Are the raw milk raids to distract from something far more deadly to farming?

By William Davis

People have been saying that the FDA goofed because their attacks on Rawesome and California’s cease and desist orders for goat herders have galvanized public attention to the issue of raw milk and safe food.  But when corporate media gives time to grass roots anti-corporate issues, there is usually a purpose.

Just as the New York Times and other corporate outlets appeared to be muck raking about industrial agriculture with all their stories on the terrible, contaminated conditions there as the food safety bills were on the table in Congress, it was not to ensure the small farmers became a greater source of food but to create sense of public outrage in order to push through a devastating corporate bill.

Not once did the NY Times publish articles on how the bills threatened farmers, though it was blatant that they did, or on how corrupt the FDA was, or about the fact that a Monsanto lawyer and VP was put in charge of all food and farms.  And now that the Food Safety Modernization Act has passed and that same Monsanto person is ordering raids against safe food across the country, the NY Times is also silent.

So, if there is big media attention on FDA raids now, one is compelled to wonder what are they pulling farming, food and health advocates’ attention from?

A good guess is the gargantuan thing the USDA is doing to farmers and ranchers and anyone with so much as a chicken.  Jim Hightower, former agricultural commissioner in Texas back when such people actually cared about farmers, has called the USDA plan “lunatic.”

The USDA  program was once called NAIS (the National Animal Identification System) but was so detested by farmers and ranchers that the government had to back off.  They did, momentarily, since 90% of the farmers at Vilsack’s listening sessions were vehemently opposed. The USDA promised to take that into consideration.

They did.  They changed the name to “traceability,” hoping to slip it through now, hoping farmers are worn out from the last go-round, hoping the public won’t notice, and perhaps hoping the raw milk raids will keep farmers, and the public who strongly supports them, occupied.

NAIS, or traceability, had been promised as voluntary but the USDA is bringing it back as mandatory.  It had been promised to ranchers that their brands would serve as identification but the USDA flat out lied about that.

“USDA did not have to attack our industry’s hot-iron brand or add younger cattle to the proposed rule in order to improve animal disease traceability in the United States, but we believe it has chosen to do so to appease the World Trade Organization and other international tribunals,” said R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard recently.

Hightower’s article makes clear that this animal ID plan to track down deadly animal diseases is not about diseases at all.  Neither is the USDA’s decision to locate a germ lab in Tornado Alley over the objections of ranchers  and scientists who say it can cause a leak and set off diseases, or in trying to bring in cattle from Brazil where a disease is active now, once again over the objections of ranchers working to keep their animals healthy.

So what is this USDA program that is rousing all this resistance and all this lying on the USDA’s part?  Hightower says it is a system that “would compel all owners of [farm] animals to register their premises and personal information in a federal database, to buy microchip devices and attach them to every single one of their animals (each of which gets its very own 15-digit federal ID number), to log and report each and every ‘event’ in the life of each animal, to pay fees for the privilege of having their location and animals registered, and to sit still for fines of up to $1,000 a day for any noncompliance.”

Whoa.  It does so many, many objectionable things, one almost naturally skips right over the far and away most poisonous part.  Putting aside the onerousness and impossibility of logging and reporting all events and movement of animals and the huge fines, the real kicker is this:  it would “compel all owners of [farm] animals register their premises….”

Mr. Hightower is mistaken, however, that the information would be put “in a federal database.”  It would be into a privately-owned corporate database, out of reach of a public records request.  Farmers raise this central question in a highly informative article called The Amish and the bailout?

A few urban folk may still picture farmers as hay-chewing rednecks, but clearly they were thinking hard as they chewed because they appear to have been sharp as pitchforks at sniffing out what may be the largest government trickery in US history.

What, farmers ask, are “premises?”  It is not an international term?  And with premises, is a person merely a stakeholder in land, not an owner?  Is this, farmers inquired of the USDA, different from “property” which is a constitutional term in which one owns one’s land?  And in signing onto premises, wouldn’t farmers be signing their land onto an international contract and in the process be losing their property rights as landowners but become mere stake holders?

And for whom would they be holding the stake?

Some think a good guess might be the IMF, the Fed, the World Bank, or even the Chinese.  George Soros has been buying up farmland across the midwest at low prices after the floods.  He is also selling gold and buying farmland.  Land is where it’s at.

Do the bankers who took our homes, our jobs, our manufacturing, our economy, now want the land itself?

Sometime back, a man named Wayne Hage suggested that our land is collateral on the national debt.

Is that correct?  Does President Obama’s Executive Order 13575 further these aims?

Is the USDA forcing our farmers and ranchers (and any of us with a chicken) into international contracts in readiness for a government default?  Funny how that sounds remarkably like the Rockefellers’ (bankers) UN Agenda 21.  No property rights and no people on the land at all.  Have the bankers and corporations created the debt which pushed us into debt in the first place, set the country up for a default in order to take over our land?

The right to choose our food is a fundamental human right and people are now realizing it’s at risk, but there can be no food and thus no rights at all, without the land.

Stopping premises ID comes first.  It’s everything.

Ignore the occasional misplaced concern about pesticides and golf courses, and remember that these conservatives saw the fundamental threat of UN Agenda 21 long ago, so even if they drop the dart a few times, they get the bulls-eye when they throw.  This video on UN Agenda 21 shows what is planned with land and property rights for everyone.

18 responses to “Are the raw milk raids to distract from something far more deadly to farming?

  1. Thanks for this. Please keep covering it. Most people haven’t heard of it but obviously, we all need to oppose it. How can people organize to do that? Flood the USDA with comments on the record? People could twitter about it and leave this article link at all the sites they go to. Just ran across some youtube videos of the USDA listening sessions (of course the USDA didn’t listen) on NAIS. What don’t we listen to them? Could you include a few (their each short) each time FF sends out articles, so we all are hearing our farmers and ranchers speaking for themselves about how terrible this program is? That way, we’ll feel it personally and become involved with them. Here’s the USDA lying and how angry people are.

    Here’s two from R-Calf USA giving an overview of how it’s unconstitutional, intrusive, destructive, etc. and asking for our help. He only mentions premises ID as making no sense whatever.

  2. Here in the UK we have strict controls on animal movements and disease control. We also have a limit on the age of cattle that can be slaughtered for meat. The control of BSE infections is one of the reasons. Another is the control of Foot and Mouth which as everyone knows was used to great effect a few years ago to slaughter totally healthy livestock nationwide. A slaughterfest that the butchers from the ministry were very proud of. Sadly the only winners were the very same ministry men who now have stricter control over what farmers do. You cannot move livestock from one field to another more than a very few times per month.
    The problem is that this requirement is onerous and costly to the farmer at a time when they cannot actually afford the extra expense for something which does not actually stop infections occurring. The only thing that the law actually does is introduce stricter control measures and allows the ministry to intrude into the farming world without so much as an invite.
    The disease control measures I would agree with but knowing how much the law is manipulated and how every corporation has its own fully functioning legal department with a bankroll fit for government I can empathise with the plight of the US farmers and ranchers. However the land grab issue is not just limited to the US It is happening all over the world.
    Time for the revolution to begin.

  3. It’s beyond time. We need to get our reps out of office who sign this nonsense and put people in who will vote NO on any bill, just like Ron Paul does, that increases the size, cost, reach and power of the gov’t. We need to get Ron Paul in office in 2012. This is our last hope unless someone else like him appears, but I doubt it.

  4. Up here in Maine, we have a gentleman who is challenging Sen. Olympia Snowe in the 2012 Republican Primary. His name is Scott D’Amboise – one of the cornerstones of his campaign is to fight the overreaching of the Federal Gov’t with regards to Agriculture, especially Animal and Premise ID. He is a supporter of the local food ordinance movement and small local farms up here in Maine. When is comes to Agricultural Issues, he is very much in line with Ron Paul. Here are his positions:

    Scott D’Amboise on Agricultural Issues

    “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson


    I believe that economic and personal liberties are indivisible. Nowhere are these liberties better exemplified and expressed than in the ability of the American farmer to conduct business with the American consumer.

    Therefore, one of the cornerstones of my campaign will be to defend and protect the liberties of the American farmer (especially the small, local farmer) as well as the American consumer who chooses to buy their products.


    I believe the Declaration of Independence declares the God given liberties of all American farmers to raise, produce and sell their products and the American consumer to purchase such products.

    I believe the Constitution of the United States protects the God given liberties of all American farmers to raise, produce and sell their products and the American consumer to purchase such products.

    I will therefore fight to protect these liberties of the American farmer. The Federal government has no inherent power to intervene in the private transaction between the American small farmer and their customers.


    I will support and defend the liberties of all American dairy farmers to produce and sell raw milk. They should be able to do so without fear of prosecution.

    I will oppose all attempts by the Federal Government to:

    Implement any type of National Animal ID and/or Farm Premise ID program
    Force farmers to obtain a commercial driver’s license in order to drive their tractors

    Such programs are not only unconstitutional, but written to protect the interests of large agricultural interests while imposing an undue burden which ultimately punishes the small farmer.

    I will support and defend the liberties of the Americans who have promoted and adopted the local food ordinance – most recently exhibited by some of our fellow Mainers in Hancock County.

    I will actively work to reduce the size of the FDA and USDA.

    Ultimately, I believe food is safer, tastes better and is more nutritious when grown and sold locally.

    Lastly, I believe it is our duty as American citizens to protect the American farmer from an agenda that threatens their very livelihood. No liberty is more basic than the ability of free men and women to support their local farmer.

  5. Scott D’Amboise full contact information:

    Address: P.O. Box 72, Lisbon Falls, ME 04252

  6. Resist! All those that manage a herd or flock or even one chicken or duck should just resist. Besides, animals are still considered property, and in this instance, perhaps that is a good thing. Where the hell is Robin Hood when ya need him?

  7. This the same thing that has been the norm in large shopping malls for years. The rental returns to investors is based on a agreed turnover. Any increase in turnover as a result of hard work or smarter business practice will increase the rent. Once the land is owned by large corperations, banks or nations they can impose this upon those who now have to rent the farm.

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  9. When in doubt, vote only for non-racists or Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, also see the pledge/questionairre below and ask your MP candidate or Assemblyman candidate, current MP or Assemblyman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :

    Voters remember. NO PLUTOCRATS, NO OLIGARCHS, no big business candidates, means no loophole or collusion to harm the American people. From there, also remember the rest of the world and teach how to end slavery via Capitalism even as you free yourselves.

  10. The individual States should take this by the Horns and tell the FDA to stay out of there state, they police there own standards.
    THis isnt a federal issue its a state issue.
    The states beter start standing up for there sovernty from the Feds !

  11. Guys,
    Common Law Juries—Now! Their decision is final–no appeal. Treason penalty is death. Gather 23 people with ears that can hear, eyes that can ‘see’ and a brain that can function intelligently. If your Sheriff in your area is approachable, I’d do that first. Get the feds out.
    They have NO JURISDICTION in any of the states, 10 sq. miles ONLY. (Sheriff) Mack v. U.S., Bollow v Fed.Res. of SFO, US v Lee, Yick Wo v Hopkins, Luther v Borden —Get Busy!

  12. …..and no one with an education above grade 8 need apply… that where this is going, re. some of the ‘replies’ above!

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