How We Doin’?

By Rady Ananda

Following the widespread banishment of all radical elements on a certain “progressive” website, which included yours truly, several of us started other sites.  Akin to AA thinking that asks, how do you start an AA meeting (“all it takes is a coffee pot and a resentment”), we did just that.

Hence, Coalition of the ObviousFood Freedom and, a month later, COTO Report were born.  My buddy, Patrick, runs the first site, and I run the last two. That’s only possible with a dedicated crew who keep the engines going with original essays, artwork, news tips, and shares on social media sites.

Though COTO doesn’t draw as many visitors as Food Freedom, it gives an outlet to radical thought.  Given the corporate-government’s propensity to censorship, more outlets are better than fewer, I figure.  Here are the stats since inception:

Food Freedom saw 201,442 visitors in July, its highest month yet.  COTO peaked in January at 80,293 visitors, and isn’t yet finished.

Food Freedom is growing quickly, since corpogov is upping its efforts to wipe out all natural foods, supplements and small to midsize farms.  No particular political bent is required to recognize our right to choose what foods we eat. Nor is one required to recognize the need to protect our food supply from nefarious corpogov forces.

The three prior times that FF saw more visitors than the site which banned us, we only beat it by a couple thousand.  In July, we beat it by 69,000:

As delighted as that makes me, you’d think I might be gracious. But, alas, I’m not above elbowing Rob’s ribs a little bit.  It must be nice on some level to have a single flavor of political thought repeating itself in an echo chamber, but it sure has to hurt when a national figure like Keith Olbermann tweets:

Did you know there is a website called @ opednews that cuts, pastes and reposts your work without permission? I wonder if they have lawyers?

Ouch!  OEN even created a user name for him, though he never signed up at the site.  Double ouch!

The most surprising take-down request I’ve ever received was a short blog promoting this guy’s new book.  I was shocked!  Fearing he might lose a few dollars on the blog (he got paid by page views), he lost access to a site interested in his work, which might have generated book sales.  Penny wise and pound foolish.

The publishing house, Chelsea Green, is a bit more savvy.  They started sending me books for free, so I’d review them.  What a boon for all of us – the publisher, the author, me and my readers.  Since then, I’ve now got a stack of books from several sources (I promise, the reviews are coming).

My favorites so far are David Gumpert’s Raw Milk Revolution (my review) and Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture.  I appreciated Simon Fairlee’s Meat: A Benign Extravagance, but I have to admit it was a little tough to chew through his statistical arguments.  In the end, he convinced me.  The last half of the book laying out his argument and conclusions sans stats was definitely worth the effort put into the first half.  Plus, he gets extra points for humor.  (My review of both Permaculture and Meat.)

Meanwhile, I’m learning way more than I did in school.  Or maybe it just seems that way because of the focus.  Not only books and films – I am informed by many of the folks who comment.

Much thanks to all the contributors, news-tip emailers, folks who cite us on Facebook and other social media sites, and to all those major sites that link to us, including Activist Post, Rense, David Icke, Republic Broadcasting, Progressive Mind, Kathy’s News, and BlackListed News.

A special hat tip to for hosting us and for featuring Food Freedom on its front page. That drew several hundred new subscribers.


If you like what we’re doing at Food Freedom and/or COTO Report, we could use donations.

16 responses to “How We Doin’?

  1. Good on you Rady… i remember well when i believed OpEd News was a good site, but that was a couple years ago by now. Rob shot himself in the foot and i hope he realizes it… hope he learns from it, but don’t hold out much hope for that. Plenty of people there were telling him he was going down the wrong road with the censorship.

    I think i’ll head over to Coallition of the Obvious and check in with my old friends Jersey Girl and Mr. M…. i miss William Whitten most of all from the OpEd days and wonder where he wound up.

    The best revenge is living well, they say, and for good reason !! Congratulations Rady… you deserve it.

    • OpEdNews has improved (I post there), but definitely there was a big mistake made there some years back. I have no problem with people that maintain a grudge, I know exactly from my own experience at other sites (SmirkingChimp, CommonDreams, DissidentVoice) about the enormous problem of censorship and banning of participants on supposed ‘voice of the people’ sites. It is a major issue of hypocrisy and denial (and imitation of our corrupt government).

      I am pleased to say that I think Rady is doing a great job with this site and even the corporate shills and trolls are allowed their say, although in addition to having their ‘say’, they need to be exposed as what they are. And that is what I see happening here.

      Good job, people.

      • thx, Ned ~ yeah, especially here at Food Freedom, the commenters carry the day. I have learned SO MUCH from you and others who take the time.

        you’re very much appreciated, Ned.

    • hey, Wanda ~ I did not know you were part of that whole crew! Wm Whitten comments frequently at both COTO sites.

      at COTO Report, he is non-stop arguing right now on 911 evidence.

      (And I have 400 more pages to read of this new 911 book, which I hope to get done before the 10th anniversary)

      • I guess you might not know that… i was posting as bucketslogg. The bucketslogg is a tool i invented, sell it on ebay… good tool. Still no patent granted, but that’s the wages of war… perhaps i’ll get my patent when we win the war… and we will win.

        I would have loved to continue on and contributed on their new site but was going through a very difficult break up that ended in divorce early last year… its taken years for me to feel like my old self again.

        So… off to see what William Whitten is up to. He was always a compelling arguer… we usually were in agreement with each other, as i recall.

  2. Thanks Rady for all you do in informing/educating us as to the antics of the New World Order fascists.

  3. Rady, I learned last evening from listening to Alan Watt, a Canadian researcher, on the Republic Broadcasting Network, 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., EDT, that Nikola Aleksic is threatening to call the Serbs out into the streets over the perpetrated genocide of them by GMOs. His address can be seen here, and I hope it goes viral:
    By the way, Alan Watt’s website is:
    Why in the land of the free and home of the brave, there is not a similar outrage?

  4. As an aside… here’s an upbeat and offbeat article i just came across. I swear it will make your day…

  5. great wildlife story, Wanda — and yeah! I remember bucketslog

    • Two g’s… bucketslogg(tm)…

      Anyways, i always wondered why Rob went down that path. Was it fear or money or both… how it came down. Certainly something along the lines of he was contacted or contracted happened.

  6. I can only say Rady that you were a wonderful help to this senior citizen when you were an editor at oped. I was devastated when you moved on. However, since my interests are mostly to do with animal suffering, I am still grateful to oped for letting me write about them. For me personally Rob has shown kindness when I needed it. I hope one day, we can move on and be glad with who we are and where we are. Continued good writing and fans for this site Rady. You deserve it.

    • thanks for the kudos, Suzana, and for your many submissions and news tips.

      Here’s some of her work, for any interested:

      Leave My Mother Goose Alone!
      By Suzana M. Megles
      I really don’t know too much about geese, but I respect them as I do all animals whom God has created. Yes, I purposely used the pronoun “whom” because animals are living breathing beings – not …

      Right or Wrong?
      By Suzana Megles
      They say you are what you eat and of course, the same can probably said about what you read. I know some people who are only interested in reading happy stories. Sadly, they really miss the real …

      S.510, alternative medicine and natural foods
      By Suzana Megles
      For too long, we have let government entities like the FDA call the shots on important things which reflect on our lives. And sadly many of us believe that the FDA is too cozy with big corporations …

      HR 4733 – for the Farm Animals
      By Suzana Megles
      Today I read something from Deepak Chopra on Care2 which I liked very much. For me the salient point he made in this spiritual post was that we shouldn’t spend too much time basking in our successes …

      A Crusader for Healthier School Menus
      By Suzana Megles
      I have probably heard of Chef Jamie Oliver before but had never seen him in action. That changed today. He was featured on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” where he tried to impress on us the terrible incidences of childhood…

      A Million Acts of Kindness
      By Suzana Megles
      It is so good to read stories about people who are either doing acts of kindness or promoting it. I was delighted to read about a Cleveland native – Bob Votruba who, after hearing about the Virginia …

      Two Million Dollar Fine for Tyson
      By Suzana Megles
      I think the celebrities who sport milk mustaches have failed to do their homework. Do we really need milk? Considering that there are many vegetable sources with less fat and calories for realizing our calcium needs–then the answer

      Big Ag to police its animal treatment in Ohio
      Ohio Voters – Please Care
      By Suzana Megles
      This week both HSUS and Farm Sanctuary warned Ohioans of Big Agribusiness lobbying to have legislation introduced which would amend the state constitution to give industry oversight over the well-being of farm animals.

      • You are just too much Rady, and just what the doctor ordered- I believe for all of us who have a viewpoint. Thank you and God bless.

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