Rawesome Raided Again! Farmers and private food club owner arrested for selling fresh milk

By Rady Ananda

About 20 armed agents from various local, state and federal agencies, coordinated by the US Food and Drug Administration, staged another raid on fresh foods sold in California at a Ventura County farm and at Rawesome Foods, a private buying club providing members with unadulterated, unpasteurized milk and dairy products, among other items.

Healthy Family Farms owner Sharon Palmer and one of her employees, Eugenie Bloch, were arrested, along with James Stewart, the operator of Rawesome Foods located in Venice, California.

A protest is planned for tomorrow’s arraignment hearings (Thursday, August 4) at Los Angeles Superior Court, Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple Street. Organizers are asking protesters to arrive at 7:45 am.

The FDA raid included agents from the California Franchise Tax Board; the CA Department of Food and Agriculture’s Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch and the department’s Division of Measurement Standards; the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office; the LA County Dept. of Public Health; the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, the Ventura County Dept. of Public Health; the LA Police Department and the LA Dept. of Building and Safety.

Palmer is charged with nine counts of criminal conspiracy and operating without a license, while Stewart is facing 13 counts.

This latest arrest marks the fourth raid on Sharon Palmer, who has been continually harassed for providing products that humans have consumed for thousands of years, but which now is regulated under laws designed to put the small fresh food operator out of business and promote the profits of the genetically modified, drugged, adulterated product of Big Dairy.

Agents stole computers, business records and thousands of dollars in product from these honest, hard working citizens, whose products have sickened no one.

This is the second raid on Rawesome Foods, following the international scandal last year when jackboot thugs with badges broke into the private premises with their guns drawn.

The raid follows a recent report by retired pathologist Ted Beals, MD,  based on Centers for Disease Control numbers, which revealed that an estimated 9.4 million people drink raw milk in the US, while 42 get sick each year from contaminated product. This amounts to four-ten thousandths of a percent (0.0004%)* who become sick from raw milk. (*Corrected)

Contrast that with the whopping 16% in foodborne illnesses each year in the U.S., according to CDC figures. Yet, the FDA is not shutting down food production at factory farms or food processors where over 99% of contamination originates. Nor does it steal its products and computers.  For example, Jack DeCoster continues to operate sick egg factories despite decades of illness, employee abuse, and food safety violations.

Dr. Beals delivered his findings at the Third International Raw Milk Symposium on May 7, 2011 in Bloomington, Minnesota.  In comparing all foodborne illnesses with just that from raw milk, he notes:

“That data showing illnesses come from a 2011 publication compiled by a team of researchers at the CDC FoodNet Surveillance Center. The paper, by Elaine Scallan and others, is entitled Foodborne Illness Acquired in the United States—Major Pathogens” and was published in Emerging Infectious Diseases. The model does include a factor for unreported illnesses, but it revised downward the figure of 78 million foodborne illnesses per year that government agencies have been using in the past. Instead the report estimates that 48 million Americans are sickened each year from all agents, including viruses, bacteria and toxins, in all foods. That is one out of every six people. The numbers given in the report are based on their most up-to-date information which was for the year 2008. Their data:

Total diarrheal episodes annually USA 217,973,045
Total foodborne illnesses annually USA 48,000,000
Annual confirmed foodborne infections from the four “pathogens” (all foods) 1,937,561
Average number of illnesses attributed to consuming raw milk (Dr. Beals, 1999–2011)2 42
Average number of illnesses attributed to consuming raw milk (Drs. Oliver and others, 2000–2008)3 27

Let there be no doubt that the federal government is intent on destroying the health food industry by criminalizing foods and supplements that have not been genetically modified, processed or adulterated with nanoparticles, chemicals or drugs. They serve their corporate masters in the pharmaceutical and agro-industrial sector, who profit from making us sick.

Defend these fresh food farmers and suppliers. Attend the protest if you can, support local foods that are produced safely and humanely, and write your local media and legislators about these unconstitutional attacks on your right to eat food of your choice.

Here’s another video, this from a Rawesome volunteer who advises that armed agents seized all their product, even produce:

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28 responses to “Rawesome Raided Again! Farmers and private food club owner arrested for selling fresh milk

  1. Rady,

    I want to create a list of links about all of the FDA raids (and the obvious misuse of tax-payer money) over the past 3+ years. Could you help me to find links to these stories. We’re going to push the budget ceiling issue and get some sanity brought to this situation!

    Pat Robinson

    • Pat ~ my internet time is now severely limited since my laptop crashed. I have to use someone else’s computer.

      check out the following websites: david gumpert’s the complete patient, weston a price foundation, food renegade, and many others.

      google “FDA food raid” and you’ll get thousands of hits.

      good luck!

  2. $tupid Pig$

  3. It is really sick to see full blown faschism in the U.S.A. Where is the ACLU, have they forgotton that their mission is to protect our rights? Probablly they recieve donations from the food industry and want to keep the tap open.
    Doc Blake

  4. Don’t want to misspell this one “FASCISM” or also totalitarianism, repression, tyranny, oppression and authoritarianism to name a few! Doc Blake

  5. For an alternative view of this issue, see http://unhealthyfamilyfarm.com and posts of Mike Letorrez in comments to the article, “Raw Food Raid: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk and Cheese Sellers”, at http://www.infowars.com/

    • @Eric Hall, the site you cite appears to be the vindictive work of a disgruntled former associate of Rawsome and the Healthy Family Farm.

      Let’s figure this out through the court system, rather than rumour, innuendo and possibly libellous statements by someone with an axe to grind. I’m sure the LA District Attorney will use this information if it has any merit.

      Also, the second link you list says I won a free iPod — all I have to do is supply some private information. Are you a bot posting referrer spam?

      • To: Jan Steinman, August 5, 5:10 pm. No I am not an auto-bot posting spam. I do believe I’m human still as I haven’t had time to ingest enough GMOs yet. I do appreciate your comments and hope that a trial will reveal the truth. I am a fairly frequent poster at Rady’s website, and I hope she would be willing to attest that I am a zealous proponent of the people having Food Freedom. And I pray that if innocent people have been libeled and unlawfully harassed that they will be vindicated. As far as the link being bad and directing you to a free iPod, I cannot explain that, as the link was meant to direct you to the report of the article cited at the website of Alex Jones. Again, may the truth in this case prevail, and thank you for your response to my comment. Kind Regards.

  6. In my country! There are so many different vegetables !

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  9. It is disheartening that americans have become so self centered, as if this is about each one of them instead of the owners providing jobs and health. No one stands for the locked up, instead its woe is me. But the same thing has happened with activist Cindy Shehan, while protesting quite a few showed up but she was the only one that crossed the picket line , was handcuffed and put in jail. All by herself, the others ran away. This is a test example for the enforcers and the easier we cave the easier it makes their jobs and plans. Sorry Charlie tuna, you get what you don’t fight for.

  10. Glad to know the FDA is trying so hard to protect us from organic and raw foods and vitamin supplements, instead of protecting us from chemicals and drugs that cause chronic disease and GMO and nano particles which can alter DNA. Since our government clearly has spending issues it’s nice to know our resources are going to fight those evil criminal small family farms and the Amish. I guess the idea is that we are to have no option but to eat food that is GMO, laced with chemicals, devoid of any real nutrition, and radiated, with no recourse to fight the lack of nutrition (vitamins). No wonder every one is getting cancer….. I wrote an article about this illegal raid on my blog too http://theurbanhomestaed.blogspot.com/2011/08/illegal-armed-raid-on-healthy-famliy.html.

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  18. Magnificent site. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks in your sweat!

  19. FDA was out of their jurisdiction, not even on federal land when they
    raided, making their “siege” on Rawesome illegal. They only have jurisdiction on federal land. As far as permits go, that’s a city/public
    matter. .. could take ’em to court but would need best lawyers(and large
    amount of money)to do so. FDA works for big agribusiness and big pharma
    protecting their profits, has nothing to do with protecting the “people”

    strangely too, viewing the raid when they enter with guns drawn, it
    looked awfully, supiciously ‘staged’, body movenment,e tc. regular guys
    wearing fda, police clothes. we are living in a “paid-off” world.

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