Children defy police in D.C., purchase lemonade at Capitol

By Adam Kokesh
Adam vs The Man

In response to a recent wave of lemonade stand shut downs and harassment of children over such petty regulations as are used to shut them down, several activists gathered at the west lawn of the capitol in Washington, DC to sell lemonade and were arrested.

While the officers were technically on solid “legal” ground in shutting down the stand, they behaved inappropriately by any standard numerous times, using intimidation tactics on protestors and observers, and harassing members of the professional media.

The willingness with which children and tourists participated by purchasing lemonade in disobedience of the police instructions is an indicator of how little respect the general public has for government in general, and specifically police when enforcing unjust laws. Gives me hope for America.

For those who are complaining about the public property not being used for its intended purpose, part of the point of this that the government should not be using public property for the glorification of government when it could be better used to serve public interests. Excessive vending at the capitol (or without a permit in any public space) would surely be preferable to 22.5% unemployment. Free the economy!

Original footage by Dustin DeLelles, Clyde X, Luke Rudkowski, Adam Kokesh
Video editing by Dustin DeLelles

8 responses to “Children defy police in D.C., purchase lemonade at Capitol

  1. Absurd conclusions. Why not just clutter the Mall with unpermited and uninspected carnival rides. See my take here

    • yeah, I saw your post, Augie — I get where you’re coming from but I have to agree with Lisa. The point was to make a big statement about the absurdity of targeting children who run lemonade stands.

  2. Various children across America have had their lemonaide stands shut down by the police. This protest was done purposely on the White house to make a statement. I applaude them. You see the police are here to protect the people, but they are beholden to Govt rules. And we all know the Government is corrupt… so in all actuality, while police do contribute to a safer society by keeping us safe from gangs..burglaries…etc… they are also no more than puppets on a string following orders from a corrupt chain of command where the law enforcers are at the bottom. The biggest reason why the Govt is corrupt is because there is no seperation between corporation and the state. Corporations wield enormous financial power, and have proven themselves capable of effectively running government–and of doing so in their own interest to the exclusion of others. For that reason, corporations must be barred from the political process. And perhaps problems such as these asanine issues wouldnt even stem up. I also have no doubt that if this wasnt being filmed and on the white house lawn, some of those who got arrested would have probably gotten beaten.

  3. the police and homeland insecurity people act like such retards… sorry to be so un-p.c. about it, but it’s the truth.

  4. Rady, yes I see that point and like I commented at the Journal, it takes extremists to cause great societal changes–so in that respect, there could be a value. I wanted to put something together on the WH Rural Council myself–but started a chemtrail article which you will love!

  5. We who in engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive.

    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Dr. Blake: AAAAMEN! Hey everyone, if you’re heading upstate NY, let me know and I’ll be happy to set up a lemonade stand for ya’ll!

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