Urban beekeeping: the latest big environmental movement

By Alison Benjamin

A rooftop beehive in north London
A rooftop beehive in north London Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

There are beehives all over our cities, on office rooftops, in parks and allotments, and in school grounds and urban backyards. Some of our most famous landmarks host hives: Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern and Fortnum & Mason.

In just three years, membership of the British Beekeeping Association has doubled to 20,000, as young, urban dwellers transform a rather staid pastime into a vibrant environmental movement.Bees in the City: The urban beekeepers’ handbook
by Brian McCallum, Alison Benjamin

Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
by Ross Conrad

Camilla Goddard, 38, epitomises the new beekeeper. Metropolitan and eco-conscious, she keeps bees on her allotment, in a university campus and on the roof of a cosmetics company in Covent Garden, central London, seeing it as a small contribution to saving the planet.

“By keeping just one hive you are immediately introducing 50,000 pollinators into an urban area and that can have a huge impact on the environment. I like the idea of doing something as an unfettered individual when most of the time we can’t seem to affect any of the sad things that are happening to the earth,” she says.

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6 responses to “Urban beekeeping: the latest big environmental movement

  1. itsonlyausername

    Just remember that the British Beekeepers Association has been cozying up to Bayer for the last few years by supporting their pesticides as being Bee Friendly. This is despite a number of scientific papers that demonstrate that the chemicals are a part of the overall cause of CCD.

    For those wanting to really do some good and avoid the likes of Bayer et al then I recommend BioBees which is a natural beekeeping group with worldwide supporters. Take a look and see what they are about.

  2. Russ Conrad thinks the bees store honey and pollen in the supers… surely he must know that pollen is stored around the brood? And he still uses Langs with frames and foundation, and he spins out the honey and heats it to make it flow – not exactly ‘natural beekeeping’…

  3. I assume the suck-up between the aparians (aspirins?) and Bayer will cure the GMO headache from the organians.

  4. Hello, I’m going to write an off-topic, but I think is interesting think about this. Is a video about Hiroshima and Nagasaki… the video is in spanish (a good language), It takes six minutes, but the part I want you to see is in the minute: 5:25 to 5:45, the day of the explosion on Hiroshima…
    This is History : 1945

  5. Today, still, holliwood is making films with absurd American captains, who like revenge as a value… the problem is greater than the things that we can see, because behind all this, are secret societies. Until when?

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