Raw milk is dangerous and the other big lie

By Steve Green

The country is now waking up to the big lie about raw milk.

The public is learning it is not dangerous at all.  In fact, it is 35,000 times safer than other foods.  People are also learning that FDA-approved pasteurized milk is contaminated with Crohn’s bacteria which is killing over 800 people a year, and leaving huge numbers disabled.  To add visuals to that, people need only look at the difference between a calf fed raw milk and one fed pasteurized milk.  (Is this what US children’s insides look like who have living on pasteurized dairy products?)

The lie around raw milk is the essential and monstrous lie that undergirds our industrial food system.  It is necessary to convince people to distrust real food, to fear food from nature, untreated by humans, and the danger the industrial system points to are the live bacteria in it.

But bacteria are the essence of our immune system and are what we are actually referring to when we talk about safe food.  Bacteria are goodgoodgreat, and amazing.

But the food industry, inseparable now from the drug industry, slipped in as a middleman between people and natural food after they began causing diseases with industrial processes.  They have now grown into a behemoth that contaminates, drugs, damages, degrades, infects with diseases, and genetically destroys food it in every way yet imagined (though they are working on more) and profits at each stage.

After they have poisoned the plants and soil and tortured and sickened the animals that are the basis of food, they claim they are the masters of “food safety” and will bring it through their processes that attempt to hide the damage and stink and discoloration and via pasteurization, irradiation, chemical sprays, ammonia injections, meat glues, and toxic additives that are addictive.

Worst of all, they destroy good bacteria.  The dividing line between safe and unsafe food is, ironically, bacteria.  Raw milk delivers good bacteria in abundance so is healing from what the industrial system has done – destroy them:

“The actual history of pasteurization had nothing to do with making milk from normal dairy farms safe. Pasteurization was a response to the urban industrialization of milk production. That is, pasteurization was only a response to a very specific milk – industrial milk.

“Notice there was a two-tier milk system. Raw milk dairies only needed to be certified as clean and doctors actually treated diseases with that natural milk.  But industrial milk required pasteurization of its dirty and inferior product to make it safe enough to drink, and it was not used for medical benefits.

“Raw milk is the key to the health crisis, the farm crisis, the economic crisis, the small town crisis, even the environmental crisis, the political crisis and the educational crisis. Farmers who could freely advertise and sell raw milk and its products, and fresh quality meats, free of government intervention and hassles, could prosper, and their communities could blossom. The restoration of our individual and national health could become reality.”

The dairy industry is now in the last stages of their efforts to overturn reality – nature has provided a perfect food alive with bacteria that function to help us. The irony about raw milk is that the dairy industry has so negatively impacted public health for over a century that people are seeking non-industrialized raw milk to heal from the industrial food system itself.

The Other Lie

The gargantuan raw milk lie has a twin that serves a similar function – to portray nature as frightening.

The other lie concerns the massive deaths, supposedly from the 1918 Spanish flu, where 20-50 million people died. It was not a virus or flu that killed them; but aspirin.

Once again, a lie that nature is dangerous.  And out of that danger comes a similar push toward dependence on a massive industrial system to kill off germs – this time with vaccines and drugs.

It was a two tiered system for milk (raw and pasteurized), and it was a dual system in 1918 for health – natural treatments though homeopaths and a new synthetic (non-natural) pharmaceutical industry.  In a way, 1918 was a public test of synthetic drugs versus natural treatments which man had relied on until then.  The outcome couldn’t have been more dramatic.  Aspirin caused the greatest industrial disaster in human history.  Homeopaths saved almost everyone who came to them in 1918.  The pharmaceutical outcome, however, was massive numbers of dead.

Just as corporate media and medical authorities and government have broadcast the food industry’s astounding lie about raw milk’s danger and pasteurized milk’s safety, the same has occurred about 1918 with the danger and ineffectiveness of supplements, but the wonders of drugs and miraculousness of vaccines.

Both have occurred despite no statistical basis for fear of raw milk (quite the opposite) and a whole population becoming sickened from industrial food.  And though there have been no deaths from supplements, the FDA allows pharmaceutical industry to keep drugs on the market though they are the leading cause of death in the US. Now, major scientists are warning that vaccines are contaminated, and a new study has exposed a connection between higher numbers of infant vaccinations and increased infant mortality.

It turns out that Rupert Murdoch heavily invested in vaccines along with his whole family. He was also a leading voice condemning parents concerned about vaccines and costing a doctor his license for urging caution.
Once again, the lie involves what happens to bacteria – which makes up most of our immune system.  Natural treatments all support them and all drugs and vaccines damage or destroy them.

What happened in 1918 is that aspirin greatly suppressed people’s immune systems (good bacteria) so common upper respiratory bacteria proliferated, infections turned into pneumonia, and people died.  (Others died rapidly from the bleeding large doses of aspirin cause.)  1918 showed on a global scale that synthetic treatments (drugs or vaccines) are antithetical to healing because they suppress or damage the very system we require to get well.

Both massive lies about health are coming to a head right now.  Food safety laws have been put in place to “save” everyone from contamination, and are now being used in police state fashion to destroy natural food.  To “save” the public from natural treatments that are curing diseases and to force drugs and vaccines that are taking lives, the government has already got a net of medical laws in operation which make it legally dangerous for a doctor to prescribe natural treatments, and at the same time as natural treatment companies are facing armed raid and supplements are facing being banned.

But the lie about 1918 and a flu, sees its most horrific expression in the pandemic laws based on that lie.  The laws set up to “save” us from a recurrence of a pandemic that never happened include military control of the US, if the CDC simply declares a pandemic emergency.  Yet, the CDC is home to lie after lie.

Acting for the pharmaceutical industry which does not wish people well with either food or vaccines and whose profits are threatened at its core by good food and supplements, the CDC functions as their megaphone for lies and the FDA is their thug.

The CDC with its own data showing that raw milk is 35,000 time safer than other food, letting the drama of an armed raid on Rawesome play out without a scientific objection, and turned the lie about a virulent 1918 flu into a full-fledged adventure thriller, saying it has gone the arctic to dig up a corpse with the phony 1918 Spanish virus.

The FDA has been acting out a kind of false flag (or germ or virus) behavior to support an immense lie about nature’s danger.  The false danger is then used in the service of ending access to real (and safe) food, and of making the country entirely and dangerously dependent on bankers and corporations for everyone’s existence, a crowd with a vested interest in a shortage of food.

And the CDC creates the fiction of even greater danger from nature (it will kill millions!) to support a lie about pandemic flu that meant billions for the pharmaceutical industry through vaccines for a fake pandemic, and would, through pandemic laws it supported, move the country to “medical” martial law giving the pharmaceutical industry power to conduct any medical treatment/experiments on anyone, seize any property, force untested, unknown vaccines on the entire country, imprison any person, under pandemic laws that do not even require evidence there is a pandemic – just as no evidence is needed to destroy raw milk production and distribution.

The Rawsome raid is ending fundamental trust in the last government agencies that were uncritically followed: health agencies.  Unquestioning belief that the FDA and CDC were protecting the public allowed a totalitarian “food safety” law and suspect vaccines and drugs and pandemic martial laws to go forward.

But the extreme lies about raw milk and about 1918 are coming out now and people are beginning to see reality is upside down.  Nature is safe and healing while the pharmaceutical industry is disease-causing and beyond dangerous.  What it is doing in destroying food and access to natural health is implementing a plan they developed after causing WWII, called Codex AlimentariusWe Become Silent is a film about Codex, narrated by Dame Judy Dench.

9 responses to “Raw milk is dangerous and the other big lie

  1. you are going to have to get yoru science righjt on this we need to look at real scientific studies not movies or books written about a subject> I think uyou are suffering from emnetal illness a paranoid somethinmg or other if you think the CDC or FA are out to get us. Their no such thing as Crohns bacteria. Causing WWII – holly shxx you are nuts> Judy dench ? How come her involvement in the film means its legitimate . It shows that crazy Autralian actor Mel Gibson – who is well know to ahve a drug drinking prolem at least had – again not any scientific basis and then goes on about vitamins
    and minerals – a biullion doallr business of mostly quackery. There are virtually no vitamins that have been consistntly been shown to provide health values except when they are low in amounts showing that can be bad. All eth stories or small studies on vit C, vit e etc have not shown them to be valuable. Just about the only one is fish oil taken in 12 grams doeses to reduce lipids. Trust me I took many of them based on early reports but these results fall apart and mostly are due to placebo effect. Lets separate that from relatively effect drugs but lump them with ineffective FDA apprived drugs – there are FDA drugs that don’t work broadly enough and drugs and viramins can be toxic.

  2. excuse the spelling and typos I hate these blogs getting away with murder but also don’t want to waste my time trying to stop the misinformation

  3. Steve what are your qualification in science? I have a Ph.D and BS in biology and pathology. Do you have a gricultural or any sort of biology type degree with soem training in science. Sugegsting that we should care about pandmeic flus is irrespsonsible – one day a flu will kill billions if we don’t quickly protect ourselves – if we have 10 false alarms that would be fine – this is nature taking its course – too many people ion contact with wild nature and birds and pigs is close quarters with people – th europeans killed off most the western natives through a variety of diseases endemic in Europe bu the smal tribes of teh west had no chance. You seem like a person who doesn’t have much of clue about the real world and who fears authorities. People in governemnt are like us – the try to do the best most of the time and some screw up. Same for people in pharmaceutical companies. Their work has saved lives if you don’t see that you are a sad excuse for a human being. My son has type i diabetes and would probably not be alive today with out the best GM produced human insulin. My wife who has MS has been successfully treated with interferon that has kept it at bay. So I say bullshit to your scribbling here.

  4. Raw milk is dangerous and the other big lie? this is true? Food Quality Safety is very important thing . It is closely interlinked to people life . If government doesn’t supervise the food safety carefully , this will cause the social unrest.

    • If people believe they are “protected” from bad food by govt activities, they are very mistaken. Govt “inspects” big factory “phude” (it looks like food, may even taste a bit like food, but it’s not!) operations even more than small natural operations. Yet, nearly all “food”-caused disease is from the factory farm operations! If you don’t do your own due diligence you will reap what you sew…

  5. If the government were doing their job correctly they would be protecting us. But pushing the Agenda of Big Ag and Pharma and Monsanto. They are bullying the little guys Like Rawesome foods with no evidence of contamination, but let Cargill kill some folks with their E coli ground turkey and all is OK. This is wrong and the USDA, FDA and EPA need to do their jobs for all not just big Corporations.

  6. Thanks for continuing to cover this important story!
    Let’s all get behind Dr. Ron Paul’s Raw Milk Freedom Bill, HR.1830
    You can send emails to your congress-critters about this issue here:

  7. Wow! It is quite obvious with some previous comments that we have become way too dependent and trusting of the FDA and EPA and USDA when it comes to our well-being. While I do believe that there are some prescription medications that can be helpful, I think most of them are waaaaaaaaay overused and dangerous. Too many people are prescribed long-term medications that don’t fix the problem, they just band-aid it so they have to be continually taken. Not to mention the side effects! You then have to get on more prescriptions to take care of those! It’s a sick, vicious cycle and one that’s lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. I think people would be very pleasantly surprised if they switched to local, raw food and raw milk diets at how much better they would feel. Most of the problems and illnesses we have today didn’t even exist 150 years ago! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think all of these prescriptions were around then and people have more long-term health problems now because of them. Wake up, drink some raw milk and eat some local, homegrown fruits and veggies! BTW, it would help the situation our economy is in right now too.

  8. I just posted this on my Facebook page (The Hillbilly Bride) with the following introduction: “This is THE BEST article I have seen yet on raw milk, hands down. Complete with links to back up every statement. If you want to research raw milk, this is where you should start.’

    We have a 5 year old Jersey that we purchased in January and have become major supporters of raw milk and hope to educate people that are open to hearing about this big lie…you are right on the money regarding Big Gov/Big Agra/Big Pharma. I’ll be following your blog. Well done!

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