Sharon Palmer released from jail

By Real Food Rights

Farmer Sharon Palmer FREED FROM JAIL! Out on bail! Sheriff asks “if she’s the last of the milk game”! (Palmer was arrested with two others in the recent Rawesome Raid.)

The worst part is over. Now it’s time for the Rawesome community to challenge unjust FDA policies, practices, and raids.

Susan Nichols, founder of NewHippie, went to the LA Courthouse to post bond for Ventura County farmer Sharon Palmer. “I’ve eaten her chicken for years…the future is small local farmers.”

More pix here:


First they came for organic gardeners, but we still ate at Burger King… ~CasaZaza

5 responses to “Sharon Palmer released from jail

  1. Valerie Lasciak

    I’m sorry this has happened to Rawesome, we are all suffering for what this means for all of us that believe in food sovereignty.

  2. Politicians who don’t produced must go to jail, but not Farmers who feeds everyone.

    If we figure out who made more mistakes, …they are politicians, who getaways 99% of the Crimes committed.

  3. itsonlyausername

    First they came for organic gardeners, but we still ate at Burger King… ~CasaZaza

    But this time there are many of us left and we will not stand idly by whilst the men in black take them away.

  4. Sharon Palmer appears to be a fraud. It has been confirmed she has been been buying non-organic eggs, repackaging them, and doubling the price to sell them as organic. Report at

  5. itsonlyausername

    Far be it for me to say your wrong or your right but we have to be very careful here that we don’t end up quoting and proliferating corrupt data that actually ends up being proven wrong too far down the road for the damage done to be reversed.
    If your allegations are correct then she deserves to face criticism. If they are not then she will be wronged by the rumour.

    What I have seen mentioned many times is the advice which is offered when something doesn’t ring true……’Follow the money’.

    Do that and find out who stands to gain most from this little tidbit of gossip.
    Just a little bit of advice before more harm than good ends up being done. We already have an uphill battle on our hands against these tyrannical corporations and overzealous government officials. Lets not make the battle any harder by falling for the gossip, scandal and rumour. Otherwise known as the 3 lesser know riders of the apocalypse.

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