Chicken Poop for the Soul explores food sovereignty

By Robyn Chambers
Williams Lake Tribune

While the title Chicken Poop for the Soul: In Search of Food Sovereignty is a  bit of a retread of the popular Chicken Soup series, the content definitely is not.

Author Kristeva Dowling penned what she sees as the “next step” to the 100-mile diet over an 18-month period at her home in Hagensborg in the Bella Coola Valley. Her goal was an attempt at “food sovereignty.”

“To grow all my own food. Can it. Preserve it. Learn to make cheese, etcetera, right down to butchering, hunting and fishing,” Dowling explained.

A mind-boggling feat for most but made all the more extraordinary considering the fact that Dowling had once been a vegan, didn’t have an agricultural background or experience with hunting and was occupied at the time with a full-time job in Saskatchewan which she “loved” but left to follow this new dream and chronicle that experience in a book.

Initially Dowling dreamed of all the free time she would have to pursue personal pleasures like reading books and riding her horse.

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4 responses to “Chicken Poop for the Soul explores food sovereignty

  1. We really need more people that can understand hunting for what it really is. Ms Dowling got it first hand and i am thankful that she chose to share her experience.

    Alex Chiperi, Romania

  2. I would have had more respect if she hadn’t hunted and butchered. These animals have lives too, and please don’t say “That’s what they are there for.” It was not that long ago that people said the very same thing about women. Her state of euphoria when hunting is just an adrenalin rush.

  3. Very good write up! I am proud that Ms. Dowling took to hunting and butchering. To have a complete diet meat is needed. Also, land is never as productive as when there is livestock included. It is all a matter of doing so in a natural and humane way. Thank you for the work you all do.

  4. I agree with Rupert! I also find it amusing people like Anneliese have not realized that animals have always been food and will always be. Duh!!! She has no idea how many animals die because of mass vegetable production buy apparently thats OK with her.

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