Cattle farmers say animal ID costly, time consuming

By CBC News

Some Prince Edward Island cattle farmers say the system for tracing animals for food safety reasons is becoming too difficult and expensive.  The National Farmer’s Union says it could mean some small producers just give up.

Cattle farmers like Elwin Wyand are required to put small electronic ID tags on all their animals so that if there was an outbreak of disease — such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy — it would be easier to trace the source.

But Wyand said the traceability system creates a lot paperwork.

And if a tag falls off one of their cattle, farmers face a fine of $1,300 or more.

“If you go on the road at all, you have to make sure you have a tag in every animal’s ear,” said Wyand. “But sometimes you might not notice as they’re going in the truck and you’d be up for a fine if they ever happen to stop you on the road.”

Peter Verleun, chair of the P.E.I. Cattle Producers Association said it only costs $3 to tag a cow and he hasn’t heard of anyone being fined for not having their cattle tagged.

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Ed. Note: Of course, they could cure BSE by not feeding cow brains to cows.

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3 responses to “Cattle farmers say animal ID costly, time consuming

  1. Hey, Editor, your solution makes too much sense. Besides, what is most important apparently is making a profit in what people are seeing more and more as a corrupt system, not producing cattle in a healthful way so that the end product is healthful and beneficial to the consumer. But I guess some think “garbage in, garbage out” can be repealed.

  2. I know little about the topic and since I’m not much of a meat eater, haven’t spent a lot of energy on it. In light of the fact that they are feeding brains and other body parts to these animals, I’m not sure that I think tracking is a bad idea. But I’m with Eric, the “system” is controlled by a heavy-handed lobby.

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