ConAgra Sued Over GMO ‘100% Natural’ Cooking Oils

By Michele Simon
Food Safety News

If you use Wesson brand cooking oils, you may be able to join a class action against food giant ConAgra for deceptively marketing the products as natural.

These days it’s hard to walk down a supermarket aisle without bumping into a food product that claims to be “all-natural.” If you’ve ever wondered how even some junk food products can claim this moniker (witness: Cheetos Natural Puff White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snacks – doesn’t that sound like it came straight from your garden?) the answer is simple if illogical: the Food and Drug Administration has not defined the term natural.

So food marketers, knowing that many shoppers are increasingly concerned about healthful eating, figured: why not just slap the natural label on anything we can get away with? That wishful thinking may soon be coming to an end if a few clever consumer lawyers have anything to say about it.

While various lawsuits have been filed in recent years claiming that food companies using the term natural are engaging in deceptive marketing, a suit filed in June in California against ConAgra could make the entire industrial food complex shake in its boots.

The plaintiff claims he relied on Wesson oils “100% natural” label, when the products are actually made from genetically modified organisms.

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10 responses to “ConAgra Sued Over GMO ‘100% Natural’ Cooking Oils

  1. Organic is getting harder and harder to find but
    even the natural food stores are calling everything
    “natural”. “Natural” is too broad and can mean

  2. So… “not technically a lie” equals truth?

    Frank, i’m getting a sick headache.

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  4. The problem is the Company who produced fake Organic products have a good connection with food inspection Agencies and sometimes with Courts. It’s just like, good profits = good connections.

    We will wait and see the outcome.

    Nowadays, we even heard GMM (Genetic Modification Meat) or Synthetic Meat. Probably, McDonald’s Restaurant will have it.
    That’s how we could take care of the large populations? Well,….

  5. Soylent Green…and don’t laugh!

  6. Professor Richard Lewontin, professor of genetics, Harvard University, “An ecosystem, you can always intervene and change something in it, but there’s no way of knowing what all the downstream effects will be or how it might affect the environment. We have such a miserably poor understanding of how the organism develops from its DNA that I would be surprised if we don’t get one rude shock after another.”

    Dr. George Wald, Nobel Laureate and Higgins Professor of Biology, Harvard University, wrote “Up to now, living organisms have evolved very slowly, and new forms have had plenty of time to settle in. Now whole proteins will be transposed overnight into wholly new associations ..going ahead in this direction may be not only unwise, but dangerous. Potentially, it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new sources of cancer, novel epidemics.”

    ngin : statements by scientists,, – Cached

    Doc Blake

  7. Ha-ha! ConAgra getting punked using Monsanto’s very own verbiage. Too delicious. And by “delicious,” I’m definitely NOT referring to that putrid oil.

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