GMO Human to Have Bulletproof Skin?

By Fox News

A Dutch team created a piece of “bulletproof” skin from special, U.S.-made spider silk and human skin cells and found that it indeed can repel bullets as long as they’re not traveling too fast.

The bulletproof skin showed its superiority over normal human skin by stopping a bullet fired at a reduced speed. But it fell short of surviving a shot at normal speed from a .22 caliber rifle, the benchmark for protection for a Type 1 bulletproof vest.

The result did not discourage Jalila Essaidi, the Dutch artist who, along with the Forensic Genomics Consortium Netherlands, created the skin. She just wanted an art project demonstrating the relative concept of safety.

“Even with the ‘bulletproof’ skin being pierced by the faster bullet, the experiment is, in my view, still a success,” Essaidi said. “The art project is based on and leads to a debate on the question, ‘Which forms of safety are socially important?'”

The special brand of spider silk came from genetically modified goats and worms at Utah State University in Logan. U.S. researchers have spent years harvesting the spider silk protein from the goat milk to try to make new types of super-strong fibers.

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5 responses to “GMO Human to Have Bulletproof Skin?

  1. I liked it a whole lot better when Superman was just a comic book.

    But I guess we are living the comic life, now.

    A game of dice with other peoples’ lives that warped and twisted, mentally ill scientists and their diabolical masters play.

    • when people let biotechs mess around with their DNA, I suspect they’re vying for the Darwin Awards.

      Oh, sure, they may have bullet proof skin, but will they have offspring?

  2. We have been ripped from our life context, culturally. We have been divorced for sooo long from biophysical nature & awareness that our view of the world & ourselves is little more than institutionalized hallucination. Images such as human supremacy over all things animate & inanimate.. an obese GNP is the model of social health & high technology is the holy grail..

    It is a halluncination to think that there can be a completely planned, organized, ordered, understandable, and manageable universe. J.A. Livingston

  3. Scientist no matter wat u do but no 1 can deceive death b’coz everybody has 2 die 1day wat if sombody shoots in d head , eye or ears , Any protection 4 these body parts 2

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