighting both bacterial and viral infections.

    • I have been using colloidal silver for years now… it is completely safe and very effective for both bacterial and viral infections. I would have lost my two pet birds many times if i did not have this stuff around. I have even saved a bird i saw in a pet shop that was down. You can get an amazing amount of information about it here……..

      But you refer to silver hydrosol… pure colloidal silver is only silver ions suspended in purified or distilled water… the “sol” is indicative of some sort of salt being added… adding salt or backing soda or anything else is not advised. You might want to check the ingredients.

  8. FDA? is owned and controlled by global corporations including all of big pharma and Monsanto. They are purposely trying to poison us. Is there any other logical explanation for them trying to outlaw natural supplements yet push gmo frankenfood on us and disallow labeling? I have to read every label on every product to make sure they didn’t sprinkle aspartame into the mix. They add it to products which already contain sugar where you wouldn’t expect it…like Thomas’ honey wheat english muffins (check every pack of gum at the supermarket checkout lane..sugar or not, they ALL contain aspartame, why?) Now nano particles… yummy…

    Soon we will no longer look human but resemble creatures from a science fiction movie. Never fear, it’s just better living through chemistry.

    Informative article but I have little hope the mad scientists won’t get their way as they usually do because they are backed by power and big $$$$ and oh yea, the government..

  9. Jersey…

    “Soon we will no longer look human but resemble creatures from a science fiction movie. Never fear, it’s just better living through chemistry.”

    Some time back, i heard something about the possibility of altering our DNA through nanotechnology… is this what you refer to ?? If so, would you mind putting up a link or two or recommending a site to go to for more information.


  10. “Groups Demand EPA Stop Sale of 200+ Potentially Dangerous Nano-Silver Products”. Check out some of these groups such as Friends of the Earth which are funded by Big Pharma and use junk science to subvert and twist hundreds of years of positive experience with antimicrobial effects of silver. Seems like you are being infiltrated with a Trojan Horse in the guise of a beneficial watchdog.

  11. Right, i have come across that. And they put it out on sites that don’t allow you to post comments pointing out their lies.

    • Thanks for clarifying… i would never dis colloidal silver (and that includes hydrosols as long as the sol does not mean salt), i swear by it. Based on my own experience it has saved me countless trips to the doctor and vet. I make my own and it is highly effective.

      As far as getting into the environment, i occasionally water my potted plants with silver, cheap when you make your own, and the plants grow like they are in the jungle… also cut flowers in silver water bloom like nothing i’ve ever seen.

      I think more than mere financial interests, they are trying to disadvantage us at every level for various nefarious agendas.

  12. @wanda: A colloid refers to a suspension of fine particles dispersed in a gas or liquid. A hydrosol is defined as a colloid in which pure water is the medium. Therefore, silver hydrosol is a more precise definition of [brand name], because it is a colloid of micro-fine silver particles dispersed in ultra-pure water, free of any other ingredient or contaminant. The particle size of the product I use (and yes it tastes like pure water) is 0.0008 microns. So that’s where my question came from, I wonder if that is “nanoparticle” size.

    @Mladen Diklich: I was thinking the same thing. Though I don’t know the realities of silver getting into the environment through the food and home products chains, it just seems kinda fishy to me that these people are “demanding” the FDA do something about silver when it seems like are more pressing chemical issues. On the other hand, this is not the first time silver has been attacked.

    People have been purifying water with silver for many many years.

    And one more thing: I read that colloidal silver (or silver hydrosol!) would have killed that bad e-coli in Germany. Safely and effectively. The PTB cannot allow that to become public knowledge. Too much profit is at stake.

    • … my “many many years’ comment is meant to be taken to the extreme, as in ‘millenia’.

    • Tim – 0.0008 microns equals 8/10 of a nanometer. so yes, it is in the nano-range.

      and yes! Dr Rima Labau (sp) recommended colloidal silver for that German superbug. But, prior to the bug being released, all the herbal remedies had been banned. (See

      • Thanks for that info, Rady.

        And what happened in the EU is going to happen here if the people don’t stay vigilant and make a lot of noise when necessary (like right now). We are currently under attack on two fronts: the Durbin bill, S.1310, and the FDA’s proposed NDI rules. The Allliance for Natural Health has been covering this (I expect Dr.Libou has too).

        • as I was falling asleep last nite, I realized that 8/10 of a nanometer IS IN the nano-range.

          • Well, yeah but that’s ok because I was just wondering how that 8/10 compares in size to the stuff this group want’s to ban/control.

            So I read the pdf at (ok, I skimmed it; it’s 116 pages). The answer to my question is yes. Same size or in the same range anyway.

            I can certainly understand their concerns. What always happens is that the marketers latch on to something and pretty soon they’re putting it in *everything*, as a selling point. Now they’re putting it in washing machines, for cryin’ out loud (and pumping the silver into the environment.)

            So ok, fair argument for the most part. (As long as they stick to the large-scale environmental aspect). But what is going to happen is those in the industry and environmental groups will eventually succeed in totally eliminating access to a safe, effective, and comparatively inexpensive product. That is what has me concerned.

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