Don Huber on Food Chain Radio: What will the Monsanto Bug do to us?

By Food Chain Radio

With its roundup herbicide and roundup-ready genes, the Monsanto Corporation has made growing crops a lot easier. Some, however, say Monsanto’s technology has spawned a new pathogen that causes abortion rates of 20% to 45% in the animals that feed upon the crops. If true, we ask…

What will the Monsanto Bug do to us?

This Saturday at 9am Pacific, the Food Chain Radio show with Michael Olson hosts Professor Emeritus Dr. Don Huber from Purdue University, for a conversation about a newly-discovered– and as yet unnamed– glysophate pathogen.

Monsanto has declined an invitation to participate. (Food Chain Radio #739)

Topics include how we know the Monsanto Bug exists when Monsanto says it does not; what impact, if any, this pathogen has on the food chain of plants, animals and people; and why so few in authority want to consider these questions.

Related: Rootworm could be resistant to genetically modified crops

Monsanto’s corn is falling prey to GM-resistance in the corn rootworm beetle.

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