Doctor Confronts D.A. Over Rawesome Raid

M.D. Stands Up for Nature’s Perfect Food


By Dr. Edgar Lucidi

A letter to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in Response to the Seizure and Destruction of Milk and other natural, unprocessed foods.

I am writing to express my opposition to the recent unwarranted raid of this buying club. Raw goat milk is nutritionally superior to and much safer than pasteurized milks, particularly those laden with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. From a bacteriological aspect it is also much safer, as pasteurized milk begins to show a much higher pathogenic bacterial count within a few hours after the enzyme destroying pasteurization process. Lastly, it is known that newborn animals will not survive if fed pasteurized milk; as to humans, it causes a whole host of diseases.

In consideration of the above and for various other scientific and philosophical reasons, I strongly object to the position that considers it to be illegal to produce and sell raw milk and food, be it as individuals or club members. In conclusion, my many years of experience as a physician, US Army officer and active member of many national and international organizations have convinced me that consumers should have free access not only to whole unprocessed foods of their choice but also to direct trade with farmers.

Sincerely yours,

Edgar A. Lucidi, MD

Dr. Lucidi is a graduate of Villanova University, Hahnemann Medical University and the Kresge Eye Institute. He is a board certified ophthalmologist, holistic physician, ex-Army officer and public health investigator. He is also actively involved as an officer and director of several prestigious holistic medical societies, including the International College of Applied Nutrition and the Orthomolecular Medical Society.

4 responses to “Doctor Confronts D.A. Over Rawesome Raid

  1. Dear Dr. Lucidi,
    Are you willing to be a guest on The Dr. Rima Reports Internet radio program which airs on Sunday mornings?
    We’d appreciate having you share your wisdom with our listening audience.
    Here is the web site for the program:
    Please contact me at:

  2. I wonder how much it’s gonna cost this MD for expressing that sort of opinion. It takes courage, a whole lot, so thank you sir for standing up for your beliefs that millions silent supporters also agree with.
    Maybe it’s about time those millions do something about this nonsense going on, this conspiracy to force human beings to behave like slaves.
    Comes a time when, enough is enough.

  3. A real man of medicine – I’ve never forgotten Dr. Lucidi; he saved my eye from an agressive infection. Glad to see our views on over-reaching government are compatible too!

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